Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/10/09 The Experience of Lightbody

Good Morning,

I have written a blog in my mind many times in the last few weeks, but I was not at my computer. I look forward to the day when we can just send up a message to the Collective Consciousness, and we can blog without a computer. I think that day is coming VERY soon. I have been feeling a huge change deep inside my heart and third eye. September, as I have said, was a challenging month, as the expansion of my consciousness from the Summer dipped me deep into ancient patterns of trust--of others, of myself and even of my process.

I had several come-aparts, but knew I had get a handle on it. Our newly emerging Lightbody shrinks when we allow negative emotions to sit in our bodies. I think that is because fearful emotions give our Lightbody the message that "I am not ready yet." Then, when I finally uncovered and released my old patterns, I got the gift. I have had an experience, both within myself and with my clients, that when we complete an initiation/clearing we get a gift. Actually, we always had that gift, but the old patterns were in the way. Once we clear the old, the new, which feels like a gift, can be incorporated into our life.

The gift that I got was a new freedom from being a martyr. Through our lives at the close of the Piscean Age we felt comfort in "being a good person because we suffered." Now in the budding Aquarian Age, we are happy to release that illusion. However, it is difficult to release the illusion of "being a good person." Hence, the emotions. Well, I had one more come-apart and then, after a long time, I finally another experience of Lightbody.

I wanted to share this experience because I would love to hear from others about their experiences of BEING Lightbody. I had two very extreme experiences in the past where someone was with me to "hold me down" and ground that energy. Then I finally had one on my own, but it was much milder. I have not had another experience in a long time--how long I don't know. It is getting very difficult to remember time now, isn't it?

I said to the Arcturians that I was ready for another experience of Lightbody. I guess that I was ready to say that, as I had released my martyr. The Arcturians that I am in contact with ascended eons ago. They are a group consciousness and have no form. However, they have a very strong FEEL. When they have a message for me, I usually FEEL them in my third eye, like something is pulling on me from the inside. That feeling was there when I asked for another experience of Lightbody.

First I went into a deep meditation. I had already received message, that is in the October newsletter, in which the Arcturians shared their unconditional love with me/us. I think it was because of this sharing that I felt ready to ask again for a Lightbody experience. I know that I had not been ready before, because I had not chosen to ask for that experience with love and intention. Even as I asked them for assistance, I could feel an inner warning. I had just come from the low end of my last download and did not want to repeat that again. In fact, the first thing they said to me was, "Are you prepared for any fearful emotions that may be uncovered by your Lightbody?"

I truly thought about it. I went deep into my unconscious to see if I was ready. Then, I felt a courage arise in me, and I said with my most powerful thought, "I AM the Master of my Emotions!" "Good answer," was their only reply. Then, slowly and calmly I felt a light arise in me. I followed it with my breath, as I had learned to do in my other experiences. Gradually, a familiar feeling began to warm my heart--it was a feeling of euphoria. I knew to stay calm and continue a steady breath.

The feeling of euphoria, unconditional love and unity with all life waxed and waned with my inhale and exhale. My thoughts were gone, as were any earthly emotions. I WAS, I FELT. The experience was beyond time, and definitely beyond words. How does one explain a multidimensional experience with third dimensional words? Perhaps some of you who have had this experience will do better at that then I.

Even as I write about the experience, I can "feel" the memory of it. My Lightbody retreated as gradually as it had expanded. Afterwards, the tickle in my throat, which is the precursor of a cold, was gone, but the memory of BEING Lightbody stayed. Then I was off to work and into my day. The feeling of Lightbody came and left, but the memory stayed. When my week ended, I was sure to sleep and relax a LOT, to allow my earth vessel to adjust to the increased frequency.

I think that, and have read, that things will be calmer for a while, but old lies and propaganda will soon be released. I am reminding my self to stay above fear and return to the feeling of unconditional love whenever it threatens to lower my consciousness. I have also been bathing any challenges I meet with unconditional love before I address them.

This morning I awoke with a mantra in my head: ("this" meaning the third dimension)
"This is illusion
This is illusion
I place my attention on the fifth dimension!"

I would love to hear any other experiences.
See you in the fifth dimension,


  1. You and your work,
    it was given to me, as a gift,
    from a good friend of mine,
    who insightfully knew,
    since, he was doing work with you,
    just how important, it was/or, it is :)

    You, and, your work,
    was the 'best gift',
    i ever received,
    it has really anchored me,
    and, landed me,
    into my 'earth heart'
    and, has attracted a 'world wind'
    of 'abundance', 'joy', and, 'love'
    into my life...
    With Much Gratitude,
    and, a Huge THANK YOU,
    and, many, many blessings to you,
    you are one, who walks in 'divine' light

    Brightest blessings of energy, light and, love
    to you ...

    KitSi'NU aka Susan ~ White Lotus Star
    The eXchanger

  2. Many, many blessings in return. I so appreciate your comments and am happy that the Arcturians can communicate to you through me.