Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Special Message From the Arcturians, and the Galactics, Through Suzanne Lie



Channeled through Suzanne Lie

Dear readers,

Please check out our latest Youtube video:

"A Special Message from the Arcturians and Your Galactic Family" 

You will find this video at the below link of: 

The Arcturians are assisting Danny L  and Sue Lie, as well as ALL of YOU, to join us in a 

"Q&A" style video in which we, the Galactics, will be looking for you, the humans, 

to ask questions that you have in this Now about, your Galactic family. 

Please feel free to write your comments in this blog post, 

or in the comment section of the video that will be on YouTube.

Blessings to you all, 

           We, your Galactic Family 
                     Are ready for First Contact!
                        Are YOU??

Please leave any  questions that you have 
for the Arcturians in the comments section,
And they will send their answers.

Happy dream journey to the Higher Dimensions.

Then as soon as you wake up, grab the paper and pen
that you have waiting by your bedside and

Write down your dreams.

Do it right away or your waking 3D brain will forget it.
Then write your comments in this blog post, or
 in the comment section of the video that will be on YouTube.

We are ALL Multidimensional Beings


Please check out  


  1. My main question is how to personally connect with arcturians by how matching frequencies of mine with arcturians. To ask their assistance on our own. Whenever need.

  2. My question is about my personal circumstances at this time. For the past two years I have been in and out of the hospital for surgery. I have a major surgery to resection my colon and will be in the hospital a week. My question is to understand this more and to have insight and knowledge as to how I am to best serve. I love and welcome all of my galactic family to present themselves to me and be a part of my life.

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