Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wisdom of Youth

I wanted to share this email, with his permission. He is in High School and wiser than most adults. Like a said before, we won't have to worry about leaving our children for we have be too busy keeping up with them.

On 11/15/11 3:03 PM, E wrote:
Sorry, What i meant to say was "on one of your newsletter's."
So i should just feel and think about Unconditional Love, Then this force would hear my call? Then it's presence's would be upon me?
Yes, Where attention is, there we are also. If we place our attention on unconditional love if will become stronger in our reality. In fact, since 11-11-11 I have been feeling this wonderful sense of unconditional love inside of me. I have felt more ego clear than i have ever and i have more peace. I didn't feel that at first, but it gradually came into my attention. If i forget about it i sort of goes away, but when i remember that wonderful feeling, it comes back,
Every time i doubt myself, I should surrender and set that emotion/feeling free with unconditional love? Is this done in a state of consciousness or just by thought and emotion?
You said it!
Thank you Sue!:) Thank you for listening as iv'e never talked like this to anyone else, But i don't know if i'm the sane or the insane one,
More sane than ever, but we all feel a bit insane sometimes. However, this good feeling and all this great knowledge will normal some day, and all the struggle and heartache will be "insant."
But i remember there is no judgement and we are all One while experiencing individuality? And i remember this clay vessel is not the person we are, But the person within is where we find who we are, That is the person who give's life to this vessel, The one to make's this vessel able to be able to smile?
Very Beautifully said. And you are a teenager. Just think when you become an adult,
While also trying to unconditionally love this vessel for all that it's provided me. I do feel very awkward, Talking as if there is a reality of heavenly fantasy and blissful peace, Which i do believe though, which I'd rather believe though, I have faith, But sometimes i get scared, I retreat to the child who is scared that he doesn't know what he is doing or anything at all,
Yes, me too, and i am 64.
Then some days i turn tough, or " Manly," Manly towards humanity, Most days i feel like crying, But i just can't, Like that emotion is gone, I don't want to look weak, But i feel so very week, But i will always remember to keep in high spirit and grounded to Gaia...Or believe i am connected, I think i can feel...And see signs around me, But i can't justify what's really real, Then sometime's i get this feeling of not taking the 3D world serious, I try to just continue, But i feel really unenthusiastic about a lot of things, i feel that i can't control my emotions/moods, One day i feel horrible, Then another day i feel Happy and everything around me can be love, And that change will happen, Or is happening?
That change is happening every day, more and more! I think that is how we are creating New Earth.
Again thank you for listening, Your newsletter today with the Arcturians was great and exciting to hear.  
Yes that would be fine with me, you can post our conversation, i don't mind my name being there either. Id prefer just Erick Punchi, As to my real name is Eric Phonechaleun, Small question, "Say i passed from this life, Would i remember myself to this name, Or do i have a spirit name while also remembering this life's name incarnation?
Our names have a certain energy signature. As we raise our energy signature, we often change our names. We may not mean too, but often it just happens.
Unconditional Love, And thanks. :)  
Unconditional love in return,

Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 09:28:11 -0800

Subject: Re: A question from a curious kid?

On 11/13/11 7:29 AM, E wrote:

Dear E,
it is good to hear from you again. I am in the text..
Thank you, just so much, i really just felt a moment of bliss, and i'll cherish this moment. It's made me really happy.:)
A small question, say i had a problem with a parent as a child, and i feared that parent, i felt unloved by that parent, and say it leaves emotional damage...

you mentioned on one of your feeds,
I don't know what you mean by the above statement. I think it is a typo. Can you clarify?
we would have to deeply go within to heal with unconditional love of all the fear of our past and emotions?
Yes, the most important thing we can right now is to allow ourselves to love ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY. UNCONDITIONAL love does not stem from our physical world because it is a fifth dimension and beyond force. I use the word "force" rather than emotion, as unconditional love is of a much higher frequency than human emotion. Therefore, when we love ourselves unconditionally, we actually raise the frequency of our consciousness, which raises the frequency of our human earth vessel. Unconditional love is the creative force of the multiverse, as it bonds together molecules to create form. When we return to our fifth dimensional SELF, we will learn to resonate to the frequency of unconditional love. It is living in a form of that resonance that allows us to create with our every thought and emotion. The area of space which are in and moving into the peak experience of this frequency at the end of 2012 resonates to the frequency of unconditional love. To prepare ourselves for this great experience, we can practice being our SELF by loving ourselves unconditionally. Yes, this can begin by loving free any wounds that are within our consciousness with unconditional love. If these wounds are too severe, then it is best to seek assistance from someone who is well trained.

You are so wise for you age, i would love to post our conversation on my blog. I will not add your name or email--unless you want me to.
Let me know if i can post this, and/or if you have any further questions.
Thank you again Sue! :D Unconditional Love.

Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 01:10:26 -0700

Subject: Re: A question from a curious kid?

On 11/1/11 4:51 PM, E wrote:

Dear E,
I am sorry i have not been able to answer your email before now. There were so many and i was also busy with work. I will respond to your email in the text...
Hi Sue, My name is E and i  am from Canada,ON.I know you don't have much time to awnser everyone's questiions so i'll be quick and brief. I'm a highschool student who's been reasearching and comparing facts ever since 2 years ago where and argument caused my life situation to change, but also i felt as if my mind procceser just switched on and that i could understand the way i percieved things much easier,
Cool, I am sure that it has switched on.
 i usually watched magentapixie2012 when i mysteriously discovered the path to the inner divine, but after her video's stopped being posted, i came upon your site and felt that it was so unreal yet so reassureing and confirming, the way you describe things made sense to me, your PHD site brought me much into a higher awareness of understanding,
Thank you so for that feedback. i really appreciate it. Did you see my site?
I've been following since your newletter blogs about Jefferson and teachings with the Acturians, It seem's daily now my only excitment of the day is seeing your blogs.
I am happy to hear that.
I have no clue as to if i'm awakened or ascending,
I am sure you are.
these days I'm trying to meditate much more, i'm trying to keep and feel myself in high frequency, and i'm trying to find my inner divne moment...but these days i'm feeling very sad and depressed,
That is a problem for all of us now. When ever we raise our consciousness into the higher demensions, the circle of energy also goes deep into our subconscious.
i want to give up, i feel tired enough to close my eye's and never open them, maybe mentally, but i'm already so confused inside i just continue with the way things are now, wake up, school, home, my grade's are starting to lack becuase my motivated cooperation isn't all there, i feel very alone and separate,
Yes, i felt that way for many years.
i have not really anyone to turn, i left my "role" family 2 years ago and live with my cousin's girlfriend's family,
Were you having trouble with your parents?
i must say life's been quite unbalanced here as well, but i try to stay in a reality of unconditional love.
That is the best thing that we can do. It is difficult as you are not yet an adult, so you still have to depend on others. When you are old enough to depend on yourself. i KNOW that your inner voice will guide you well.
Anways, i'm sorry it seems i'm just venting,
Venting is fine. I am sorry that it took me so long to get back to you
i haven't got much friends or people to talk about such things, today i downloaded your audio retreat messages, and they where great, they brought me so much more clairvoyance and assurance,
I am so happy to hear that.
i'll try to remember i'm not alone.
you are ONE with all life. It is just difficult for us to remember that in our daily life.
My real question is one i'm very ashamed and embarresed about, it's outlined the whole basis of the way i think my whole entire 16 years,  most days i deny it, very few days i accept it, mostly i can't understand the logic behind it, i ask my quide for signs to an awnser, but no clue. Ok, the question or possibility, Could it be possiable to be feminine energy embodied in male form, but acts masculine...but feels feminenly attracted to the masculine?
Our fifth dimensional self is androgynous--both masculine and feminine. You are evolved and awake enough to feel that in your daily life.
But emotionally and mentally is attracted to the feminene, or wants to be...i am honestly confused and seek deep healing and guidence,
You do not need healing. You just need to know that many people feel that their inner gender and outer life may be out of sync.
i'm terriably uncomfortable in this body and it burdens me more everyday.
Part of your discomfort with your body is your Lightbody process. There will be many changes soon. In New Earth body gender is not an issue and everyone can express what ever energyfield--masculine/feminine--they desire for each situation.
I am just wondering also, something i heard is that balance in polarity will return with acension,
or when we remember all that we've been?

Or is the power to change within me?
yes again. See how much you know!
I really thank you for your time Sue, your a great inspiration to my life, i believe something brought me to your site for my comfort, i know you might not have the awnser to my question, and i don't know what else to do but be patient..or give in. I will keep meditateing and praying, I wish you the best with much Unconditional Love, forginess and acceptance, Peace and Light. I thank you Sue, your newsletters and all the people who belive and follow in the divine light are what keep me going, believing, believing the future is going to be nothing but bright, Keeps me in love, make's me feel alright to be loved. 
Unconditonal Love Sue.
You are a great Multidimensional Being trapped in a small polarized clay vessel. You would feel uncomfortable whatever gender you wore. You are feeling your feminine energy even though you earth vessel is male. That is because you are AWAKE,
Please feel free to email me any time.
Let me know how you are doing.

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