Sunday, November 13, 2011

Questions and Answers


I was asked:
Will the energy always be as strong as they were on 11/11, and will they be available to us every day???? 

My response, which came through far too quickly to be from my 3D Self was:

It all depends on our state of consciousness. If we want to see the world from the window at the top of the stairs we have to climb the stairs. 

In the same manner, if we want to experience the higher frequencies of reality, we have to do all we have learned that we need to do to expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. 

These energies were always there, but the planetary frequency was so low, that we usually could not perceive them. Now that the resonance of Gaia is higher, it is easier for us to hold a higher resonance of consciousness and more easily perceive the energy fields of the higher dimensional worlds. However, if our consciousness lowers, which it absolutely will when we are tired, hungry, upset, in traffic, paying a bill we can afford etc. etc. etc. etc.   

We then have to take a moment and unconditionally love, forgive and accept our SELF. We are NOW living in two realities. One reality (3D life) is outside of us and the other reality (fifth dimensional New Earth) is inside of us. WE are the doorway to New Earth. WE hold the key to that doorway, which is our Multidimensional Consciousness. No one outside of us can guide us through this door, but once we are through it, we can guide others to open it for themselves. 

Earth is still a free will planet. We can use our free will to choose the reality we want to experience by minute-to-minute calibration of our consciousness to the reality which we wish to live. At the same time, there are many minutes that we are still embroiled in 3D Drama. This is when we reach OUT to our friends, loved ones and teacher for assistance. 

However, when we take that first step across the threshold, we must be willing to leave our earthly attachments behind. We can, also, choose to stay with Gaia and experience Her step across that threshold via our Planetary Consciousness. Furthermore, there are myriad versions between these two versions of ascension. WE are ALL creating our own ascension with our EVERY thought, emotion, action and deed. No pressure there???  

I do not think we are getting a free ride. I received a huge message from the Arcturians on 11-11, but it is in handwriting, and my consciousness is on "chill mode." One of the most important things that i think we will be learning is that we have to accept that we ARE were we ARE. 

In other words, 
we have to love ourselves unconditionally
forgive ourselves unconditionally, 
and accept ourselves unconditionally

In other words, we need to give to ourselves that which we have so deeply wanted from others. WE are the Core of our life. WE are the Creators of our own reality. That is what is means to be fifth dimensional. That is what is means to ascend.

At the end of the Path, we find that we have just begun!


  1. Suzanne, I really appreciate your words. I understand everything you are saying. However, we have a problem of logic. The issue is consistency continuity. If this modified, new trajectory in the ascension narrative is true, the question would have to be asked why was the previous narrative permitted to develop "such legs"? It would seem the Arcturians (a) could have already seen this specific outcome, as it indeed has played out, from their much higher 5d perspective to perhaps warn us and (b) in the higher consciousness tradition not "to have set us up" for an obvious (predetermined?) unfulfilled expectation. The message to date in everything on the internet is that implicit within all higher being behavior is the absolute requirement for complete transparency to insure trust and "buy in" to the message from us "trying to be" folk. How else can we best help those coming behind us in consciousness evolution if we don't properly demonstrate the honest role modeling done for us to get to the next evolutionary step? This may open up a Pandora's box of contentiousness, but please be assured I certainly don't mean to be such. I am probably in the same boat as all others expecting the promised outcome based on all the beautifully flowing, former poetic verbal pictures, painted on this and so many other sites and trying to deal with it. I know that you too are trying to deal with the disappointment as best you can.

  2. Thank you for your posts, Sue, and I too salute you for taking the time to keep communicating with us even when sometimes you'd probably like to just get home from work and lie down, not sit at the computer! I would love to read that message from the Arcturians whenever you can type it out, because you do get great messages from them, and the one on 11:11 will be one of the most important ever. I understand what happened on 11:11, but I hesitate to talk about it, because I'd just get flamed by people who would get mad at the messenger. Georgi Stankov is actually right, the ascension of Gaia got 'paused' halfway, like a dancer leaping from earth onto a floating platform, with one foot on each. They hit the Pause button for several reasons. One was that, in order to help humans deal with the shock of living in a 4D-overlaid earth, there need to be a certain number of people able to function in 5D, to assist the others who will be ascending in 2012. So the spirit beings cast a wide net, even amongst people not yet ready for 5D, hoping that many would rise to the occasion and be able to transition: but fear and ego grounded many 5D-bound planes at the very last minute. There were just not enough people who succeeded....partly due to the fact that, as you say, it's not a free ride, and too many people thought it was.
    The 'me' ego can't access the fifth dimension. It has first to be let go of. I see, not so much amongst your readers, but definitely on some other websites, a sense of entitlement, as if 'wanting' or expecting to ascend means that one will ascend, and there's aggrieved annoyance when 'nothing happens'. To get the diploma, you have to do the coursework; to get on the plane, we need to have invested money in the ticket, and this doesn't mean crystals and chanting mantras, etc! This may be a good reality-check for some of those people, if they're able to be honest, and accept why nothing changed for them. The energy now available and the increasing descent of the astral plane onto earth will help, and I think most people will, by December 2012, be able to function on the 5D earth.

  3. Thanks, Barbara, the truth may be hard to swallow, but will always set us free and on the path to 5D.

  4. Responsibility. Whether the Arcturians, Sue, Georgi, or any other ascension advocates care to respond within their space of integrity is irrelevant. What is relevant is our own personal sincerity in taking responsibility for any adverse reactions that may have taken place within ourselves and learn from them.

    Barbra shares an important insight which is not exclusive of Sue's or Georgi's participants. 3D participation in ascension simply cannot produce 5D results! The Arcturians (via Sue) make a wonderful observation about our habitual or conditioned 3D existence which is demonstrative of way too many feel good dialogs (and thus disappointments)

    5D consciousness is available to all of us right NOW, but will always be illusive if we continue using old habitual and conditioned 3D thinking to deal with it. For those of us who think we have dealt with egoist agendas, and are thus Spiritual, we might want to become more aware of the 'spiritual ego'. Yes, yet another layer keeping us stuck in 3D.

    From a 5D perspective, what has not taken place makes perfect sense... Now, can we take responsibility to do the work to change this outcome?

  5. Also you know, to be fair, it wasn't just because many were not ready enough for life in the fifth dimension. (And I agree, in fact the 11:11 has been such a fantastic wake-up call for people who might otherwise have complacently ambled towards 2012, and only THEN discovered their limitations!) It was because a number of 'litmus test' people were being watched carefully to assess their reactions as earth and 4D began to merge. And the reaction of these advance-guard souls was, for the most part, unparalleled terror! Not fear 'of' a particular thing, but because of the novel experience of something never seen before. The beings overseeing this process don't want to evoke panic in they quickly hit Pause, stopped the process halfway, and have put a kind of temporary barrier up between astral and earth. The lightworkers who ascended to 5D were asked to return to earth for a while. They now have access to more light, and have been shown how to use it; they're increasing, as fast as possible, the light-quotient of the planet. If you imagine a thick layer of very pale pearl-gray smoke (4D), next to another thick layer of darker gray smoke (3D).....and a very thin wafer between them. When the darker layer has lightened, then the moment the two sides are the same shade, the barrier separating them will be removed, and the two dimensions will merge.
    Most people on earth will *need* that whole year of living in the fourth-dimensional earth in order to have processed all their astral stuff before Dec. 2012 arrives. It really matters that this isn't delayed much longer, so it's vital that we all hold and emanate as much light as possible, because the speed of the next stage depends now on us!