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My name is Gretchen, 

I just finished watching your interview concerning Ascension, and Multidimensional being... it was excellent.... it was the best explanation I have heard. And you feel to be such a wonderful loving soul...I had to email you right away. To thank you. Thank YOU! I wanted to share with you a few of my experiences... tonight I am experiencing a slight head ache so I will keep it short...and I thought if I didn't get to it tonight I may forget I was going to...lol... this way I will get the momentum moving.

I am 51 years old... I believe my path has led me to ascension, and I am ready... I became aware of my guides back in 1996...attending native ceremonies up in Ojai Ca. ...I am from Palmdale CA.... My path has always been in nature.... so I have a wonderful connection...naturally.  To speed up... close to 'now' I first started reading and heard of 2012 in 2004, after I just up and left my husband, (he wasn't very nice) and a beautiful home. I felt the calling to go north.  I felt so FREE!  . I briefly thought of staying in Shasta...but it was to close to my husband. So ended up in Washington State... I am still here...living at the ocean...respecting the Forests and Ocean...I am in my element here...since I have been here I see the faeries...and communicate with the ancient trees. 

I feel I am doing what I was called to do here... So, I have been feeling many symptoms...some I have read about.some not...which is what I would like to ask YOU about... physically I feel more energetic than ever, I have not gained wieght...nor do I feel tired... infact my appetite has lessened, I crave greens.... lots of it. I have always been a fan of wheat grass juice...since the early 80's... I feel somehow this is helping me now.... I seem to be having slight facial changes... I know this sounds odd, my brow seems to be becoming a little more pronounced... I am losing hair too... eye brows. Etc. I feel my facial characteristics are becoming sharper... Oh I know this is so odd, but I felt I could ask you ...maybe you could tell me something. Or maybe the Arcturians would be kind enough to contact me... I listen....
So much of your interview resonated with me.... It sounds like Home... I know what you were talking about.

Wow!! Once I got going, it felt pretty good... one more symptom I have noticed... I listen to Tom Kenyon’s sound attunements... when I sit still my heart beating resonates through my whole body... I feel like pure love, and I feel strong vibrations at night...   I would love to tell you about a wonderful connection I have made with a man... I believe we may have a purpose together in the future world...we connect intuitively daily...

Thank You so much for your time. Your work is spectacular...I look forward to reading everything...and learning. I will share with others too...



Dear Suzan,

I am so happy and appreciative that I have been reading your site and hearing your videos... They are so much helpful for these stages that we are going through as humanity. I am your average person, living in Greece and having lived in the US for half of my lifetime I can say that I have surpassed the test of we are all one color and one race coming from The One Source.... I don't have a scientific background and I am 47 yrs. old and the mother of two girls, 9 and 14 and in the last 4 years, ever since my husband passed away, I have been feeling that I am awakening.

The reason that I am writing to you is that I need to find out your thoughts on this and I hope that I am not taking much of your time since I know that you are very busy. First of all, I have been cleansing a lot of negative attachments from this life expression and I have been seeing myself playing a role in a film with all that this soul of mine contains in other words turning around and looking at myself and scrutinizing to see who I am and how I react and think.

Through yoga practicing and meditation I have been coming closer to what I feel is balance and all this started when I started to have the premonition that all this is coming to an end and that the economic system will collapse. In the late of fall of 2010 in a reek attunement I transferred myself on a huge starship that I felt very comfortable with and I saw myself in front of a board. Couldn't see their faces and I knew that twelve of them were on the board and they were giving me instructions. It was like an interview but I don't remember the instructions.... Lots of people lived on this starship and I could feel the harmony there.

Also, on different occasions I saw myself being on several missions that I had to carry out... and in addition to all this I kept seeing myself on this ship, my own ship across from Earth staring at it waiting for something... The explanation that I gave this is that it is an expression of my soul in another dimension...(I would like your thoughts on this) Do you believe that I started calling myself Barcarolle Galactic. This is hilarious!!!!

Furthermore, I wanted to go back to figure out if I was incarnated on Atlantis and on a recent trace back I found out that I had the power to bring light from the Cosmos with my hands and send it towards a huge Crystal, I saw my family there and I saw the Atlantis end whereby we were running in earths tunnels to save ourselves from the collapse.... There were starships there coming in and out and we were getting instructions from our brothers from the starships....

Then this last summer after a meditation, I found myself on a big energy bubble where everything was slower and lighter and myself in the middle of it and all these realities around me where I would pull one reality and look at it, see myself in it and then put it back and I remember myself saying "ahhhaaaaa that is the way it is done".

That morning when I went to enter the sea for a swim and right next to my toe I found this beautiful rock of marble with all these ancient letters on it and I thought this is a gift from the universe and that my higher self sent it. After this, in August, I started seeing 11:11 and feeling everything is going to happen then and now after meditations I see lots of energies like little tiny infinite light bulbs and when I am in the mode of seeing everything and nothing in particular I can see peoples hallows, the first part of their aura....

All this is funny to me and I sometimes laugh at myself, and the situation that is around us. This density just doesn't resonate anymore and I know that I don't belong here anymore... Last week, I started to see earth in front of me and by using my inner Light I envelope the whole planet and it is sparkling all over. Now I even start seeing Obama in light, George Papandreou, Merkel, Sarkozy in light, the chemtrail pilots...

Any thoughts that you have over all this would be greatly appreciated my dear Suzan... I know that I might be back after 11:11 because I am helping this planet, our mother Gaia, that is my mission... As for my girls I have a feeling that they are coming with me and then I leave everything to Gods will because he only knows the future.

I am sending you all my Love and Light.
Dear Sue. -
How are you my dear? Hope everything is fine on your end…First of all I want to send you a big hug of gratitude for your response and things you have being posting about Parenting and Childs, I look forward to hear more about this from you and the other ascending parents...Now I have another question for/either both of you the Arcturian you and Sue. Today while I was on meditation trying to reach my multidimensional self, I said well I´m already there, but then a question came to my mind, If I´m already there why do I have to ascend? If we switch our perception of this reality we can also understand that we are here, on 3d, living a parallel experience, perhaps a very nice and enriched experience, then why the need to ascend? 

In my inner I feel ascension as a need, I really long for it, and that´s enough for me to be on the process, even if I cannot answer that type of questions to myself. But the other day I was talking with my husband (he´s not in the process, but he is very respectful) and he told me that all this doesn´t make click to him, he doesn’t feel the connection to the process, and we came to the conclusion he´s living a very plenty and happy life, it is as if he is living in a comfortable timeline, he doesn’t see the point on doing any process to ascend somewhere else, he is fine with the life he is having right now.

And with this experience/thinking that I had today I thought maybe this is one of the reasons for others to not engage with the ascension process, they could be seeing this experience as a parallel experience that need to be lived.  Can you give me your opinion?
Much love and blessings to you


I have very odd dreams. Like I am awake and in a total different place with a lot of light and many people.
I am alone there and I am working with the people. It feels so good to be there that in the morning I don’t like to get up and do the normal things.

I feel my heart energy is changing. Sometime I feel fear, but I know there is nothing to be afraid of and so I can let it go…. Everything will be okay. I know!
I am ready to go! In my dreams it looks like I am already there… 

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