Thursday, November 17, 2011

Response to Wisdom of Youth

Dear Rens,
My response is in the text...
Hi Su,
I read the blog post of the emails Erick wrote you, and I would like to reply to that. Maybe, if he wants to, you could send this mail to him as well?

Boy, I do recognize a lot of what he said. I'm currently 25 and I've actually never felt comfortable in my body. I'm having to deal with an increasing amount of physical ailments, starting around 10 years ago. Before that I had many allergies and I stuttered (which I still do).My body is very sensitive, to touch and light, and also to things like tension and stress. There was lots of stress around in my childhood, so I got the full load of it. My body just feels like something that is holding me back to be honest, and it is hard for me to love it, since so many things are "wrong" and it's really keeping me from enjoying this life.
Our body is an expression of our mind. You body is merely telling you how unhappy you really are.
I also never really got around to grounding myself. Since my childhood I saw that earth life was hard and unfair. My parents were suffering, I was suffering, so maybe I mentally chose not to ground because I just didn't want to.
Yes, i did that too. It usually causes many illness and/or deep depression. It has been very hard in on the 3D where both choices are not good. However, things will be getting now faster and faster. It is time to really ground yourself now or the higher light will short-circuit your system and give you even more problems. Go to and read from The Journey Begins on. Read it in order, as it is a process, but it will prepare you for your ascension process. You went through so much so far, don't  you want to enjoy the grand finale?
I do think I pursued spirituality for the "wrong" reasons at that time, and even recently, as I saw it as an escape from life, which of course it isn't.
It is a better reason than to not be spiritual at all. That is a big reason why i was spiritual at first too--especially when i was 25 and miserable married with two kids.
That, plus the fact that I'm still not well grounded, does make life very difficult. Like Erick, I often times lack motivation to do the "normal things" every person has to do on this Earth. Go to school/college, and then work. Not that such things can't be fun, but for me they weren't, and aren't. I do try, I have tried to "adept", but somehow all my efforts seem to be in vain. I still can't ground, my body is still causing me lots of trouble, and I still feel like I want to "get out", and this can lead me to despair and being depressed.
GET GROUNDED NOW or things will only get worse.

And this is really difficult for me since I do feel that I have much to offer,
I AM SURE YOU DO, otherwise you would not find your self on this site.
I do feel lot's of love (when mundane life isn't getting me down), and the thought of helping to build a new Earth makes me very enthusiastic, and honestly is about the only thing that would motivate me right now.
Please read Creating New Earth part 1. I have attached it to this email. It is about a person much like you.
There is such a big contrast of what I feel life could be like, and what it is atm. But atm life just seems too hard, and despite all the hopeful messages coming from different sources, life on Earth hasn't significantly changed yet.
There has been MANY, MANY  changes, but you have missed them because you were not looking.
It has been said to me that it's always the right time to make a change if you want it to, instead of waiting for things to change for you (which I have to admit is a pattern of mine), and I do very much would like to start doing things differently, and heal myself and love myself and just be happy.
Read my site. It is a place to start.
On the other side, I feel so very incapable of doing this,
You are not incapable of DOING it, you just feel incapable of STARTING to do it. The very most difficult step to change is the first one. But, you already took that change by writing this email.

having many experiences that lead me to believe otherwise. I feel like I should be stronger, be able to do more, to change more, but I am just really tired of this life,
You are tired of your life so far. It is you choice to change it.
mentally more so then physically, it has been nothing but strive for me up until this point. Confusing as well because it is hard to know what the cause is, and what the solution would be. Is it just me? Am I just being pathetic.
NO, you are speaking for a HUGE population of people.
Will my life change when I try more?\
Or is it that it's the times?
I do feel like a gentle soul, barely able to survive this hard world sometimes.
A huge male lion is very gently with its cubs. Become the Lion that you are inside, and you can still be very gentle.
Sounds very cheesy haha, sorry for that, but I can't help it :-)

Ok, didn't mean to write so much, guess I'm also venting. You don't have to reply to this if you've got other stuff waiting, but maybe Erick would like to see that he's not alone.
Dear Rens, I will forward your message, without my  comments on the Erick. I would like to post this, with my comments, on the blog--no name or email unless you want. You are the VOICE of many people and your bravery to speak to assist others to speak as well.

All the best to the both of you,  Rens


  1. You are absolutely NOT alone, Rens!! Often I have felt like a complete failure because as hard as I tried, I could never "adapt" or "integrate" into society fully.

    Oh, I have done some great acting, so great, I even fooled myself for a while but those illusions only last so long and now, in these new times, pretending is no longer an option. In fact, the more pretending I do, the more pain I feel in my body. I think some physical pain is normal as your body reacts to heightening frequencies of the earth. But, I, like you feel so fragile to the harshness that all I want to do is leave sometimes. But then my expanded self steps in and reminds me that ascension isn´t about running from this 3D life into a life of bliss. In fact ascension is not even possible until I embrace fully and completely everything in this life, including everything I´ve ever perceived as gone wrong. The self I´m not loving isn´t even my TRUE self...what I´m not loving has been a series of illusions, a series of perspectives on events that I participated in and identified it as ME!

    I understand why it seems that the earth is only becoming darker but I have found that it is only a matter of perception. I have spent months at a time seemingly disconnected from my divine nature feeling like it would be impossible to feel anything other than disconnected.

    Lately, I have felt the push from within to either "shit or get off the pot"!! No more games!! My expanded self has encouraged me to sit and breathe each day and see myself for who I truly am...patiently intend on expanding and broadening my perspective of ALL. Any voice that comes to my mind to sabotage that is a LIE.

    Rens, I have really gone off here, and I know what it is like when you are in the middle of things and it all seems so hopeless, nothing anyone says seems to offer any inspiration...but I see that you came to earth to truly know what it means to LIVE and share your expanded consciousness with All. Your intentions have been filled with love that is literally out of this world. I know you will find your way because you truly desire that for yourself.

    Don´t get me wrong. I still struggle, but it is getting easier. The more I keep my focus on an expanded perspective and remind myself that my reality is a reflection of my consciousness, and this is something that I can control, little by little, I see the changes and feel stronger each day. It gets easier, the more I quiet my mind and remind myself of who I really am, I actually start to feel like this Great being that I AM, and this is when my reality begins to reflect this!

    Thank you for being bold and sharing with such honesty! You are definitely not alone!!


  2. Hi Teresa, thanks for your words. My life, especially the last couple of years, have really tested my resolve, and often times I felt, and sometimes still feel, like there is indeed no hope, and nothing seems to go right, and there's nothing much else to do but give up. Thankfully, somehow, each time I feel this way, it goes away in time, and some hope returns. It is the hope, and the love, for life, and for the good of this world. Though I still feel that I shouldn't have to struggle through life like this, and the moments of peace I do have remind me of another way, and show me the illusions I've created for myself. Those illusions are still strong however, often times I feel caught in a web, of past experiences, of fear, of doubt and an inability to choose what to do next, because the choices just overwhelm me. This stuns me into doing nothing, which makes me unhappier still. I've got to break through this habit and fear somehow, which is what I've been trying to do all these years. There's has got to be an answer to my situation, I've just haven't found it yet.

    Wish you well Teresa :-)

  3. Please, how does one ground ?
    I feel so confused, lost..... I dont't know what anything means anymore.
    I tried trying for a long time until i got completely burned out and gave up trying.....Not trying is not helping either....
    much love

  4. Yes, please explain what activities ground us and which ones ungrounds us. It's confusing to me also. Is meditation grounding or not? Love and appreciation to you all. Thank you.