Monday, December 17, 2018

Individuality Within Unity


The Arcturians
Through Suzanne Lie

It was within Gaia’s first core program that She, the planetary being will be called on to accept the great challenge of being the format for “INDIVIDUALITY WITHIN UNITY.”

If She, Gaia, is successful with this challenge, She will be able to serve as the “transitional planet” She was meant to be and to begin the transmutation from a third/fourth-dimensional, planetary reality into a fifth-dimensional, planetary reality. 

It was for this reason, that the forces of darkness have attacked Gaia again and again. The dark ones attacked Gaia, not because they thought they were stronger. They attacked Gaia because they knew that Gaia’s planetary body was destined to be the “Initiation Point” of the transmutation of the entire Sol Galaxy. 

The dark ones knew that if they could disrupt Gaia’s planetary energy patterns, they could thwart the inter-dimensional plan to use Earth as the focus of transmutation of the entire Galaxy. 

Yes, many of you have been feeling this shift, and many of you have been sharing the information that you have been channeling. You were among the first humans who were able to receive and document your messages from us, as well as to stay true with your “birth assignment” for your entire adult life. 

We are grateful for all of your dedication, and we wish to commend you all for your dedication. We know that there are many challenges within your NOW. Also, because you are leaders, you are among the first ones to feel “The Chaos before Great Change.” 

Chaos comes before a change to “break up old patterns” of thinking and feeling, as well old behaviors that come from the combination of those thoughts and feelings. 

We are happy to say that, eventually, this chaos will ease, and you will all be able to begin to relax into your new higher frequency of reality, as well as your new relationships that will be based on being your true SELF without concern of judgment or confusion. 

You will be happy to know that as you enter this higher frequency of reality, you will be free of the 3D tasks that you most dislike. This freedom will allow you to move into higher and higher octaves of your chosen birth path.

Do you remember when you felt you needed to “do everything” as no one understood you enough to be able to “share your load.” Many of you were concerned that you would be overtaken by the third-dimensional mundane tasks of daily life. 

That behavior was appropriate at the time because you were among the first “way showers.” However, because your message, behavior, or life choices were unique to many others, you were judged. 

However, you did not allow the opinions of others to stop your deep investigation of a new reality that you had found within your own Higher SELF. NOW, you are able to move into a different relationship with your reality because more and more humans are awakening to a possible reality that was buried deep in their heart and mind. 

More and more, you can look at the aura of others and see that they are ready for a few words, or more, about why they are feeling so different. Even though a higher state of consciousness does make one feel much happier, more loving, and much closer to Nature, it can be threatening to others that have not yet awakened. 

Fortunately, as your consciousness expands more and more, you will find that you have more friends and family with whom you can share your multidimensional reality. Then, once that “possible reality” is shared, these relationships often become more intimate. 

By “intimate,” we do not mean in a sexual manner, however that too will expand. The expanded intimacy we are speaking of is the deep fulfillment of finally being able to be “ALL of you” and no longer needing to “hold back.” 

Can you please forgive yourself for holding back?

We ask that you acknowledge that those who are afraid to change will often scorn those who are the initiators of a higher octave of reality. It is important that you, the awakened and awakening ones, totally understand that there are no mistakes or accidents. 

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, then your Higher Self has created that situation for you so that you can become stronger. Just as an athlete uses weights to become stronger, our leaders will use experiences to become stronger.

While in your fifth-dimensional SELF, you will realize that YOU chose all that has occurred in your past, as well as within your present and in your upcoming future. But, before the teacher can teach, the teacher must learn. 

One thing that we, your Galactic Family, are asking you to learn/remember within this NOW is the process of learning how to maintain your individuality while you are simultaneously fully merged with the collective…

Your fifth-dimensional expression of SELF remembers that individuality can, and does, exist within the collective. Your “individuality” represents the manner in which your Core SELF is expressed through your Collective SELF, as well as within the Collective Society that you have chosen to create and/or experience.

Yes, each and every one of you has a “Collective SELF,” who represents the collection of every incarnation that you have ever experienced on Gaia. Those of you, who have promised to assist with planetary ascension, has been called on to go into every incarnation you ever had on Earth and balance the polarities of light and dark.

You may think that that task is impossible, but that is only because you are thinking in terms of separation and time. As you move more and more into your fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will realize that time is an illusion of the third, and to a lesser extent, of the fourth dimension.

In fact, while you are “home” on your fifth dimensional Star Ship and/or fifth-dimensional Homeworld, you are aware that time and space are a construct of a third-dimensional reality. Third-dimensional realities are still often run in a hierarchal manner in which there are judgments in which certain persons or places are “better” or “worse.”

On the other hand, in a fifth-dimensional reality, there is a constant experience of the NOW in which you are conscious of your every experience. However, the NOW does not have a “clock time.” In the fifth dimension, the NOW is not a time. Instead, the NOW is your choice of creation. 

Whatever reality you choose to create, and/or participate in, is the NOW that you created. When you feel complete with that NOW, your consciousness is free to flow into another experience of NOW. We could not say that each NOW is different, as the terms of “different” or “the same,” are not considered in a fifth dimensional reality.

Instead, your fifth dimensional consciousness flows into a component of the NOW that you choose to perceive, and an experience which is much like flowing into a portal. Within this portal, there are many thoughts, emotions, experiences, and events into which your consciousness may flow.

Within that flow, it is always NOW. The past is not over and the future is infinitely within you. Imagine that you are within a huge ocean. Within the depths of that water, there is no right, left, up, or down. However, in this case, you are flowing within an “Ocean of Light.”

The Light that creates this ocean is YOUR light, the light that you have collected and created during all your incarnations on Earth, as well as all your incarnations on any other reality. In other words, YOU are the source of the light that shines, and flows, over, under, around, and through you. 

Within that same fifth dimensional and beyond NOW, you are the light of all those who share your journey. Hence, all the “individual lights” from all the “individual beings” intermingle with all the “collective light of every ONE.”

This is how you will experience “being the ONE.” The ONE is NOT separate in any manner. In fact, the ONE it is the great initiator of all realities of Light that are the entireONE.” Fifth dimensional beings, as well as even higher dimensional beings, often visit Gaia to experience the unknown feeling of “separation.”

Just as living within “Unity with ALL Life” is a unique experience for those who resonate primarily to their third dimensional frequency of reality; the experience of “Individuality” is a unique experience for those who primarily resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. 

Therefore, within this NOW of Planetary Ascension, we, the Golden Ones, are offering you the experience of Being within the ONE. We hear you ask, “How do I accept your offer?” Our answer is much like our above description of flowing within the ONE. 

The “ONE” is not a place. The ONE is a state of consciousness. Moving into, and enjoying the experience of the ONE, is a two-way adventure in which you are moving into what you have always known, but being surprised by this experience because you have forgotten that it is your innate, fifth dimensional reality.

As confusing as it sounds, being in the third dimension makes you forget the experience of being the fifth dimensional SELF that you have ALWAYS been. However, in order to remain in touch with your fifth dimensional SELF, and fifth-dimensional reality, you may feel that you need to forget about your third dimensional reality, or believe that your third dimensional experiences are  “just illusions.” 

Therefore, in order to remain connected to your third dimensional reality, you may feel that you need to forget your fifth dimensional reality. Then, if you also want to remain in touch with your “real 5D reality,” you will need to remain connected to our fifth dimensional reality.

You may have believed that you have never had fifth dimensional experiences because you have been “unconscious” of that experience. Fortunately, within this NOW, many of you are on the cusp of realizing, and hence perceiving, your realities in the fifth dimension and beyond. 

These experience has informed you that there is a reality that is more loving, feels better, and appears to be higher dimensional. Simultaneously, you are experiencing a third dimensional reality that is challenging, based on time and work, and you see every person, place, situation, and thing, as outside of your personal vessel. 

Fortunately, more and more of you are also experiencing the “ONE” You, who is actually multidimensional. This multidimensional YOU is coming into your dreams, your meditations, your sleep, your creativity, and your daily life. 

How do you experience this YOU? In fact, more and more of you are beginning to remember a reality in which you experienced “being within the ONE of the fifth dimensional NOW.”

“Would it be possible for me to experience this new reality within my daily?” your third dimensional self ponders. 

“Of course,” answers your fifth dimensional self, “In fact, you are already doing so, but you forget that experience as soon as your state of consciousness returns you to your physical world.”

You see, your perceptions are based on your state of consciousness!

“Could your third dimensional self merge with my Fifth Dimensional SELF, so that you could experience both worlds within the ONE of the fifth dimension?” you ask.

 Our answer to you is that you are already merged into ONE, but the third dimensional “land of illusion” has distracted you from this fact by making you believe that you would lose your individuality if you merged with this higher ONE, who is a component of your true, Multidimensional SELF.”

“I don’t want to be distracted any longer. I want to remember that I am, also, fifth dimensional SELF!” we hear you say.

“Then we, your Fifth Dimensional SELF, must ask you if you BELIEVE that YOU can orchestrate the merging of your daily self with your fifth dimensional self?”

“Yes, I want to believe! I will believe.” We hear you say, but we also wish to ask you, “Are you ready and willing to take the risk to go ahead and believe what you want to Believe—rather than believe what you are afraid  is true?”
Are you ready to repeat again and again:

“I choose to BELIEVE that
I can merge my daily life with my fifth dimensional SELF!”

Say the above mantra every day for 7 Days!
You can say these words out loud, write down, 
whisper them and/or think them.

The important thing is that you imprint this decree in your brain, in your heart, 
and into your daily life!

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Guardians for Gaia--The Arcturians and Pleiadians--Through Sue Lie


Guardians for Gaia

Message from the Pleiadian and Arcturian Star Ships

Greetings everyone. We, the Pleiadians and Arcturians are being called on by more and more of the beings on Gaia to assist humanity with their process of transmutation. The first component of self that you will transmute, will be your consciousness. Your consciousness is much more flexible and “transmutational” than your physical earth vessel. 

Your physical earth vessel is limited to the third dimension. However, your consciousness, which is the combination of your thoughts and emotions, is more able to alter, enhance, and/or expand your frequency of consciousness. You will know what frequency of consciousness that you are resonating to by the thoughts and emotions that work together to create your “state of consciousness.”

Your state of consciousness is the frequency of consciousness to which you resonate within the NOW of your daily life, as well as your sleeping, and/or meditating, states of consciousness. Your “state of consciousness/frequency of consciousness” is something over which you have control.

However, in order to control your state of consciousness, you will need to be a loving mentor to your many thoughts and emotions. We, your Pleiadian and Arcturian family, realize how very difficult your third-dimensional reality can be. 

It is for this reason that we invite you all to come to our Starship, which is just beyond the tracking mechanisms of your third-dimensional machines. However, we are NOT beyond your third-dimensional imagination. Imagination is something that only humans have, and it is a component of your fourth and fifth-dimensional states of consciousness.

Your “state of consciousness” is the frequency of the synaptic junctions within your physical brain, and it is greatly influenced by your reactions, and interactions, with your third-dimensional reality. 

There are many challenges in your third-dimensional reality that do NOT exist within your higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness. Your frequency, or state of consciousness, determines what you choose to perceive in your outer third-dimensional reality, as well as the thoughts and emotions that exist within your heart and mind.

The emotions that resonate to your Hearth Chakra are more likely to direct your attention to be placed on that which you love and wish to experience. However, if you wish to have a certain experience of reality, you will need to go inside your own thoughts as what you think about, you bring about.

Therefore, to be the “Master of Your Reality” you must have a degree of “Mastery Over your Thoughts and Emotions.” What do we mean by the term “mastery over” in this situation? What we mean by “mastery over” is that you are able to have a degree of “mastery over” your self-judgment.

If you judge yourself and do not recognize it, which is often because you grew up with too much judgment in your childhood or even in your present life, “judgment” becomes “normal.” When a judgment is normal—whether it is self-judgment, or judgment from others—it is often because you grew up with judgment. 

When a child is confronted with constant judgment, they often adopt the coping mechanism of pretending that “it does not hurt them.” Then, as they move forward into their adult life, they will allow self-judgment and/or judgment from others, to quietly move into their daily thoughts and emotions.

It is then, that they forget the loving, inner messages that come from their Higher SELF, and they forget that they are Galactic Representatives to Earth. Dear, brave volunteers to take an earth vessel during this NOW in which Gaia is being damaged and disregarded more and more each day, we the members of your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We see how so many of you are doing your best to assist Gaia, telling others of Gaia’s plight and are constantly sending Unconditional Love and Violet Light into the body of Gaia to assist Her with Her healing and her transmutation back to Her innate fifth-dimensional Planetary SELF.

The problem is the many humans are not yet able to perceive Gaia as a living being. Therefore, instead of taking care of Her and loving Her in the same manner that they would love a member of their family, they treat her as a “thing.” 

It is for this reason that we, the members of your fifth dimensional Galactic Family, have come into the consciousness of as many humans as possible. Very often, it takes much of their “Earth time” before they believe that the planet is alive. 

However, they know that the trees are alive, as they offer wood for them to build with and fruits that they can eat. However, only the awakened humans are able to think of trees, flowers, crops, animals, and Gaia as living beings that need the same amount of attention and love like humans. However, far too many humans see the Nature Beings as “things.” 

They see the ocean as a place they can dump their trash and/or release the toxins from their ships. They see the air as something that is NOT harmed by pollutants or by the pollution from their cars and factories. This behavior is because they do NOT perceive the Earth as a living being. 

Instead, they perceive the trees as something to cut down and use to make money for themselves. Do they care that they do NOT harvest the trees in an ecological fashion?  Yes, some humans do, but most humans do NOT have that perception. 

Of course, anyone who would choose to read this post DOES care about Gaia, probably DOES try their best to send Gaia the Unconditional Love that She deserves. Many of us, the Galactics, have taken human earth vessels in the hopes that humans would listen to more if we appeared to be humans. 

However, the many humans who do NOT remember their Galactic SELF or the mission that they chose to take on during this current embodiment, they cannot be of great service to Gaia. 

Therefore, we wish to remind you again that a great deal of Galactics chose to take an earth vessel within your NOW in the hope that they could find a way to awaken humanity’s multidimensional memory about why they chose to take an earth vessel within this now.

Hence, we wish to take a moment within this NOW to ask that YOU go deep into your highest states of consciousness to remember the mission that you chose before you took your current earth vessel. 

We will give you some clues by asking you some questions:

What do you LOVE to do?
That “love” is the doorway to the Mission that you chose.

What do you miss if you do not do it?
Please remember that you miss doing that thing because it seems to somehow “fulfill” you.

What did you LOVE to do as a child?
As a child, your imagination was more alive and a component of your daily reality. This is because your “imagination” is often that which you remember from your Multidimensional SELF. 

When you were a child you could remember more of your higher dimensional reality, as it was fine for a child to have a “strong imagination.” However, the hardships and challenges of adulthood often made you forget your higher dimensional life, so that you could focus more on the “work you had to do.” 

But, fortunately, many of you did NOT forget your “imagination.” In fact, some of you decided to trust the inner messages that you received and decided to follow these messages that came from your own inner self rather than to follow the outer voices that too often said, “No you can’t do that!” 

Your loving, inner voice, which is your own Higher SELF, assists you to release the constant hum of the outer voices that too often say, “NO you can’t.” With the release of the “no you can’t” voices it will be much easier to follow your loving voice that says, “YES you can!”

As you decide to follow the loving, sweet, inner voice rather than the often angry, or disapproving outer voices, you become stronger and stronger within your SELF. In fact, you allow your “childhood imagination” to get equal credit with the “outside authority figures.”  

In fact, over time, your inner voice has much more power than the “outside authority voice.” As you listen more and more to your inner voice, which you now recognize is filled with Unconditional Love, you will have more and more “dreams” and “fantasies” about your world inside of you. 

You learned at a young age not to discuss or reveal what your inner voice told you, but you may still have decided to follow some of the advice. However, as you grew older and more into adulthood, you became tired of hiding the YOU that you most enjoyed. 

But, if you “came out” would your human friends not want to be around you? Therefore, you decided to keep these inner voices a secret from you outside world. However, because of this compartmentalization, you became two people. 

You were the person who you knew was YOU, and you were the person that THEY wanted you to be. When you were a child and a teenager, many of you really needed to keep your inner voice a secret. 

However, as time marched on there were era’s of time, such as in the “Hippie Days,” that you could be the YOU that you most enjoyed inside of your own dreams, imagination, and desires.

Those of you who were able to advance to this free, explorative state of consciousness felt a “secret happiness” because you came to realize that you were NOT alone. You began to realize, and maybe even hear and/or communicate with Higher Beings. Sometimes you understood this inner voice, and sometimes you could not understand it, but you always enjoyed it.

You enjoyed the “unconditional love,” which was very rare in your 3D reality, but was becoming more and more common in your dreams, meditations and whenever you were in Nature.

Being in Nature made you feel that you were NOT alone. Instead, you were with Gaia’s many beings that you could not see, but you could hear. Soon learned that if you did not document what you received from this higher reality, your 3D mind could not remember it.

It was then that you began to wonder, “Why did I choose to take an earth vessel within this now?” The mere fact that you asked that question, made you remember that there was another reality that you simultaneously lived in, but could not quite remember.

However, if you wrote down your dreams and or meditation images and messages, you could read that message again and again. Then you would NOT forget your inner messages. Also, it was then that many of you realized that others were having the same experiences as you.

You discovered this fact because you were brave enough to share the “weird messages from higher beings.” It is interesting that it was fine to discuss the latest Earth disaster, the extreme weather, and other problems in your life, but it is not OK to talk about the Faerie you just say in the meditation you had that morning or the message you just received from your Higher Self.

Fortunately, there are more people who can have these discussions, but that group is far from the majority. Therefore, we, the members of your Galactic Family, ask that YOU, the brave members of our Galactic Family who chose to take a human form within that now, so PLEASE share your Interdimensional Experiences with others.

You can call it a “weird dream,” which is true that it is a “dream” a “deep desire” to return to the higher dimensional frequency of Gaia. In fact, as you share this desire, you will likely begin to remember more and more of your Galactic Life on an orbiting Starship and/or experiences from your fifth-dimensional reality.

You forgot because it was “unsafe” for many, many eras to share your inter-dimensional experiences. But within this NOW more and more humans are beginning to remember that they took an earth vessel within this now to assist Gaia. Most of the weather disasters are Gaia saying, “Help!!  I need your help!”

Most of the problems that have harmed Gaia are due to the earth humans inability to be good Guardians for Gaia. “Getting more money” has become more important than “saving Gaia.” But, what will the humans do with all their money if their weather is too extreme, huge floods and fires occur, and the entire economy collapses?

It is the NOW dear ones, to come to the aid of your planet! We, your Galactic Family, will assist you. In fact, many of “you” to whom we speak are also Galactics who chose to take an earth vessel during this NOW in order to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension back into Her fifth-dimensional planetary expression. 

Is it more important to work hard and make money, even if it damages Gaia, or is it more important to put the Planetary Being of Gaia FIRST!!  First before the people, for what will people do without a planet to live on?

Gaia is calling each and every ONE of you. Therefore, listen to Her call and assist your Planet Gaia to heal from the many, many, many wounds that have ALL been created, in some manner, by humans!

Dear humans, please remember that you chose to take an earth vessel on Gaia to heal Gaia, and to assist with Planetary Ascension! We, your Galactic Family, realize that it is very easy to become lost in the lies and illusions that fill your third-dimensional reality within this NOW.

However, it is humanity that created ALL of Gaia’s problems. Therefore, it is up to humanity to heal their planet before it is too late. 

Blessings, we are your Galactic Family. We are here to assist you to assist Gaia. 
Just ask for our guidance and we will remind you about “what you chose to DO to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. 

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

PS—If you see a cloud that looks like a Starship, it is a Starship that looks like a cloud!

They Are Here Video (UF0)

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Art of Transmutation--Deeper, Higher Into the NOW of the ONE--Arcturians


Great YouTube about all the Galactic Beings

The Art of Transmutation
Deeper and Higher Into the NOW of the ONE

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Are you ready to remember the “Art of Transmutation?” Transmutation is more than third dimensional change. Transmutation is a shift of consciousness, and thus perception, into a higher and higher frequencies of the ONE. 

“Transmutation” is different from “Change” in that it is a shift into a higher frequency of reality, whereas “change” often occurs within the same frequency of reality.

In order to perceive and/or be aware of this change, your consciousness, and thus your perceptions, will need to resonate to a higher frequency of synaptic interactions within your brain, as well as a shift from Conditional Love into Unconditional Love

Conditional Love is guided by your third and lower fourth dimensional consciousness, whereas “Unconditional Love,” is guided by your higher fourth dimensional and fifth dimensional states of consciousness. 

Your “state of consciousness,” which is the blending of your thoughts and emotions, determines your choice of perceptions and how you inter-act with these perceptions. If your state of consciousness is based on love and happiness, you will perceive your life, and the life that surrounds you, in a positive, hopeful manner.  

Therefore, solutions to “problems” will be more easily found, you will trust yourself more and thus enjoy your life more, and you will feel a deep need to be of assistance to others, to Gaia, and to enjoy the reality that you can recognize as you own creation.

Because your own life feels good, centered, and ready to serve, you are present when others need you, you enjoy your “work,” and look forward to what else life will reveal for you. 

Because you are centered, you are able to admit that all life has it’s ups and downs, and are able to enjoy the good times, as well as “forgive” the people and situations that are more difficult to address. 

Because you feel strong within your self, you may choose to take on a task that you did not believe that you could address before. One of these tasks is to assist other people, situations, or parts of Gaia’s beings that need your assistance. 

In fact, because you can now consciously perceive your own “Inner Assistance,” you feel confident that you can assist others to also connect with their own Inner Assistance. Different people will need different types of assistant, and different people will offer different types of assistance.

In this version of reality, most people, animals, and even Gaia’s Nature can remain calmer and deeply centered within their own “need to assist with the process of transmuting Gaia into Her fifth-dimensional expressions.”

Transmutation does NOT just mean change. Transmutations mean “change into a higher frequency of resonance.” The “art” of transmutation means the ART of creating, healing, enjoying, and/or guiding one’s self, or others, into a higher frequency expression of their current reality.

Transmutation is the higher frequency of synaptic interactions that allow you to shift your thinking, your emotions, and thus your perceptions, into a higher frequency of resonance. Likely, you would not be consciously aware of this shift into a higher frequency of resonance.

However, you would likely think it is a great day, you are having fun, and/or having a sudden burst of creative ideas.  Many, if not most, of the members of your society, do not perceive higher frequencies of reality that resonate beyond the spectrum of their third-dimensional perceptions. 

And, very few people would be aware that they had just transmuted their third/fourth daily thinking into their fifth-dimensional thinking. However, they would definitely feel a wave of joy, happiness, creativity and/or a need to call a friend to have a nice conversation.

We the Arcturians would like to remind you to call your “Higher Dimensional Friends,” who have likely been over-lighting you since you were born. Many of the “imaginary friends” that children have are actually members of their higher dimensional friends.

Dear brave warriors to take an earth vessel within this NOW, we Arcturians wish to remind you again that these are times in which there are more and more fifth-dimensional energy fields.  Often, the purpose of these fifth-dimensional energy fields is to assist humanity with their process of transmutation.

“What exactly is the process of transmutation?” we hear you ask us. The process, or the art, of transmutation, is that the frequency rate and/or carrier wave of a message comes into your consciousness so quickly that it appears to “just suddenly be there.” 

It is the process of transmutation that allows our grounded ones to converse with their own fifth-dimensional self, and/or the fifth-dimensional expression of their Higher Guides. We say “Higher Guides” because it is the fifth-dimensional beings who are your Higher Guides.

Very often, but not always, your Higher Guides are a higher dimensional expression of your own Multidimensional SELF. Many of you, the grounded ones, have Pleiadian fifth dimensional expressions on the Star Ships that are NOW invisibly protecting Gaia, as well as on your higher dimensional Home Worlds.

We call them “Home Worlds” because these higher dimensional expressions of the many, multidimensional planets, actually provide Schools where you, our brave warriors to take earth vessels on Gaia, can prepare for your upcoming incarnation on Earth.

One of the many things that you are all learning during your nightly visits to your Homeworld and/or Starship is how remember your innate ability to transmute your physical reality on Earth into the “landing pad” for your own Higher Dimensional SELF who will be entering and merging with the earth vessels that you are currently wearing.

We say “wearing” your body as a means to remind you that you have many frequencies of your SELF. Therefore, just as you may go into your closet to decide what clothes you wish to wear, your various higher dimensional expressions of SELF will choose the “3D Body” that we wish to wear for each incarnation on Earth.

When you invite the higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF to join you during your third-dimensional incarnation, you will feel confident that you will remember your true SELF in the higher dimensions of your Starship or Homeworld.

Unfortunately, that memory often leaves your consciousness when you “grow up” and have to face the many challenges of Gaia’s current third/fourth-dimensional planet. However, when you take a physical earth vessel, it is made of the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as the planet. 

In this manner, you will be reminded before you take your earth vessels that when you collaborate with these elements, and the living elementals that can only be perceived with fifth-dimensional vision, you will go deeper and higher into the NOW of the ONE.

Are you ready to remember the “Art of Transmutation” into the NOW of the ONE? To enter this fifth-dimensional experience of being within the NOW of the ONE, you will need to have the courage to “surrender” into the YOU that has over-lite you for your entire life. 

To surrender into this YOU that is a higher dimensional expression of the YOU who is currently wearing an earth vessel, you will need to allow to remember that which you have chosen to forget. When you can allow your self to remember the many dreams, meditations, and memories of a higher dimensional reality that was guided by Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light.

This reality cannot be perceived via your third-dimensional perceptions or even your third-dimensional thoughts. This higher dimensional reality of your own higher dimensional SELF has been over-lighting you since you entered your mother’s womb. When you left your mother’s womb, you had a third-dimensional physical body. 

However, you also “gave birth” to your fifth-dimensional form. Your fifth-dimensional form may or may not look like your physical body, as it may just appear to you as a calming sensation of LIGHT. You could see that LIGHT for only a few years, if that much, as no one else in your reality could see it. 

Therefore, you learned to keep the memory, the light and the unconditional love of this “invisible” being to your self. You likely discovered that if you tried to tell others of your experience, they could not understand, or they may even have criticized you. Therefore, you learned at a young age to keep these experience of your LIGHT a secret from others.

However, because you could perceive your own light you could also perceive the light of others. You could tell when someone’s “light was low,” and when they had remembered to transmute their own inner light into their own “higher light.”

Most people did not share that process of turning on their Inner Light, as others would only laugh or criticize you. However, the Inner Light did not leave your consciousness unless YOU forgot to honor that light, listen to that light, and even just remember that light. 

When you honored the Light, you also remembered the “art of transmutation.” This “art” thought you that, if you looked for the Light, you would find it. However, this Light changed with different situations. It also responded to your emotions. When you were sad, the Light appeared to be a bit gray, but when you were happy and enlightened, the Light became gold and seemed to flow into and through your body.

In fact, many of you had your first experience of the power of the Light within you when you had a Kundalini experience and the Light rose up from the base of your spine and rose all the way to the top of your Crown Chakra. 

In fact, your Chakras served as power centers in your body which were able to amplify your inner light or to dim it. Your emotions had a great deal to do with the amplitude of your inner light. When you were sad, you inner light dimmed. When you were angry and/or sad, your inner light became gray.

However, when you grounded your body into Gaia’s Earth and called upon your higher guidance, you could go into a higher state of consciousness and feel this Inner Light stir at the base of your spine and rise up your spinal cord—chakra by chakra. 

When your Inner Light reached your Crown Chakra, you inter-dimensional communication with your higher dimensional expressions of SELF-joined you to assist you to remember you're true SELF. You may not have remembered this experience, as your third-dimensional brain has a difficult time remembering your fifth-dimensional experiences.

Therefore, we highly suggest that you document this experience in some manner—writing it down, speaking into a recording or even drawing a picture. Then, one day in an unknown future, you will somehow feel drawn to look in your journal and find the documentation of an Interdimensional Experience, which your third-dimensional brain could not remember.

Once you find the written story of your experience, we suggest that you share this experience with others. When you find the courage to share your “Interdimensional Experiences” you will find that many others are also having a similar experience, but did not share it with others for the same fear of judgment that you had.

Why are humans fine with anger, judgment, and criticism from others, but are too threatened by other’s response to their own spiritual experiences of awakening?

The answer is “a lifetime of judgment” from “other humans.” One of humanity greatest fear is “fear of the unknown.” They are partially afraid of the unknown as there is a safety in being like the others around you. However, your personal evolutions, which we perceive as your “personal return to SELF,” WILL be judged by others who are afraid of change—any change. 

However, once you allow yourself to have, and most important, to remember, document and share with others, your “Art of Transmutation” of the gray illusions of fear into the Golden Experience of your own Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, when you allow yourself to expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality, the first perception you have is very often the vision and/or the words, of your own Multidimensional/Higher Dimensional SELF.

Please remember to document this experience in some manner, as your third-dimensional brain will likely forget this higher dimensional experience. Also, once you have awakened enough to remember how to connect with your own Higher SELF, you are ready to begin the fulfillment of your REASON FOR EMBODIMENT.

YES, all of you had a reason why you chose to take your current Earth Vessel. And, if you have discovered our message, were ready to read it, and are moved to share your process of awakening, you have found YOUR reason for an embodiment. 

We the Arcturians, are very happy that so many of our “volunteers to take an earth body to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension” have remembered to “Awaken to their SELF” so that they can remember and fulfill their “reason for incarnation.” 

As they/YOU remember the “Mission Statement” that YOU made before YOU took this incarnation, YOU will begin to understand how EVERY event in YOUR life has prepared them to be strong and brave enough to remember YOUR “Reason for Incarnation!” 

Happy remembering dear multidimensional beings who have chosen to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia with Her PLANETARY ASCENSION!

Blessings from the Arcturians. Please remember that we are ALWAYS available to assist you in your process.  We resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, we have no “time” as you know it and are ALWAYS available to accept your call and assist you with your “Process of Transmutation” which will take you

Deeper and Higher Into the NOW of the ONE

Blessings, We are the Arcturians