Sunday, November 13, 2011


Message from Catheryn

In order to write about my experience over the last few days, I somehow need to re-embody a point of view, which takes me away from a 360 degree view.  I cannot say that I am disappointed, as what occurred for me feels miraculous, even though it is subtle.  I spent the day of 11-11-11 lying in my armchair, in a darkened room, watching Suzanne’s youtube videos. Her descriptions allow me to access places that would otherwise not be in my awareness.  I realized the night of 11-10 that each of us are a unique emanation of the divine, with our particular experience;  I felt that a lot of fear and  pain needed to be transmuted through my heart chakra, and I was pinned to that experience for several hours on that day and evening.  I took the opportunity to merge with the collective field of the Kogi, a tribe of pre-Columbian Indians who hold the heart of Gaia – Mama – in their collective field.  Their heart was a collective heart, and it melded in a very soft and warm liquid way with the planet.  I asked them to join me in transmuting the fear and pain of suffering humanity, as it is something that needs to be held by many.  This seemed to be my “particular” role, as it depicts my experience throughout this lifetime.

I fell asleep and awoke some hours later, to arise and look at the clock.  It was straight up midnight of 11.11.11.  I was awake then for hours, going into the Corridor.  My mind was in several places at once, and it was difficult to adjust to this kind of splitting of my perceptual field.  The field did seem to be more highly charged than it had been prior.  The next day of 11/11/11, I spent filling myself with unconditional love, and relaxing into travelling into the void.  I would say that I felt I was in the black light of the cosmic void – in a very delicate state.  Then, there was a splash out of darkness, at the end of the day when I reacted to my brother.  It did illicit in me a very dark and angry response.  Where the light doth travel, it reveals the shadow.  Each layer of shadow is an opportunity to see the illusion of my hologram, and how the rift in the field rises up before me like a bad dream, revealing a monster.  It has become in this one day very surreal for me, and not as believable as before.

The following day was spent in recreating my life, although it’s movement is  incrementally slowly at the physical level.  The most amazing experience occurred last night, as I was going into sleep.  Each night as I lie down, I consciously enter the Corridor.  Last night, the little me was the most surrendered it has been through this whole transition.  My light body ignited with greater velocity, and as I surrendered to each layer, the light body expanded into the crevices and locks within my physical vessel, to keep unlocking the locks to allow the experience to expand into greater dimensions.  The energy rose so powerfully through my core –  as I was travelling through my Merkaba for a very long while, and my crown chakra bloomed like a lotus flower.  I felt my connection to everything, and glimpsed at how an avatar being is awake in this multiverse, as the crown chakra was totally open and broadcasting it’s radiation, while receiving messages.  It was as though the entire universe was all the same – same – same.  It was one big continuous and contiguous field.  Many realizations occurred at once.  I finally understood the many teachers of this lifetime, and some of their counsel – images of projective geometry prevailed.  The moment I began to “think” from my 3D perspective, is the same moment I made a witness and split from the “avatar” mind.  I practiced letting go of the “thinking” mind, completely wiping out the hard drive of that mind, and allowing myself to stay open to the multiverse.  It is very easy to see from this point of view that either pushing away or clinging create our holographic reality, and it is only from a totally relaxed, surrendered & awake vantage point that one stays in a higher dimensional frequency. 

The culmination of this occurred when I experienced the entire Lightbody of Gaia rise through my merkaba field and take her rightful place as an ascended Lightbody planet.  It is a very beautiful image that captures my 360 degree view.  It is like the pineal gland now is opened in a 12-petalled lotus flower and it sees life from this higher perspective.  The moment there is an “I” who wishes to hold onto this experience, then there is a fall into the 3D hologram.  There is only openness, pure sight, pure awareness, consciousness from this frequency.  I am not disappointed with this portal, as Gaia is risen, our resplendent Mama, our crystalline child of collective love and light. 



  1. I'm confused. What does this mean for the average person?

  2. What a wonderful experience for you. I was getting so excited reading your message and felt so much inner joy for you. Our unity as ONE allows for my soul to have shared this journey with you. I however still struggle to remember even my dreams. Divine LOVE and LIGHT to you sweet sister, seperatism is a habit and so 3D, but I'm getting to BEing unconditional unity. Blessing...