Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I awoke this morning with the inner challenge that for the next 11 days I would endeavor to remain in peace and love. I know how difficult this challenge is, but I feel that it is especially important during these 11 days leading up to 11.11.11. First, I would like to answer a few questions that I have received.

NO, I do not sense that I am leaving in any manner.
NO, I do not sense in any way that we are “leaving behind” our children or our loved ones.

Since I do not sense that I am leaving, the issue of returning is a mute point. On the other hand, I have had many experiences of my consciously experiencing realms far beyond the third dimension in which I feel like I am “out of my body.” However, this “out of body” is merely a sensation, for these meditations are quite long, and I would have “died” if I were actually not in my body. When I first had these experiences I would become quite frightened. Fear is the braking system for all inter-dimensional journeys. So don’t worry, if you get afraid, your fear will return you to mundane consciousness.

The only problem with fear is that we can believe the fear rather realizing that it is just a breaking system that tells us to “Stop, Look and Listen.” Fear is a release of adrenalin, which is activated when we go into Flight Fight Syndrome. Fear is meant for our protection, not for our inner torment. When we lost touch with our Inner SELF, we lost touch with certain operating systems that were meant to assist and not harm.

Of course, there have been many things in our third dimensional life that caused fear (which was activated to protect us). Because we were in the adolescence of our evolution, we rebelled against that which was meant to protect us and turned it into our enemy. Just as a loving parent may pull a child from the path of an oncoming car and appear to be angry, fear is often accompanied by anger. Anger is also an emotion that was designed so that we could survive in a VERY hostile world.

Buggy whips were necessary when we drove around in buggies that were led by horses. However, they became extinct when cars became our primary vehicle. In the same manner, fear-based emotions were important while we occupied our third dimensional earth vessel. Just at the Buggy Whip became obsolete when we traveled around in automobiles, fear-based emotions will become obsolete when we travel around in our Lightbody.

The main thing that I was told to focus on this morning was to remain in the Core of my SELF, which resonates to peace, calm, multidimensional light and unconditional love. I know that obsolete fear-based emotions will still arise because they have become a “habit” in my daily life. Please think of all your fear-based emotions as a habit, a primary survival mechanism, that you had to adapt in order to survive life in a third dimensional reality.

The challenge is that these very habits and survival mechanisms that protected us in the third dimension also bind us TO the third dimension. Hence, my morning message from within was to return to the love-based emotions of my SELF. I accept that I will falter in my conviction and dedicate myself to remembering in that moment to send my wounded ego unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. I also dedicate my self to sending those three unconditional qualities to others that “appear” to the cause of my fear.
Then, I will remind myself, as I remind your ALL now that fear cannot attack light, it can only expand our own inner darkness. Therefore, if some “other person” appears to be the source of my retreat into ego, I will remind myself that, “We are all ONE. There are NO others in the fifth dimension.” We “ascend” into the fifth dimension by maintain a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

I have been a psychotherapist for almost 30 years. I am full aware of the addictiveness of fear-based emotions and the difficulties of releasing the “habit” of needing “survival mechanisms.” Therefore, I present to you—as well as to myself—the reminder that, “That which once protected is now a limitation.” Therefore, I remind you all, including my self, that we have ALL the protection we could ever need within our own Power of Unconditional Love.

I have been “trying to remember” (and often forgetting) to send unconditional love into EVERY conflict and fear-based thought, emotion and situation. I have found that the results are not immediate, because we are still bound by time, but eventually the unseen force of unconditional love heals these situations. The challenge is, as always, to REMEMBER that I AM a Multidimensional Being. When we can remember that fact, we return to our innate Adult SELF, who no longer needs to rebel or protect because we are fully engaged in creation.

I would like not to reiterate that ascension is not a process of leaving, it is a process of becoming our SELF. When we believe we are a Multidimensional Being, our consciousness expands and we expect to perceive our true Home in the higher dimensions. This expectation directs our perceptions to the higher frequencies of reality. AND, the reality that we Perceive is the reality that we Live. As we return to our True, Multidimensional SELF, we will be able to perceive many realities within the same moment of the ONE. We will remember inter-dimensional travel and KNOW that we are Pure Consciousness that choses to engage in the experience of “wearing” a form.

I have been collecting the many email I have received of people perceiving the higher frequencies. I will post more of them on the blog. However, I will be in semi-retreat for the next 11 days, so I may not be able to answer all your questions. In stead, I will place them on the blog so that others can assist you in finding your answers.

I am so happy about the wonderful exchange of communication of the blog lately. It was my intention upon the conception of my multidimens.com site to have a forum where people could feel safe enough to present their true inner self. I had to hide my Self for many years, as did many of you, but now it is feeling safe enough to come forward with expressions of our true SELF.

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions to this blog.
They are ALL filled with unconditional love!


  1. Thank you for the reminder to focus on my multi dimensional self and release all thoughts of fear. Namaste, Beth

  2. wonderful post! thank you!

  3. Wow I feel that this message was somehow tailor made for me to read today. I ran into major fear based thoughts from another person and had me questioning my own inner truth. I "came out of the closet" with some of my spiritual friends and i was faced with them sending me fear based links on demons and alien websites that warned of abductions other not so friendly stuff. I told them that I do not feel that way about my alien brother and sisters from the stars and that all i get is love, peace and wisdom from them. Anyway, long story short after receiving all of these demon websites and articles (which i admit i read out of curiousity) but then i started questioning myself. Am I super naive that I don't believe in this fear based crap and maybe i should be a little cautious about my alien contact?? I asked for a sign. As I did I ran into two stop signs at the train tracks where I had to watch red blinking lights while i waited. I pleaded with my star beings to give me a sign and i get red flashing lights? does that mean stop thinking fear based thoughts? or does that mean to stop talking to aliens?? I pondered this a while and then I read your website and it was all relating to fear based thoughts and the message what i was asking exactly. so thanks for being a messanger from the stars for me today. It's the most amazing synchronicity i have had in a long time!! YEAH!!! Thanks, JillB

  4. As always, Sue, thanks for being such a beacon of light for all! We are so blessed to be in this together with a courageous leader such as yourself. Love and light to you and all of the wonderful souls who are here to help bring about positive change in this world!