Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Through the EYES of the Innocent

Dear Sue,
      Thank you for your reply. You may post this on your blog. Thank you so very for your ideas on this. I would also choose the best world ever!!

There is one more thing I've wanted to write you about, but I wasn't able to at the time. During the online retreat a little while back I had an experience during and afterwards. I recorded it in audio format. If you don't have time to listen, I completely understand, you must receive a million emails a day, lol. And as an update after 11/11/11 I don't even know my purpose here anymore nor why I am here. More confused than ever.

Ever so grateful, 

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On 11/28/11 1:55 PM, C wrote:

Dear C,
Did you read the attached article? i half see half imagine when i see the higher worlds too.Yes, she could be seeing a portal. It is the children's innocence that allows the children to see what we can't. However, i don't think that a violet portal could take one to a bad world. However, i am sure her inner guidance, likely some magnificent Light Being, is warning her to be careful when entering a portal. If our consciousness drops too low, we can "fall out" of the experience, which could be quite frightening. I choose the "best world ever." How about you?  Can i post this on my blot--no names or emails. I am sure other children are seeing these things too and parents are too shy to share,

Dear Suzan,
 My 8 year old daughter has told me about a purple tunnel or swirly thing that has appeared in our cabinet bottom. (it's small) She said it leads to another world. She said if she went inside, it would lock behind her and that's scary. She also said if we went inside at the same time, we might end up in different worlds. She goes on to say that it's like roulette, whether you will go to fearful world or the greatest world ever. I do know children have wonderful imaginations but she doesn't usually say things like this and I haven't talked about portals at all. Could she be seeing a portal? She said she half imagines it, half see's it. She said she had a weird sensation around the cabinet and then it came to her that there is a purple swirl in the cabinet. She is quite intuitive, she woke up from her sleep (because she got a feeling) just to wake up her father who snoozed through his alarm.

PS. Thank you for your work


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  1. Just wanted to say C that i feel the same about not knowing my purpose anymore. I think it is also partly due to the fact that i have released all that no longer serves me and now i am a blank canvas waiting for the next step. I am also aware that waiting for 'something to happen' probably isn't the way forward either, so i am sending out the intention to form new energetic connections to those things, people, places, situations that do serve my highest/best pathway. Along with that and simply being i'm just riding the waves to see what happens. It is all feeling rather odd though thats for sure! Much love, kel