Saturday, November 5, 2011



I AM the Light I stand within
I AM the form the Light creates
I AM the life the Light dictates
I AM the Light

The world is the reflection of my Light
The world within me joins that reflection

I AM standing in the Light of the world that I AM

I project my Light into my world to become a tree
As well as the birds and squirrels that make it home

I become the lawn that covers Gaia’s body
I AM each blade of grass
I AM the roots that connect each blade
I AM the soil in which life grows

I AM the Sky
     The Sun
          The Moon

I AM the form that sees the sky
     Collects the Sun’s light
          Absorbs the Moon’s glow

I AM the friends and family that visit my world
       They are my light and I am theirs

As ONE we stand beneath our tree
       We are the shade
            The trunk
                  The roots

We are the lawn beneath our feet,
       The roots
                  The soul
                           The face of Gaia

We are the house beside the tree
The block on which the house resides
The city
The state
The country
The continent
The planet

We are the planet

We are the Sun that feeds our light
We are the Moon that glows within

Within our form is All That Is
Within the ONE we hold our form

The transition happened yesterday and far beyond all time
We stand as ONE within the NOW as ALL we’ve ever been

The journey is complete, but yet, it’s only started
The pain, the loss, the fear are gone, although we’ve never parted

The vision of eternal truth is forever in our Soul
For now and all forever, we live within the Whole”
Begin your day as a PLANET.
Look into YOUR sky.
Feel YOUR feet within your earth.
Look into YOUR horizon.
Follow the pathway of YOUR rising and setting Sun.
Feel YOUR Moonlight as its cycles wax and wane.
Nourish and love the plants, animals and people living on YOUR land.
Experience the flow of YOUR oceans and waterways. 
Feel the rain as it feeds YOUR land and clears YOUR sky.
Know that YOU are the Planet.
The Solar System is YOUR family.
                  The Galaxy is YOUR clan.

At ONE within
The Cosmic Whole
Alone beside
The Faerie knoll.

Between the trees
Beneath the sky
Your heart expands
Your mind asks why.

Why decide
To let it go
To receive the gift
You wish to know?

How can you be apart,
Yet ONE,
Absorb the Moon
Becomes the Sun?

“The answer lies within,”
They say,
        “To ease the night,
Become the day.

“Hold the Light and
Let it glow
To BE the Truth
You’ve found you know!”

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