Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Readers,
I have created this blog as a safe place for people, including myself, to speak what has been in our hearts for many years. For some of us the experiences of other realms has been ongoing since we were children, and for some of us it is a new experience. Sometimes, if not always, it takes a great deal of courage to say things that have caused ridicule in the past. Discussions are beautiful and support is divine.

However, if any reader does not like the information presented here, than stop reading it. I will delete all negative comments, especially those written by anonymous. It is easy to criticise others when you don't have a face or a name.
Thank you,


  1. Amen to that!! Love you!!

  2. Yes, I agree. Blog is like a virtual home, Your home. And you don't have to keep unwanted guess in your home, whoever they are. I do the same thing with my own blog, clear all the unsupportive comments now and then just because I like it that way.

  3. I am glad that you are strong! Do not be silenced! They only wish to control you. Do not let them!

  4. Thank you for being a wayshower. It takes courage. I honor this blog and ask that attack energy be removed.

  5. Here is an interesting subject I think you may be interested in. My wife and I usually go about your business on most days, but recently our higher selves will tell us to project a certain energy to the world.

    This sounds normal and all but we have lately been asked to project negative energies. From November the 6th to the 9th my wife had to project very angry energies and it was difficult to be around. I was well prepared and shielded from it but it nearly made me sick it was so strong.

    Today, November the 18th without notice and for the whole day I had to strongly project defiance specifically against wall street and the US government. I didn't see this coming until it happened, and somehow I knew what I was supposed to do when it happened. The energy was meant for the people to help them stand up to those who opposed them. Possibly for the occupy wall street protesters.

    I find this a bit strange however because all of the other times I projected energies or adjusted the collective consciousness of an area or the world, I had projected peace and love, or a willingness to undergo spiritual growth.

    So some days many of you will feel very bad energies. I believe many of these days those energies may have a good reason to be felt. There are many things that happen behind the scenes and even under our nose that we may not immediately understand. For instance it is possible a portion of the population needed our defiant or angry energies to do what needed to be done to rid ourselves and our government of corruption.

    Within the last week I have gone from a very long history of having a stance of going with the flow and be calm, to take your life in your own hands. I had expected to wait around for ascension to happen, but lately I seem to be actively working toward it on my own. At any rate I have become much more aware of the emotions, spiritual and physical feel, and intensity of energies and how it affects the collective consciousness. I feel as though I have made a lot of progress in the last few days by practicing projecting certain thoughts and feelings.

    Keep in mind everyone has their own way to grow spiritually. We all have different roles to play, different actions to take. If someone else does not have the same experiences as this , don't worry, just do what you are doing and if you need to do something, you will end up doing it.

  6. Love and Light Sue

  7. I support you in this stance against negative comments. We see enough negative comments in media, facebook, etc. Websites and blogs need to evolve with the changing times and I salute you for taking a stance as a spiritual leader to keep it positive. One positive thought is 50,000 times more powerful than one negative thought!!! Fear based and negative thinking is the old paradigm way of thinking!! We are paradigm busters, wayshowers and visionaries of the New Earth. I want to thank you Sue for providing us with all of these loving messages from Arcturians and connecting us back to our ancestors from the stars. I love this site, and you have become one of the many teachers that I truly admire:) Thanks Sue!!! love and light, Jill B.