Monday, November 21, 2011

The First Channel

Hi Sue, this is exciting news.  I just received my first arcturian/or possibly pleidian message last night i wanted to share because some of this related to some of the material i read on your ebooks.  it's very short, but very clear:) 

"Everything in the universe is governed by mathematics, numerology and sacred geometry"  As this was being said I was shown sacred geometry in my third eye, it was so beautiful, almost looked like a computerized digital presentation but really it is beyond words in 3D .. awesome  

they went on to say:

"The left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere are separate within themselves.  You will never be able to figure out right brain experiences using left brain knowledge.  Trust the process, do not question that which is NOT governed by 3D.  Trust what you see and experience in your right brain for this is the true reality."  The Theta state of brain waves takes you into 5D, and that is why you have so much freedom with your light body in this relaxed state.  We are better able to communicate with you when you are in this state.  In 5D you manifest instantly."

They went further to explain an incident that happened earlier in the night.  I was lying there almost asleep and thought of my husband and grabbed his hand on his side of the bed.  I felt his hand in my hand.  Then I awoke to find that my husband wasn't even in the bed by me, he was still downstairs watching t.v.  They explained that I thought about my husband's hand in 5D which instantly manifested that experience.  However, when I woke up in 3D he was still downstairs.  It happened in 5D.. a different dimension."

Also I have another question.  When I feel arcturians or pleidians energy, i feel a tingling in the soul of my foot.  It is pretty strong, and feels like vibrational whirling energy in my feet.  I asked them what this was all about and I was told that "packets" of cosmic light energy is being downloaded into the foot chakras and that I am to ground that cosmic energy into the earth.   Have you had experiences with foot chakras swirling with vibrations??  

This is exciting news!!!  I think the main point of this transmission is that I'm always trying to figure out my spiritual experiences, and they are saying just to trust in them, and not question them so much with my left brain, which i always try to do:)   i always want to know the unknowable, and they are saying to just relax and trust my spiritual experiences!!!   this is also interesting as i literally nothing about sacred geometry or numerology other than gateway numbers 11/11, etc... so when you get information that is not within your realm of knowledge or something that you would normally say, you can know this was a true channeling.  my left brain wants to question this because i didn't hear words, the transmission was telepathic!!!  very cool!!!   just wanted to share!!!  Would love some feedback on this from you or the arcturian group to see if i interpreted this information correctly!!!

Peace! Jill

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
--William Shakespeare


  1. Very Helpfull Jill, Thank you !

    It' feels a little bit strange, should i say simply New, to receive the energy of all these synchronicity litteraly pouring down through so many people of heartfelt vibrational alikeness.

    Yes it feels new for me to share this 5D vibrational intimacy just by reading people like you Jill.

    Bye,Bye aloneness,isolation, separation consciousness !!

    Thank You again for sharing

  2. hi jill!
    i have been getting this feeling in my feet for awhile. it got so tingly last night it felt like an acupuncture needle. haha! i asked what it was, and today read your info... amazing how quickly the answers are coming these days.
    love <3

  3. this is so awesome. enjoy, enjoy! ascension is supposed to be FUN and joyous! you rock!

  4. Exciting!! So glad you shared! I had an experience one night not too far back that was wild! I got up every 2 hours. I would look at the clock, and it would be say 5am. I would get up, make coffee upstairs, and the clock said 3am. I thought the clock was off. No, it wasn't. I went back to sleep and repeated this cycle 3 times or more, each time the clock said it was 2 hours later than it was, each time I got up and made coffee!?? Definatley some sort of time loop! Things are really getting interesting. Your channel was very validating!

  5. Wow Aeguana, i was just at my spiritual group last night and someone else said they also had the foot chakra vibration too.. wild:)

    C. Danielle Ongman, that is a fascinating experience, i have a lot of that same stuff happening, like i'm slipping in and out of dimensions. I keep thinking of the aboriginals and their "dreamtime" some nights i have a hard time deciphering if i'm dreaming or awake, and when i think i'm awake, i'm actually dreaming in a very lucid state. I have to question myself some days to my sanity:) but i know this is part of the ascension process, the veil is thinning and i believe we will continue to have even more of these "far out" experience. I love to hear about others experiences. Makes me feel so "not alone" in this process!!!

  6. Hi,

    I don't feel the vibrations in my foot, instead for a few days now, I am having really heated hands and feet. Anyone who can say how I can relief this? Thanks

    Namaste, Lisa

  7. love thinking about aboriginal "dreamtime". remember feeling that way in hawaii, guess it's some sort of vortex thing. yes it does seem like we are slipping into dreamtime. that is nice! makes the days go way "faster".
    hi lisa! maybe you have energy to release? dancing & tai chi are good. i dont actually "know" tai chi, but kinda move around pretending to be shooting/balancing energy. haha :) i do know that energy seems to come in the left hand & be released out of the right. maybe that will help <3 <3

  8. aequana, very cool about hawaii, i know what you mean about being in a vortex, there is a cabin up northern minnesota in the middle of the forest and i kept waking up in a different dimension. i saw this room that had burgundy walls, a traditional leather chair, fireplace, when i was actually in the rustic cabin. then i closed my eyes and thought i was dreaming, opened it again, same room, not my rustic cabin. the third time i said i wanna go back to the cabin and i was back to the cabin.. then proceeded to lucid dream, dreams within dreams, OBE the entire night... i definitely think where i was sleeping was on some sort of portal or vortex.. it was amazing... :) i still have experiences like that at home, but not like i had when i was at the cabin.. i'm excited to go back and stay at that friend's cabin again:) i also wondered if that vibration in my feet wasn't excess of energy, but was specifically told i was to ground the energy in my last channel and that it was packets of cosmic light.. it didn't make sense to my logical, left brain..i then did some grounding exercises, and also did some spring forest qigong and still feel a mild vibration in my feet ALL the time, and gets strong when i connect and call upon my arcturian or pleidian family of light.. so i'm thinking the channel was correct:) i gotta quit questioning all of this stuff with my left brain like my channel said, but i can't help but want to know, i'm soo fascinated by this stuff and excited too. I feel no fear surrounding any of these experiences.. i just want MORE!! ha!

  9. I know these vibrations in a certain state of meditation my whole body vibrates its wonderfull

  10. Hi everyone, I have been getting hot hands too through out the day.... and I feel like I am in a time lapse or something.... something is changing I feel it....