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Dear One,
I had a long dream the other night that continued through several awakenings. I can’t remember what it was, but I remember telling myself that this uncomfortable dream was about releasing a lives long pattern of behavior. Please assist me in remembering the dream and/or the behavior.

Dearest Suzille,
Since you had this dream, or dreams, in the middle of the night it is more difficult to remember. In fact, you had completing forgotten it until you closed your eyes and went into a quick meditation. Returning to the state of consciousness in which you have an experience will assist you in remembering that experience. You see, you have a multidimensional brain with many layers of consciousness. Each memory is stored on the layer of consciousness in which that event occurred.

When you commune with us (in this case it is the Arcturians are answering your call) your consciousness rises into the higher states of consciousness. Then, you can recovery memories that are invisible to your mundane reality. Yes, even though your dream did not appear to be of a high vibration, it was actually an experience you had while visiting a fifth dimensional Mystery School. Mystery Schools are similar to etheric schools, which resonate to every dimension beyond the third.

Before you went to sleep, you tried to return to the area of inner/outer space of which we spoke in our last communication. However, you were too tired to focus your mind in that manner. On the other hand, your consciousness had a jumpstart into the higher worlds. We will begin the answer to your question by reminding you of your journey into the fifth dimensional Mystery School, also known as the Violet Temple. There is a Violet Temple on the threshold of every dimension that assists you to release any mental or emotional “baggage” which cannot travel into that dimension. In this way, your return trip to that dimension will be easier with every visit.

Close your eyes now and type our message so that your Third Eye can see what we are explaining. As you look down at your bed, you see your earth vessel calmly sleeping. Making sure that your essence remains anchored in that vessel, you now look up (in frequency) toward the fifth dimension. Set your consciousness directly towards the fifth dimension, so that you will not become distracted by the realities of the fourth dimensional realities. Hence, you feel your form changing as you release the density of your physical form. We say “form,” as you are now in your etheric body. You experience your rise into the fifth dimension as an expansion of your awareness as your loose form becomes larger and larger with less and less resemblance to a physical body.

Finally, you are pure consciousness and free of any encumbrance of form. You enter the fifth dimension free of all form. It will now become increasingly difficult to type our words, as they are bound by time and space, but we will assist you. See a huge violet glow before you and allow the form of a Temple to manifest in your awareness. Everyone will perceive this reality through their own perception, yet they will all be in exactly the same HERE of the fifth dimensional NOW.

As you enter the Temple you are instantly in the familiar round room, which has always indicated to you that you are having a “Temple Dream.” There is a group lesson, which everyone is seeing through his or her individual experience of this experience. Each individual experience is contributed to the ONE of the group to instantly expand the consciousness of every member.

Your particular lesson is about desire and how desire can limit your experience of reality to the lower worlds. In the ongoing “movie” of your dream, you are feeling the unquenchable hunger for desire, as well as the feeling of disappoint that follows after you have gotten that which you desired. You do not want to forget this dream/lesson, so you frequently return to your earth body to remember this feeling of dissatisfaction. But, why are you dissatisfied?

You return to the dream/Temple in which again and again you search of the answer to that question. What is the answer? What is the answer? Time and time again, you want something. Then you get that something. Then you are dissatisfied and respond in anger. WHY? You know that the answer is in a certain behavior that lowers your consciousness and limits your experience of the fifth dimension while you are in your physical world. Yes, here in the Temple, you realize that the fifth dimensional expression of reality is not “up there.” It is HERE NOW. The fifth dimension is not a place. It is a state of consciousness. It is infinite and everywhere, but it can only be perceived when your consciousness resonates to that frequency

Therefore, you do no “go” anywhere to experience the higher worlds. Instead, you raise your consciousness to that frequency and, then, your ARE within that reality. Now, you understand why desire is a problem. When you “want” something it is because you believe you do not have it. You believe you do not have it because your consciousness is resonating to the third/fourth dimensions of time and space. Hence, you think you need to do something or go somewhere to get that thing.  However, once you get that thing you are disappointed because it does not make you happy. It does not make you happy because happiness is not a reward. Happiness is a state of consciousness.

The behavior of wanting something limits your consciousness to the third/fourth dimensions because your desire creates the time and space of those realities. The thing, person, place, experience that you want is over THERE, and not HERE. You will get it over TIME, instead of instantly manifesting it in the NOW of the higher worlds. Desire limits you to the consciousness of the lower worlds. Hence, that is what you experience. You feel disappointment because what you desire is fifth dimensional life. The paradox is that, if you desire the fifth dimension, you limit your consciousness to the third/fourth dimension.

How do you resolve this puzzle? You think of the story you heard long ago in which a man had one day to find his way out of a tower. However, if he were still in the tower when the guards came one day later, his life would be ended. The story went on and on about the man's many clever and ingenious attempts to escape his entrapment in the tower. However, after one day, he had not found the answer. As the guards took him away he said, “Please, before I die, tell me the way out of this prison.” The main guard looked him straight in the eyes and said,
“Did you try the front door?”
The Door to your ASCENSION is in front of you. In fact, it is inside of you. You can see this Door with your Third Eye and open it with your High Heart.

Desire is not some THING that you want.
Desire is some ONE you forgot.
That someone is your fifth dimensional SELF.

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