Sunday, January 23, 2011

Connecting to Stepping-Stone 5D SELF

Dear blog I had a dream last night in which I had a new skill that I didn't know that I had and that, in fact, I had always thought that I was bad at. I don't remember the details of the dream but it woke me up to make sure that I would remember it. When I woke up with the thought that something new was coming into my life. Something that I had always thought was impossible. I wonder what it will be.

This wondering what this new skill might be lingered at the edge of my mind throughout my busy day as I talked to my clients and friends. All day I was wondering what is this new thing might be. I have to admit at this point I don't have a clue. However, this feeling is similar to expecting something in the mail. When I buy things by catalogue, I wonder when it will come. I know that one day I walk up the stairs to come to my home and there will be my package. Then, I get to open it, see if it is like it and if it fits. It is something to look forward to.

For those of you that get my newsletter and have read the newest January issue and listened to the meditations, know that we closed the polarities of masculine and feminine to find that portal in-between. We then connect with our unconditional love to find our fifth-dimensional stepping stone life. I'm wondering if maybe my connecting with my stepping stone life is part of that new thing that I'm going to do. Maybe this new thing that I'm going to do will be from the perspective of that fifth dimensional expression of my SELF?

I had time at work, so I listened to the meditations on my iPhone. The fifth dimension stepping-stone “me” that I met on the Starship Athena. That me was tall and thin with a bald with a head shaped head somewhat like Akhenaten’s. That me, who I have always called Kepier, appeared to be taller than me. However, it may have been that I just felt smaller next to this Being. I think I stepped into it (the Being was androgynous), but I'm not sure. The thought that has been hovering is that I could not do, I could not step into that me. Why? Why, when I had to chance to do what I have always wished t do, did I choose to linger? Why have I waited to make that step that I have wanted for so many years?

I went home, relaxed at bit, went to bed and got up early to go back to work. In other words, the third dimension took over. I worked all day, and by my last hour, I was so very, very tired. Somehow I drove home and went right to bed. It was only 5:00 pm. I had a dream/meditation, as I was half awake and half asleep, in which I went back to stand in front of my stepping stone life, Kepier. I tried to let go, I tried to step into that me, but something was in the way. Finally, I fainted from the effort and awoke to find my self on a table in the medical area. Kepier was standing lovingly at my feet while several others worked over me. It felt like they were raising my resonance.

Third dimension struck again, as we had a dinner engagement that I needed to attend. I thought of my dream/meditation while we drove then. Then, back to the third dimension again. Eating dinner, talking with friends etc. etc. I was able to get to bed by 10:30, read a bit about becoming Lightbody, then I was off to sleep. I awoke at 5:30 am with a dream I had to write down.

I will summarize the dream, then write the entire answer from the Arcturians. In the dream I was in a building that was the foundation of some Guru. I was being judged as not being good enough to go to the next level. The person who judged me was kind and felt bad, but I just was not good enough. I was devastated and wandered around trying to find my way home. There were several tall stairways, one without stairs. The first one I found I could not climb, even after I let go of all the “stuff” I was carrying. The other one was too frightening to even try. The dream ended with my long, long walk home. The Arcturian’s interpretation was:

Our dearest Suzille,
First off, we know you can see the issue of judgment, failure, shame and disappointment. These are third dimensional concepts that need to be released in order to ascend. You felt very diminished by the judgment of one outside of yourself and the entire group shunned you by not being good enough. You were a failure.

The result was that you were ashamed and isolated yourself. At the same time, you did not believe their assessment, but you still responded as if you did believe it. The tall climbs, the first one in which you had to “drop all the stuff” you were carrying around, is pretty evident. The other tall stairway, which was far away and far too difficult to climb, was another symbol of you inability to get “Home.”

You woke up late enough so that you could rise from bed and process the feelings that this dream brought up. These are feelings that haunted you when you were young and that you thought you had cleared. However, you are at the point of fine-tuning in your ascension process now. You are also daring to consciously connect, become one, with your fifth dimensional SELF on our Starship.

The young women in your dream that judged you, was of course a younger version of yourself in which you judged yourself so often. That you was trying to be nice to yourself, like the one in the dream was trying to be nice to you, but neither expression of your self believed that you were good enough. In order for you to take this next step in your Homecoming, which is to fully connecting with your fifth dimensional counterpart, you will need to release many portions of your third dimensional expression that cannot accept that honor.

You will need to release all thoughts of how others perceive you, as you are marching to a very different drum than most of those around you. Furthermore, ALL judgment and the resulting shame and sadness will need to be released. The way Home may seem like a steep climb and a long walk, but that is only true if you forget that you are already there. You have NEVER left! Just as you awoke from your dream, you can now awake from your illusion. You do not have to be good enough to gain what you have always had and who you have ALWAYS been.


  1. Suzanne, thank you for sharing your story. :-)
    This last paragraph is absolutely brilliant and I feel it is so true.
    I myself constantly think that things are so far away which makes it feel so unreachable. I guess it's just as difficult understanding the 5th dimension as a 2D Mickey Mouse living on a piece of paper would have to understand depth. "Depth?" he would say. "Well when I walk this path towards the sunset I just make myself smaller, right?"
    Mickey should understand that he is able to step out of the paper and discover that he is more than just some pencil lines. Maybe a weird comparison, but it makes it more clear for me that the awareness of the 5th dimension can be very difficult to understand if you've lived your whole life only being aware of the 3rd.
    As complex as it all may seem, I try to listen to my heart very carefully for guidance. There is something inside me that knows. Something that recognizes what is true. And it stands steady as a rock.
    Slowly but surely I believe I will be able to understand and awaken from this illusion.
    In the meantime I'll be driving this car blindfolded, constantly asking which way and when to turn the steering wheel. All they'll keep on saying is to take off the blindfold.
    :-) Gabriel.

  2. Dear Gabriel,
    I love the Mickey Mouse analogy. It is right one. We are all just driving blindfolded. I guess that is so our ego doesn't take the wheel.

    1. sue, please answer this question for me. where do you read about being lightbody? where do i read about new earth or our cosmic brothers? i have read the prism of lyra, and listened to many meditations (including your whole channel) on youtube. what books do you reccommend or other newsletters maybe?