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THE RETURN 1-31-11



Dear Blog,

I received some of these messages more than ten years ago, and they completely left my mundane memory. I send it you now in the hopes that it may jar your memory regarding some of your inter-dimensional memories. So much has happened in these ten years, it is no wonder that we have forgotten our multidimensional experiences. I was a rough decade, but the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love is shinning into our reality NOW!



Dear Kepier,

Yesterday we had a blending. I felt you reach into my heart. You were you, but your form was that of a ball. The ball of essence that was you connected into my heart, and I felt how you were an interface between the Arcturians and me. Then I heard myself say over and over, “I am Kepier.” Please comment. Is that how we integrated or will integrate or are integrating?

Dearest Suzille,

Feel me inside of you now. We are one being. I am here to contain your fifth dimensional vibration within your third dimensional form. I know that you do not feel differently. This is good. It is important that this integration is very gradual or your system would short circuit and you could no long maintain a third dimensional form. Feel me within you now. Yes, I am still aboard the Starship because I am a fifth dimensional being and easily bi-locate. In fact to state that correctly, we are a fifth dimensional being, and we can bi-locate. We are two in one and one in two.

Feel me always within you now. Remember that WE are on the ship. We are two now. As you show me more and more of you reality, I am can, also, show you more and more of my reality. Feel the Arcturians around us. Because I am a hybrid, I can be human within you and Arcturian within them. Therefore, I am a link that connects you and the Arcturians.



I have not remembered, yet, how I became a hybrid. I will share it with you when I do. However, I will now post some other important messages from my SELF, that I found when I went back even further. At the time of these writings, planetary ascension was not a concept that I have ever heard of in any form. Therefore, it was not mentioned. I tried to keep the message just as I received it. However, some terms were changed to fit into my more expanded inner vocabulary.

Messages from the higher dimensions come to us via Light Language, which I beyond words, time or space. We then have to translate these messages into our 3D Earth language. Our human brains are much like computers. If the appropriate information is not fed into the computer, it cannot understand and appropriately translate that message from computer language into human language. I edited only that which I saw as incorrect based on the information in my present computer/brain.

In 1994, I had no concept of a timeless reality. Therefore, my fifth dimensional SELF had to use time frames to assist me in understanding the message. My guess is, that since I had no concept of Star Time. This was before I had watched, and live, Star Trek, The Next Generation myriad times. In my opinion, this show was one of the first “reality shows.” Rodenberry channeled the entire show. Perhaps, he was in conscious contact with his Galactic Family. That version of reality was NOT available to most of us in 1994.



My Dear Suzanne,

I, Kepier, have a message for you from the year 2057. You are now translated into your Multidimensional SELF. In deed, you are you Infinite SELF. No longer are you alone, and for all infinity you are now within the ONE. Your unification took place completely while on a trip to the mountains in the summer of 1994.

(This is news to me. How could I forget that??)

Within this 2057 reality there is no time. We use the “time-marker” for the benefit of your third-dimensional, sequential thinking. From my reality all of these realities exist within the NOW of the ONE. You, meaning you and your Divine Complement as one being, are assisting souls in need of help. Time travel is as natural as getting into your car in 1994. You travel into the resonance of whatever time zone, dimension and/or reality of your client and assist them much as you do today.

Just as you can preview all the ages and stages of your life prior to your 1994 Earth reality, from my perspective you can look into all of your lives or realities on all times, planets, galaxies and dimensions. As you look into my/our reality of 3071, you see me meeting with Sue Lie of 1994 ET (third dimensional Earth Time). The designation is no longer before are after Christ, but rather the planet of residence. In 3071 AT (Arcturian Time), but (Again, time is only for your physical thinking), we are incarnated on Arcturus. (I think that this mean that I returned to my Arcturian SELF.) In this reality, you/we connected to the ONE. Hence, there is little need for documentation or written communication.

On Arcturus we live in a relatively formless state. Our home (another third dimensional concept) changes with our needs. We do a great deal of traveling to other planets and vibrations so we create a home that is appropriate for our location/resonance. When you asked to meet a Future Self, we were the most likely one as we are emissaries in this reality. We no longer title them lives as the term denotes a death or an unconscious discontinuation in consciousness.

There is not a need for a "death" on the higher dimensions, as we know that spirit is infinite and lives in the flow of spirit. It is difficult to explain this concept to our 1994 self, but if you can focus your consciousness on Soul it will be easier. We know that these concepts are difficult because in 1994, as you are not accustomed to functioning in the infinity or "no time" of the fifth dimension.

When there is no time, there is also no space. This means that you can be conscious and operational in all the different zones at once. However, you can only be aware of this from the perception of a reality that has transcended the boundaries of time and space. 1994 is a pivotal time for you/us, as it when we first could release ourselves from the belief of time and space.

To assist you in this new concept we will communicate with you whenever you wish. You will not be an interruption to us as our consciousness is of the fifth dimension and beyond in which we have multidimensional perception. Hence, we are not limited to perceiving only “one thing at a time.”

We are joyous that you recognized us.




Dear Suzanne,

We are Kepier. We are ONE. There is no time except in the physical, third dimensional world. Let us explain to you how this is so. The third dimension is a very constrained frequency. Its frequency envelope is very small. The fourth dimension has a wider frequency envelope and the fifth dimension is wider yet. (Actually, I now believe that the fifth dimension has NO envelope.)

As the frequencies increase in amplitude they also increase their range. This is opposite on the physical plane because of the harmonic resonance. One the physical plane, low frequencies, such as a foghorn are more stable and resonate longer and carry farther through space. This consistency of tone is because the resonant frequency of the foghorn is similar to that of the third dimension. Does that give you an idea how low the vibration for the physical plane is? (That is the third dimension of 1994. Earth has a much higher resonant frequency now.)

The foghorn can be heard from far away because it activates a resonant vibration in the perceiver. Low frequencies fit easily within the envelope of the third dimension whereas high frequencies do not. The constant buffeting of the high frequencies against the tight boundaries of the third dimension causes the high frequencies to decay and dampen quickly once it has left its source. Furthermore, within the third dimension, lower frequencies mask out higher frequencies. Therefore, the lower vibration perceptions, hearing, vision and kinesthetic, are more easily accessible in the third dimension than you expanded, psychic, perceptions.

One can learn to raise their consciousness, or raise their resonant frequency (brain wave pattern) to have greater access to higher perceptions. We, Kepier, resonate at a higher frequency, as we exist in the fifth dimension and above. Before, you were able to directly perceive us, you will need to raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension. Even now, you need to write our message and are unable to directly see us.

Before you expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimension, you only perceived our archetypal forms that are well know and accepted to your third dimensional reality. Your present reality has embraced the concept of Ascended Masters, also called Saints, Angels, and even Archangels and Elohim. These great Beings volunteered to lower their innate frequency to be perceptible to you physical world. When you were born, you did not sacrifice your fourth dimensional perception. This knowledge of the fourth dimension caused you a sense of isolation and loneliness, but you had promised to remember your higher dimensional Home. You did very well.

However, you could not perceive us because we are citizens of another planet, Arcturus, and you had too much fear about that. Do you remember the horror movies of your childhood: The Blob, X the Unknown, and the Angry Red Planet. The indoctrination of the 1950's closed your mind to us. We have been waiting for you and your entire generation to recover from that brainwashing.

Now that your consciousness is clear of these fears you will be able to perceive us more and more directly. Do not worry that you do not see us with your lower perception. It is not our destiny to lower our vibration, but rather your destiny to raise yours. Use us as a beacon of light to help keep you anchored in the higher planes. Remember your Home, as is a constant reality. Once one can break through the perceived barrier of the lower planes where time and space limit your thinking, you will begin to fully understand Infinity.

Within the smaller envelope of the third dimension there is much decay. The lower vibration such as mineral kingdom do not buffet against the walls of the third dimensional envelope. Therefore, there is less decay and the element lasts longer. Flowers are of a very high spiritual vibration as they are the regenerative force of the planet. Therefore, flowers do not last a long time, as they are quickly buffeted against the walls of the third dimensional frequency envelope.

This decay of the original vibration is actually the source of time and space as well as the source of aging. Aging is the decay of the resonant frequency of the physical body as it progresses through time while buffeting against the limits of the frequency envelope. Also, as your physical form progresses through time and space, it is moving away from the source of the birth frequency.

This is as is should be because the physical plane is a schoolroom which we attend and graduate from. That graduation is death. Some take only a few classes and die young while others take many classes and live to be old. Some expand their consciousness to higher vibrations as a process of integrating and taking responsibility for all the karma that that they have collected, and some get stuck in a difficult class and cease to grow.

Unfortunately, some see themselves as victims. They take no responsibility for their life and often blame their problems on others. In this case, they actually go backwards, which is they devolve rather evolve. Some even fall into a very low vibration, become selfish and try to take from others what they are unable to create for themselves. These lost ones try to take life, love or power from others, usually to steal their possessions. They do not know that these things cannot be stolen, as they are a birthright. On the higher planes, possessions have not importance at all.

On the higher planes, we all can quickly manifest anything we need with our spiritual\creative force. Since we can always create it, we release it back to first cause when we are done with it. There is no need to "possess" it as we can never loose it. Since we cannot loose it, we do not need to want it. It simply is!

The process of graduation, transcending, (I had no concept of possible ascension at that time.) is one of learning to raise above the envelope of the third dimension vibration and to consciously reside within the higher dimension. Your soul home, that which you have labeled your “Home” is the base reality from which you can travel to all other realities. It is your launching pad for inter-dimensional travel.

Carry your Home constantly in your heart and mind, and it will remind you to keep a conscious awareness in and of the fifth dimension's finer vibrations.

Remember us, for we are YOU.


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