Thursday, January 27, 2011

THE RETURN 1-27-11



I see the ascending on in her bed writing this note. She is trying to open her mind to my capacity, but is physically tired. I tell her now that she can best do that in her night body. I will greet her in her dream state and remind her that WE are ONE.


Human SELF

Before I went to bed last night I thought that I heard a message from expression of my SELF that was, well, it was Infinite. It was energy beyond what I had ever felt before. It is not that it was more “evolved” than the Arcturians or the other Galactics because at that frequency of reality “more” has no meaning. There is always, in fact infinitely, enough. This Infinite Expression of my SELF was less personal than the Arcturians, but personal is not really the correct word. It is a struggle to describe these limitless concepts to English. Therefore, I guess I will say that this Infinite SELF was new to my experience.

To continue, the message that I received was that this Infinite Being would visit me in my dream state. I went to sleep enthusiastic to remember a great dream. I had several dreams, waking up after each one, which is common, but nothing was exceptional. When I finally gave it up and got out of bed at about 5:30 a.m. I was disappointed. I did my usual routine of getting my tea and going into my meditation room. I lit the candles, put on some music and did some reading while I drank my tea. I tried to meditate, but I couldn’t settle into it.

Finally, I decided that I still had time to walk along the beach and meditate there. I always get great messages by the ocean. I walked fast for a while to get the exercise then sat on big rock just at the edge of the small waves. I went instantly into a meditation and was surprised to find myself “inside” of my fifth dimensional stepping stone life, the very me with whom I had such trouble connecting.

First I was walking around the starship doing normal errands. Then it was time to tend to my duties. I was, of course, a counselor. However, no one came into my office. Instead, I communicate with others via consciousness. First I communicated with those still on Earth. When I did this I created my room to look like I was in the woods with greenery all around, a small stream and a few animals. Being in this environment allowed me to more deeply connect with those who were living on the body of Gaia.

When I went to talk to other Galactics, I created my room to look just like their environment. In this manner, I could bond fully with those to whom I spoke. Furthermore, they could see my creation and know that I cared enough to create a comfortable space for them. However, our communication was all via consciousness. When my “work/service” was over, at the time that we would sleep on Earth, I was ready to commune with the higher expressions of my Self. The need for sleep is very minimal in that reality.

It was then that I connected with the Infinite; in fact it was the Infinite Expression of my SELF. I cannot begin to put that experience into words, as the communication was beyond words, sounds or even images. It was the reception of Awareness, of Consciousness beyond limit. At that point I realized why I had not had that dream. My fourth dimensional night body could not embrace the experience of communion with the Infinite, nor could my third dimensional self remember it.

However, when I consciously experienced being IN my fifth dimensional SELF while communing with the Infinite, my human SELF realized what had happened. I think that the reason why I could finally experience “being” my fifth dimensional SELF this morning was because of my communion with the Infinite the night before. This communication could only be remembered when I was inside of my fifth dimensional SELF and free of the limitations of my third and fourth dimensional expression.

I half awakened from the meditation, remembering how my fifth dimensional body felt, and slowly opened my eyes to see the gentle ocean waves flowing back and forth across the sand. I understood then how the Infinite Flows through all dimensions, taking on a different Expression of Being in each frequency.

I knew that I would have to get ready for work and leave as soon as I got home. I did not want to forget the experience so I touched my Third Eye and “opened a file” for the meditation. I then saved it as Meditation 1-27-11 to the location of my Third Eye. I also told a friend while I was driving to work to help me remember my experience.

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