Monday, January 3, 2011


THE RETURN is actually the third book in a trilogy. In the first book was VISIONS FROM VENUS, wrote about my first visit to Earth at the fall of Atlantis. I then strung together several of my past/alternate realities into the tale of my trying to find and reconnect with my Divine Complement, Lamire in the second book, RECONSTRUCTING REALITY. The third book has always been planned to tell a story of my connection with my Divine Complement and our ascension into the fifth dimension.

At the time that I wrote the second book, I was sure I would quickly move onto the third. However, I came to learn that writing about planetary ascension was very difficult when I had no idea how it would happen. Even now, I can only guess. However, something happened today that told me it was time to start writing this journey, as I was about to start experiencing it.

In case you wonder, I did meet my Divine Complement and it was more work than I could ever imagine. Try being with someone who is the mirror image of you, only “through the glass darkly.” In other words, to maintain the bliss that you both felt instantly upon meeting, you will have to face your own dark side again and again and again and again… Is it worth it?? Of course!!

Before I begin with number three of the trilogy, I wish to tell my readers that I have always been well aware of my alternate realities, misnamed as “past lives.” There are not “past lives,” because time is a third dimensional illusion. Instead, these lives are parallel realities that are occurring in a different frequency of time and space. Did they actually happen? Yes, in fact, they are happening NOW.

My inner instruction has told me to share this journey via my blog. The ascension process is happening right NOW, so there is no “time” to wait for the books completion. In fact, I have no idea when the completion will occur, and I have no idea what I will write. All I know is that we ALL need to share our ascension process with everyone that will listen.

For millennia, those of the light have had to hide their true SELF and not tell anyone for fear of their life. Therefore, we must face that fear of many lifetimes and use our ever-expanding light to share our process of ascension in the way that works best for each of us. In this manner, we take the secret of ascension out of closet and make it normal.

None of us really know what we are doing. Therefore, we need to keep connected to our own Multidimensional SELF and discuss our process with others. We don’t know how to do this, as we haven’t created it yet. Since we are choosing to ascend an entire planet, we need to be united with our SELF, others and our planet.


I woke up tired again. It seemed like the more I sleep, the more tired I am. Is it becoming a habit to sleep so much, or is the habit about being in the fourth dimension and beyond? I like my life, I really do. It is just that it is changing so fast, or is it not changing fast enough. I have so many expectations about what will happen, which is likely a place to hide my fear. I feel I do NOT need drama and challenge to learn any longer, and I think that there are many others who no longer need the harshness of third dimensional challenges. Nor do we need a catastrophic event to get our attention.

I don’t know if it is possible or not, but I am holding the intension of a peaceful transition into the fifth dimension. There are many who are still asleep, and they may need some good old-fashioned drama to make them take a long look at themselves. On the other hand, there are many people like us, who have been looking at themselves for decades. In fact, many of them are now seeing the faint image of their Lightbody. That is the reality that I want to create. I want to create the reality where people wake up like blooming flowers--one petal at a time. We don’t need to question if it is our time to awaken, for if we have it is. If we have not awakened, then it is not our time, but it will come soon.

I am pretty good as releasing fear and living in the Flow of the ONE, a lot of the time. That is when I am not too tired, hungry, sick, busy, stressed out or driving in traffic—oh yes, or worrying about money. I get worried or upset, then, finally, I realize that all I can do is just relax into the process, as there is NO rulebook. Fortunately, there is my (and our) connection with the higher planes. This connection is the lifeline from my SELF to my self.

I do know that a major part of my ascension process, and maybe it is for everyone, is that I close the gap between my Multidimensional Arcturian (among other realities) SELF and my earthbound human self. Therefore, I will ask higher expression of me (usually it will be the Arcturians) questions. The first question I want to ask is about my meditation today in which I was told that I was ready for a conscious experience of being on a Star Ship. I looked around inside to find any fear, but couldn’t. Therefore, I will ask for a bit more information now.

Dear Arcturians,
What am I to do to have a conscious experience of being on a Star Ship? Am I wanting it too much?

ARCTURIANS: Wanting means that you do not realize you already have it. Not only do you visit the Starship, you live there. However, you have not yet fully connected with that expression of your SELF. You will soon. Then your conscious experiences of being on the ship will begin. You will begin by remembering, not the Ship, but the YOU that lives on it. Once you remember that reality, you will have your first stepping-stone into your fifth dimensional reality.

Everyone has a stepping-stone life, which is the expression that they will "step into" at ascension. Soon everyone will begin to remember this stepping-stone reality, as well as other realities in their dreams and meditations. However, the secret is not remembering everything. The secret is that everything you remember is REAL! By that statement we mean that everything that you imagine you create. Therefore, if you think about it, you create it.

It is this final stage of ascension into the fifth dimension that is so problematic because you must BE the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions. If your every thought and emotion were broadcast over your head for all to see, you would become a Master very quickly. In other words, welcome to life in the fifth dimension, for in that expression of your SELF, your every thought and emotion will instantly manifest. Because of this, it is vital that you become gain Mastery over your fears.

The two vital tools to gain master over fear is INFORMATION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Furthermore, if the information you receive does not "feel" like unconditional love, then discard it and look for a higher frequency source. Fortunately, unconditional love is not only the antidote to fear, it is also that firewall that keep fear from penetrating your consciousness. If you suspect fear, do not "look" with your Solar Plexus, as it will accept lower frequency information into the sacred temple of your earth vessel.

Instead, we ask that you recognize the feel of fear with your lower chakras, but look at the energy patterns of that information with your Opened Third Eye. Fear cannot not penetrate your Third Eye, therefore you will not be harmed by the perception of it. Rather, you can use your Third Eye to transfer the message to your High Heart. Your Hight Heart will then send unconditional love into that message, emotion and/or thought-form. The unconditional love will protect you and heal the fear. Yes, fear can be healed for it is a creation, a human creation. Begin to think of your every thought and emotion as your own human creation.


  1. Thank you ,the first lines of chapter one are as if I wrote them myself.....thank you again , it feels so good, the recognition.

  2. See what I just found:
    Sleep is the best meditation.-Dalai Lama

  3. Surpassing the fear is the key, thank you for the insight on using the third eye to start the healing process with unconditional love. I agree staying/living in the third dimension is getting more challenging, as my life seems to be slowing down.

  4. Oh, so the book was about you! Sorry, I didn't realize that at the time when I read it.
    This is great... the Lightbody: have you seen the new video about Michael Jackson, "Hold My Hand"? :)
    It's also coming through the Sun who's "trumpeting" as per Revelations, thus changing life on the planet.