Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Message from SOUL


EGO: I seem to be losing control of too many parts of my life. Over and over, I have to say to myself, “Well, there doesn’t appear to be anything I can do. I guess I just have to “let go” and see what happens. I must admit though, I am a bit scared.

Supposedly, there are other jobs for me to do, other assignments and such, but I feel really out of the loop. This new “system” of reality has such different rules that I feel like a fish out of water. I hope the new Captain knows what’s up, ‘cause I sure don’t!

SOUL: You do not need to understand because I KNOW. I AM your Soul; I know all of all. You see, I AM liberated from the 3D Game, while at the same time I AM still playing it through you, my Grounding Point.

EGO: Well, if you know so much, then tell me what my part is now? I am used to being in charge of everything, well at least everything in my conscious mind. No, that isn’t exactly correct either. OK, I am used to being in charge of every part of the consensus reality of which I am conscious. I guess that isn’t actually too much.

SOUL: Yes, dear ego, I am aware of your great contribution and sacrifice.

EGO: Sacrifice! What sacrifice?

SOUL: Your sacrifice was that you split off from the ONE; you diminished your awareness to embrace only one small, separate lifetime, on one small, separate planet. You turned OFF your awareness of SELF so that you could participate in a great experiment.

EGO: Experiment? What experiment did I participate in? I don’t remember splitting off from my SELF. In fact, I have always been myself…except...except that there has always been another presence, a Guide, or God or something, someone. I called it by many names. The names changed as I changed. I mean, I was the same person, but my awareness changed.

SOUL: Yes, your awareness changed as you became more conscious of ME—your Multidimensional SELF. Even thought you “split off” from me, I have never left you. How could I, for I AM you? I AM the Presence that you have always felt, but you could not believe that you could hold such Power, Wisdom and Unconditional Love. Therefore, you projected these feelings onto “other” Guides, Angels, and Masters.

Because you split off into the realm of separation and limitation, you were separate from ME, your Soul/SELF. I AM the “YOU” who lives in Constant Unity with your Guides, Angels and Masters. In fact, I AM your Guide, I AM an Angel, I AM an Ascended Master, and much, much more.

At the same time, I AM the “YOU” who is free of the 3D hierarchical systems that are separated into polarities of bad—better—best. In my reality, the true reality, there is No separation, there are NO polarities. Hence, there is NO hierarchy! We are all ONE.

EGO: I don’t understand how that can be. How can there be no separation, no polarity? If there is no hierarchy, then how do you learn from those who know more than you? Whom do you worship?

SOUL: There is no “learning” in my reality. There is only “KNOWING.” There is no worship, for no one is better, or worse. There can be no “better than” if we are all ONE. Therefore, we don’t “worship.” We KNOW. We LOVE. We appreciate and assist our fragments, such as YOU, who have split off from us to enter the great experiment of life in a polarized, lower dimensional reality.

Many of us have fragments of our SELF who live as lower dimensional life forms in different worlds and realities. To us, all these “grounded expressions” are the same. Hence, a “person” is no more significant than a “tree” or a “fish.” Since WE are all ONE, we view ALL life as ONE.

EGO: Now you are telling me that I am no better than a fish? I don’t think I can believe that. A fish doesn’t “do” anything but swim and get eaten by bigger fish, or by people. What good do they do?

SOUL: You don’t understand what I am saying. Here, there is no “doing.” There is no “eating,” there is no polarity of “good” or “bad.”

EGO: That sounds boring to me!

Soul: Yes it would sound boring to a 3D person who is trying to “do good,” especially when you are separate from me, your Soul. But, just as you cannot conceive of UNITY, KNOWING and BEING, I could not understand separation, doing and boring. That is why I split off a portion of my SELF off to enter into the experiment of life on the third dimension.

You have taught me much, and I wish to thank you. I also wish to bring you Home, into ME, your true SELF. That is why I have been recalibrating your earth vessel, chakra by chakra, so that I could integrate my Essence into yours. You see, then, we will no longer be separate. We will be ONE again.

EGO: Does that mean that you have left your reality?

SOUL: Oh no, my dear Grounding Point. There is no “leaving” in my reality. How can you “leave” when there is no “separation?” If there is only Unity, how can you leave Unity?

EGO: You are confusing me. I don’t understand this Unity thing that you speak of. It sounds nice. In fact, it feels much like the feeling I have had inside all my life, the feeling that I have worshipped. But I don’t understand how I, the separated one, can move into a reality that is so different from any reality that I have ever known, or even studied?


EGO: Create it? How can I create something I don’t understand? This “creation” you speak of is beyond my ability to even conceive.

SOUL: You Surrender to me—your SELF. You fall into the FLOW of Unity that I AM You are the one who has to make the decision for us to reunite, as you live in a reality of Free Will. The rules that we agreed to before our “Fragment” logged onto the 3D Game, was that we can NEVER pull out, log out, of the Game until our Grounded One asks us.

We agreed that we would wait until our Fragment Awakened enough to remember its Multidimensional SELF and to seek our assistance. Then, when they were ready, we would guide our Fragments Home. That was the experiment: “Would a Being who separates from the Unity of All That Is, ever desire to return?”

EGO: Well, this has been a long experiment, millions of years, in fact!

SOUL: It has not been long to us, as we do not have “years.” In fact, we don’t have “time.” We live in the NOW. When you live in the NOW, you will have no regrets from the past, or fears of the future. When you remember how to live in the NOW, you will be able to find the FLOW into which you may Surrender to me, your Soul/SELF. Once you are reconnected to me, you will return Home.

EGO: How do you know that I want to surrender into this Flow? How do you know that I want to go Home?

SOUL: Because, dear portion of my SELF, you are choosing to integrate ME into your Earth Vessel. You see, Home is NOT a place; it is a vibration. Thus, as you integrate ME, you do not GO Home. You BECOME Home!

I wanted to add this poem i just found that i wrote long ago.


The Flow is like a river
It is wide and it is narrow
It soars just like an eagle
And is gentle as a sparrow

The dawn across its waters
Glistens in the Sun
And everyone we’ve ever known
We find within its ONE

A part of us may not accept
The world our Flow will make
And can’t release the Core-Belief,
Old fashioned “GIVE ‘n TAKE”

But we cannot Give within the Flow
For no one there will Take
Instead we know, within that Flow
Our LIFE is what WE Make

The part of us that wants and gives
Is still outside the Flow
While the ONE inside is doing fine
And has no need to Know

This is the ONE we’ve always known
And sometimes can’t allow
The SELF we truly want to BE
But can’t remember how

Sometimes the Flow is easy
And pulls us to its heart
Sometimes the Flow is far away
A place where hope can start

If we could just surrender
Our woes into the Flow
We’d find that ONE we’ve always been
And allow that SELF to show

And when we can remember
To Fall into the Flow
We’ll follow it into its Heart,
To watch our True SELF grow

Then we’ll plant our growing SELF
Deep into Mother Earth
So the life we MAKE inside
Can blossom in Re-Birth

Then the Flow we once believed
Was outside our reality
Will be WITHIN us once again
This “time” for ALL finality