Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE RETURN 1-26-11

I am happy that she had the blog to talk to. For most of her life she has hidden her true SELF from others. Therefore, to a large extent, her SELF was hidden from herself, as well. Now, when she shares her process with others, she needs to recognize them enough to write them down and publish them for others to see. The publishing forces her to see her humanness and use it as a means to help others. 
But these “others” that she speaks to are unseen, except within her consciousness. At first, she thought that it was all right to be herself on the Internet because she didn’t use her real name. Then, after a very long amount of her time, she was able to use her real name. But, still, the “others” were unknown, except for their emails and phone calls. This was a very important lesson for her. Because as she was communicating with other human expressions of her SELF via consciousness, she was learning to communicate with “other” higher dimensional expressions of SELF. 
However, these communications were still with “others.” Now she is realizing that EVERY expression of Life is ONE with ALL Life. Soon, she will be able to be at ONE with us, her Infinite Expression of SELF. 
Human Expression of SELF
Dear Blog,
If you read my newsletter this month and/or the previous segments of The Return, you know that I have been in the process of “trying” to commune fully with my fifth dimensional “stepping-stone” self. We all have myriad fifth dimensional expressions of our SELF, which can be very confusing to a new fifth-dimensional returnee. Therefore, we made a pre-birth contact with one of these expressions (remember that one has a very different meaning in the fifth dimension) to serve as our Contact Person.
Just as we may have made a deal to have someone waiting for us at the off ramp at the fifth dimension with a card with our name on it held high for us to see, this stepping-stone SELF, is our guide for our return to the fifth dimension. This connection, made from the perception of the third dimension is not easy deal, because ALL of our human expressions have to agree to make this return. Therefore, we need to go into the deepest cellars of our unconscious and see if anyone is afraid to make this journey. 
The problem is that we cannot see this frightened one, as it learned to hide from others and from our self. We know that the frightened one is there, though, because something is standing in our way. Since all of the process occurs within our own consciousness, the only in our way could be a lower frequency expression of our SELF that needs to be healed.

I had an interesting experience that frightened on when I was making the Radio Show yesterday that airs this Friday. It was a bad technology day and I am NO expert at Garage Band. My assistant was not available and I couldn’t get a clear message. There was static through most of the message. In the first part of the message I was speaking from my physical expression, getting angry and impatient at “that machine.” Then, I would need to take a break and get centered so that I could try again. I made two attempts, and they both had static.

Finally, I erased them in frustration, although interested by what I had said and erased. On the third try I had to just go with it and let was happened to just happen. Still static!! Got frustrated, cursed the computer etc. Than it was time to communicate via my Arcturian expression of SELF. Wow, what a difference. The machine still had static, but I was totally calm about it and accepted the situation.

However, I didn’t even see the difference between these two expression of my SELF until the end of the day when I was finally relaxing. I had many revelations that are now parked in a higher frequency of consciousness that I am using at this time. However, I did want to share this experience. We always have such potential, but we get caught up in time and space, I had a deadline to meet, and functions off of one third of our true potential.

Will I remember this lesson next time I get upset? I guess the real question is, will I ask the inner frightened one why she was so upset?

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