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Creating Your Own Reality Part 4 -- YouTube and Transcript


Creating Your Own Reality #4
Dr. Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone
June 4, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back.  This is Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie for another conversation in our continuing discussions on Creating Your Own Reality.  Hello Dr. Sue how are you today.

SL:      I’m doing well today.  It’s a beautiful day outside today and it’s wonderful.

MP:     Sue, it occurred to me that perhaps we should do something a little different today and that is to start out by consulting with the Arcturians and asking them what they might suggest as the topic for this conversation on Creating Your Own Reality.

You and I talked for a few minutes before the call and we had some thoughts and ideas, but it might be good to bring in a third party.

SL:      Absolutely I think that is always a good idea.


Greetings Mary and to all the wonderful people who within the timeless now will be receiving this message.  We understand that you have questions about how you should proceed with the topic of creating your own reality within this now.  Is this correct?

MP:     Yes it is.

Arcturians:    Well the first thing that we would like to say is to remember that you can only really create your reality within the now.  Because within the now is when you are within your fifth-dimensional consciousness in which you have the ability to create your reality with the combination of your thoughts and emotions.

While in your third-dimensional consciousness you can create a plan that you will lay out in a sequential fashion which will take concentration, work and effort to fulfill.  That is fine for the 3D program.  For those of you who have taken on an earth vessel came to the third-dimension to slow down your life so you could understand the rules of cause and effect.

And as these rules of cause and effect which are basically - energy out is energy back.  As you are moving into that mastery of cause and effect you realize that there are no mistakes and there are no accidents.  Everything is energy back from what you have sent out.  So as you begin your discussion ladies we would suggest that you discuss the energy that you have been putting out in the past – Suzille has a story around that, and how that energy will return and how do you right yourself once you have fallen into that lower frequency.  For the frequency of consciousness dictates the frequency of your creation.

Thank you ladies, we will hand it over to you.

MP:     Thank you to the Arcturians that was wonderful.

I love this phrase that the frequency of consciousness dictates frequency of information and it’s as clear as it can be that the clarity of what we are putting out and receiving - and it seems to me that creation and our need to create occur during times of change.  And change is constant.  To the degree that we release, we create a void and that void has the potential to be filled with a higher vibrational frequency that brings us to our next step. 

Often when we are in a state of change and we’re putting energy out – what we’re getting back can be upsetting, painful and it can also be filled with gratitude and joy.  It’s the flow of the synchronicity as we’re working through that creation. 

I want to stop here and ask you to tell your story Sue because I think that this story that has unfolded for you over the past weeks is a wonderful example of what the Arcturians are talking about.

SL:      You did a Freudian slip which was actually really correct.  You said:  the frequency of your consciousness dictates the frequency of your information.  It should be:  the frequency of your consciousness dictates the frequency of your creation.  However, creation and information are the same.  Because the information is the message – that urge, that urge within that is saying:  it’s time for a change.  Something needs to change now.

That information that it’s time to change, creates the impetus to actually create this new reality.  Now also if the information is negative and fearful, which was the kind of information that I was giving myself, then we’re going to be in a pickle and to my story, and I will continue with the information creation which was a wonderful Freudian slip for you. 

It was time for me to make a major shift in my life and to let go of a major point of identification of myself.  My unconscious or super-conscious neither one of which I was in control of – initiated it.  My consciounesss kind of stood there in horror and watched it happen.  Then the whole sequence of events unfolded which meant that I had an opportunity here to realize that something had come to its conclusion which freed me up to move into a brand new expression of myself.

However, I got stuck in the sorrow of the conclusion and I got stuck in the judgment of what I had unconsciously done and I went into fear based thinking of – if I do this then this bad thing will happen and if I do that than that bad thing will happen.  Well, I was a basket case.  Then, and I’m not sure how it evolved but I think it was mostly from the Arcturians because a couple of things happened.

The first thing that happened was amazing and I completely forgot it.  I was either first waking up or first going into meditation, I’m not sure and right in front of me I saw the face of the Arcturian – just a face.  It was kind of oblique cloudy, star filled face and that face was sending me downloads of higher frequencies of Light which was unbelievable.

I am sure most of you know that whenever we get a huge download of higher frequencies of Light then the first thing that happens is that it roto rooters down to our sub, sub-conscious and frees up all that we have to release if we are going to actually live what that download has displayed for us.  So hence I went into a whirlwind of every imaginable thing of what could go wrong.

And then – sometime after that I had another experience where I was waking up and conversing with the Arcturian like we were two buddies sitting in the living room.  It was the most concrete example of it that I have ever experienced.  Now concrete is somewhat weird for speaking with an Arcturian, but it was validating.  So, I had that experience and I couldn’t quite understand it so I tried to relax into it more and then I would drift off to sleep.  I would wake myself up but I couldn’t quite hold on to it.

So I went into the other room and wrote the whole thing out.  And then life happened and I was gone and the writing sat in my computer for three or four days, unedited and unread and forgotten.  And what I want to say to all of you is that it’s really important that we document our higher dimensional experiences because we are having them in the higher frequencies of our consciousness.

Once we return to our physical self we have a hard time remembering what happened and/or remembering it in a distorted manner.  In writing about the story of Jason and Sandy I decided to incorporate that because I incorporate most of me in all of these writings – then I had to edit it.  And what a difference I saw because I hadn’t realized that I had gotten this amazing message. 

Since there is no time as I’m sure you are all experiencing - I am bouncing in and out of timelines and it’s a little embarrassing because I forgot what I just said and then I come back one second later or two lifetimes later in my consciousness – which we are all doing.  So timelines and sequential events are becoming increasing difficult to maintain, but somewhere in the midst of that – I just let go.

I let go of the struggle, I let go of the judgment, I let go of the desire – I just let go.  I had been prepared for the last six to eight months for a major “letting go” because I knew I had to let go of this thing that led to other things.  I just let go and then when I let go, the decision was right there.  The decision was to release that which was complete and to bravely step into that which was not yet even created.  However, the foundation was created, but my direct expression within it was brand new.

What has become very evident is that if and when I allow my consciousness to drop then I go back into that old place that I was in and the reason that I made this decision is because I have been receiving for quite a while, and hearing from a lot of other people that now is the time, within this now, within this now of no time – we are being called upon to simplify our lives and to relax into the flow of New Earth – the frequency of Earth.

What I got from this conversation of going in and out and back and forth and in between this and that - is that there is a frequency in between that which is our physical self and in between that frequency that we have established as our spiritual self and that I AM, we are creating our reality within this in between frequency.  This in between is New Earth.

MP:     Thank you Sue.  Thank you for sharing and articulating that story because I’ve spoken to you a number of times during this period and in telling the story you have captured the essence of the experience – the beginning, the middle and the end and can now see it from a broader perspective. 
But, you are seeing each piece of it and how it unfolded and what you are looking at now as a next step because you freed yourself from the decision making process and from those issues that surfaced because you were ready to address them and to deal with them and in many ways – to heal them.

When we began this conversation, the Arcturians said something that we’ve touched upon in our past conversations – yes we plan in sequence – in 3D, but we must understand the rules or the laws of cause and effect and we have a tendency in the third-dimension to manipulate the outcome.  We try to control the outcome.  However we can become the outcome and be within the flow of the change by, as we said in our last conversation by not being attached to the outcome and as you shared that you began looking at all of the probabilities that were attached to the decision that you were in the process of making.  But you were not looking at what you wanted, but rather what you did not want which immediately changed the vibration.

Wow, it’s like a Catch 22 isn’t it that we are caught in that in between, which is not a comfortable place – because we are not accustomed to it in the physical.  But the more we allow the issue/situation to raise the surface within us and we can look at it and have the intent of release, the more the energy will expand within us to allow the decisions to unfold – to allow the change to unfold. 

It can almost not be described in third-dimensional language.  It has to be experienced because there are definite thoughts and feelings attached to those thoughts that can be guide posts.

SL:      I’m so glad that you brought that up because in the process of this I remembered something else.  The something else I remembered is the way out – the way out of my quandary – just as you said that.  The way out of my quandary was that I did somehow pull it together enough to say, I release this to the highest expression of myself.  I release this to the highest expression of myself.

I remember at this one situation sitting before the window and looking out the window and saying:  I release this to my higher expression of self and then instantly it just came in and I called and said what I needed to say to end the old to move into the next expression.

The other thing about the in between what the Arcturians have said is that this in between is the new baseline for Earth.  We’ve had the old 3D baseline.  So that’s the baseline – like the floor and you can go down below the floor into your sub-conscious and super-conscious - but that was the third-dimension.  Now this frequency is beyond the fourth.  It is at the beginning of the fifth-dimension but it is now the new baseline.

MP:     It is the new norm.

SL:      Yes, it is the new normal.

MP:     You were saying recently – make Ascension normal.  Now it’s the new normal.  We don’t even have to say – make Ascension normal because this is the new normal.  We tap into it don’t we.
We tap into it but it sometimes feels uncomfortable because we are not as familiar with the energy as the previous matrix thought patterns – ways of being.  Now as we move into this higher frequency, and that’s what it is, first – it’s happening instantly.

I wonder if it were ten years ago and we were having this discussion, I wonder if this issue that you’ve just moved through would have surfaced, processed, processed, processed, unfold and resolve this quickly.  Because this has been occurring for about 30-60 days hasn’t it?

SL:      Yes, it really has a lot to do with retiring from the person that I had been.  So it’s based a lot on releasing old sense of self and embracing a new sense of self.  Then of course because I’m shifting out of that means of financial gain and moving into the other means - which is based a lot more on trust then that which was tried and true over thirty years.  So I had thirty years of history to say – okay this works.

Now fortunately, and this is my fourth expression of work, so I have done this before, but this is the most radical because I always overlapped the experience before.  So this is much more a leap of faith which is what we are all being called to do now – to take that leap of faith.  I remember in one of the Indiana Jones movies about the Holy Grail.  Indiana Jones saw the Holy Grail but there was a crevice between him and the grail and somewhere he heard – leap of faith, leap of faith and he put his foot out over the crevice and the path opened up.  And, it was only on the foot that it was on as he walked across in that manner.

That is what we are doing now.  We are just putting our foot down and waiting for the ground to reach up and touch it.

MP:     I wonder how many people listening to this conversation have had a dream or a vision of standing at the edge of a cliff and having to make the decision of whether or not to jump?  I can name four people that I’ve spoken to in the past year that have had that type of experience where it was a moment of decision, the moment of change.  It was an opportunity and they took a running leap right off the cliff not knowing what the outcome would be. 

In my opinion, it’s always been that way but we are now looking at it differently.  We are looking at it differently because there is an increased clarity.  The increase in the frequencies and the influx of energies which have created that influx and the increase in our vibration – on a personal and a planetary level - allow us a greater degree of clarity - and we have that when we have really worked those issues in our lives that we need to heal and reconcile and let go of – the past if you will – even yesterday.

So being in the now – the past, the present and the future in the now gives us the freedom to take the next step.  The first thing that the Arcturians said today was that creation occurs in the now of the fifth-dimensional consciousness.  The word that came to mind was “trust”.  We have to trust.  We have to trust in ourselves because that’s all there is.  And we have to be open to know what the next step will be for us.

SL:      Yes and to know that there will be a next step.  We are guided in every moment and we have been guided.  But we were guided by our egos or by some being that was way up high that you had to meditate to or pray to.  We grew up with that and it was outside of our self - way above ourselves was assistance.  But now what’ happening is that there is no outside. 

When we look outside, we’re looking into the third-dimensional hologram.  That’s a hologram and that’s not real.  The real, the truth is inside of our consciousness and so this higher guidance is inside of us and we are inside of it – for we are one and intertwined.  We are all on this cusp of a major paradox change.  So our ego, especially our wounded ego is really having a hey day because it’s frightened.  What will happen to me will I be gone?  What will happen to my physical life?

On the other hand we have to remember that Ascension is not an escape, it’s a transmutation.  We don’t get to escape anything.  So all of those frightened parts inside of us are expressions of our lower states of consciousness and we need to turn around and give them unconditional love.  We don’t need to deal with them or go into meditations or write in journals.  If you want to, you can but you don’t have to because it’s just energy fields. 

The Arcturians told me this and they made it very clear when we had the Venus transit last year - where Venus was between the Earth and the Sun.  I received that from that point on – everything is an energy field and if we deal with it directly on an energetic level it will be much faster, much easier and it will be able to waiver multi-dimensionally.  It will be able to expand down into our deep sub sub-conscious-  which might try to sabotage us - and all the way up to our over soul who will share with us the myriad incarnations and myriad Ascensions that we’ve already experienced within the now.

MP:     So the new frequencies cannot support the 3D paradigms.  But we are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater instead we’re transmuting and transforming them within the new vibration.

SL:      Yes, and within the new vibration there is no resonance of fear because it’s a fifth-dimensional vibration. 

MP:     There’s trust and knowing.

SL:      So from that vibration it is so much easier to clean up and transmute whatever has called to you in terms of physicality that you have agreed, before you even took your body, and we have agreed to assist Gaia – to assist this beautiful planet.  So I’m still getting that I and those of us that came specifically to assist Gaia, will maintain a physical form – which we can move in and out of like the Ascended Masters move in and out.  We will maintain a physical form because that is our plug in to the physical part of Gaia.

As we are deeply connected with Gaia and we transmute ourselves, we transmute her as well.  Just as we go into fear, we send that to Gaia as well.  So, it is really about surrender – just surrendering and surrendering because the third-dimensional operating system was about gathering information in a linear fashion and creating a plan and projecting out into the future and following the plan and putting the energy out so you can have the energy back – because third-dimension is cause and effect.  That was the third-dimensional paradigm.

Now within the fifth-dimensional paradigm we are in the now of the one.  Everything IS.  So even as we proceed we are beginning to perceive more and more these layers of reality – different frequencies of reality.  We can climb these frequencies of reality just like we can climb a staircase.  In order to deeply experience each frequency of reality we need to surrender into it.  But there is no time.  They are all existing within the exact same moment of the now.

MP:                 All the potentialities.

Wonderful conversation Sue, thank you so much.

SL:                  Thank you everyone for tuning in.  This will be on the blog as usual and the YouTube – so see you there, in our consciousness.  Right Mary, in our consciousness and we will personally give each of you a hug as you come on.  So as you listen to this and see the YouTube – feel our fifth-dimensional hug and we are welcoming you to share this message.

MP:                 Yes and we are all holding hands.

Thanks everyone, we’ll see you next time.

SL:                  Blessings


  1. Thank you. Just beautiful.

    I feel a need to say something (again:), not to add anything to the above, but just in case it helps someone with this "3rd dimensional thinking/judgement issue”.

    Whatever horrible thing happens here is not separate from us. There is no me or you doing some stupid things here. We are ONE. We are acting out OUR creation (which we created mostly under illusion). We do not have to especially change anything for the better, deny something or try to be something different. It all "comes along" with the state of mind. There is no effort when we clearly see the illusion in our mind. We no longer move constantly from one end of the pairs of opposite to the other end. That is no longer our reality. The comparing, judgement, ideas of a need to be something have no reason to exist in this state of mind.

    While I have wrote some comments here I noticed that the one who learned something was myself! When we try to explain these things we have to give all our attention to the issue. The words are not important, learning is. " relax into the flow of New Earth” … that is a very good advice. Katariina

  2. om namaste'
    bliss to you all