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Back From Lemuria 3 - Our New Life


Back from Lemuria Part 3

Our New Life

After my meeting with the Arcturian, Jason guided me to the table and made some coffee so I could get more grounded. As I sat there waiting for my coffee, I started flipping through the stack of mail I had set on the table. After going through a bunch of bills we could not pay and a lot of junk mail, I came to a letter from a lawyer for Jason.

Obviously, the letter had followed him over several address changes and finally found its way to his current address. It looked like one of those envelopes that had a check in it, so I called Jason in to open it. He came in with our coffee and sat down to open the official looking letter.

“Oh,” he said. “This was my rich uncle’s attorney.”

“You never told me about a rich uncle,” I teased him as he opened the letter.

“Yes, he was not a very nice man to me, but he offended about everyone else he knew. However, he was very wealthy, so there were a lot of ‘hanger-ons’ who followed him around.”

Then Jason’s eyes became as big as saucers, and he took a deep breath, as he said, “He left me some money.”

“Cool,” I said. “Now maybe we can pay some of these bills.”

“No,” he said. “He left me a LOT of money. He left me enough money that we can buy this cabin, quit our meager jobs and, depending how we manage it, not work for years.”

I was sure he was teasing me, so I laughed and said, “Yes, lets be wealthy ‘lay-abouts.’”

“No,” Jason exclaimed as he gave me the letter. “I am not teasing.”

“When I read the letter, I almost fainted. All I could say was, “Wow, what are you going to do with all this money?”

Jason took my hand and looked into my eyes, “First I will marry you. Then we will take a year honeymoon to visit the elements and elementals.”

All I really heard was the “marry me” part. “Marry me!” I said with such joy and love that he stood up, walked around the small table, pulled me up into a standing position and looked into my eyes as he said, “My dear Sandy, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

I cannot express the joy and love that I felt in that moment. All I could do was shake my head up and down as I said, “Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes.” We hugged each other so tightly that we became one person. Jason then picked me up and carried me into the bedroom to celebrate the beginning of our new life.

Much later, Jason got up, called the attorney and made all the arrangements for him to collect his money. We would have to travel into the city so that he could sign some papers and transfer the money to his, actually soon to be OUR, account. Hence, the next week was a flurry of activity.

First we went to the attorney to make sure this landfall was real. We both knew that the money was actually a gift from our “higher support team” so we could complete our mission. It was not that somehow they made Jason’s uncle die, but rather that they invisibly shifted us to a parallel reality in which this money came into our life.

Actually, the money had been trying to come into our life for over six months, as that was the original date on the letter. We had changed so much in those six months that it was a good thing that we did not get that money before now. Who knows if we would have been able to handle it an appropriate manner then?

Now, our heads were clear, so we consulted our higher guidance as to how to best manage our new money. First we would go to the attorney, then we would find a good company to manage it. Managed correctly, this amount of money could take care of us for many years. That is, if we even needed it after we returned to Gaia’s core.

All of the business of re-setting our lives took about two months. In that time we also planned our simple wedding, which we would have in our cabin with our neighborhood friends. Yes, we did buy the cabin, which was always our dream. We told everyone that we were going on a year honeymoon, which in fact was true.

One of our best friends would live in the cabin and take care of it for us. He loved to garden, so he would keep up our backyard garden. Everything was falling into place. Jason and I knew that all of this occurred because of our friends in, literally, “higher places.” We stepped up our meditation, as we knew that the temptations of our new life could tempt us to forget our mission.

Our higher dimensional team was with us every day in our meditations. Mytre and Mytria communicated with us on a regular basis, as did Mytrian and the Arcturian. It was very clear to me that the day that the Arcturian came into my kitchen was the beginning of my/our new life. The next new beginning in our life was our marriage, which I now share.

Our friends made us spend the night before our wedding in a nearby hotel room. None of them had much money for gifts, so they decided to work together to decorate the cabin for our wedding. One of them had a local friend who could legally marry us and arranged for her to come to our cabin.

We decided to be completely ready for our yearlong “honeymoon” before our wedding, so everything was planned by the end of our two-month period of creating our new life. Finally, everything was ready, and we were staying at the hotel while our friends decorated our cabin. They were all very creative, so we knew they would do a wonderful job.

Now we could have afforded a fancy hotel further down the mountain, but we loved the life we had created here and did not want to change it. We had started several trusts for ecological foundations for the animals, forests, atmosphere, oceans, etc. We did not know what would occur in the core of Gaia, except that Jason and I would always be together.

We also made a will leaving the money to our friends. Neither one of us had any family, so we divided the money equally among our friends. Jason even put the money in OUR name before we were married. He told me, “We are ONE person. Everything is to be in OUR name.” I was so happy that I had to keep pinching myself to see if it was all a dream.

“All physical life is a dream,” reminded the Arcturian in one of our meditations. Jason and I reminded each other of this message as we snuggled into bed in our pre-marital motel room. We had had our pre-marital dinner in the local tavern, walked back to our room and fallen into bed laughing from a bit too much beer.

“Can we consummate our marriage before we get married?” Jason asked with a glint in his eyes. I answered him with a long kiss.

The next morning we woke very early. We took a walk along the trail running past the motel, had breakfast at the same tavern and went back to our room to get ready for our wedding. We knew the bride and groom were supposed to be apart before the wedding, but we did not want to ever be apart. We had our wedding clothes with us, so at the appointed time we drove to our cabin ready to become husband and wife.

I was so happy that I felt as though I would burst. Fortunately, I could see that Jason was just as excited. When we came around the final curve to our cabin we saw our friends lined up in front of our door. They were all dressed in their “Sunday-best” with bright smiles on their faces.

They formed two lines of people, which we were guided to walk between. When we got to the front door, our Best Man opened it and the Maid of Honor guided us through the amazingly decorated house and out the back door. They had planned the wedding in the exact spot where we had first been taken up in the Spaceship.

When we saw that, Jason and I both burst out in tears. How could we leave these amazing friends? What if we never saw them again?

“Live in the NOW!” we both heard the Arcturian inside our consciousness.

Since this was the most wonderful NOW we could imagine, we both smiled as we were guided to the lovely woman who would marry us. We had totally trusted our friends, and they had created a the most perfect wedding possible.

The ceremony was beautiful, the food was delicious, the conversations were filled with joy and laughter and the hugs were abundant. Finally, it was time to sneak into our bedroom and get our travel clothes on. We had already fully packed the van we bought for our trip, as we would leave the car for our friend who was living in the cabin.

We now had the money to have an elaborate, expensive wedding, but this was the most perfect wedding we could imagine, and it was FREE. Everything was part of our gift form our friends. They had all cooked food, decorated the cabin and shared their most important gift of love and laughter.

When we came out of our room dressed in our travel clothes, we hugged them all. Our laughter turned to tears. Everyone, even the woman who had married us and become our instant friend, was crying. Once Jason had driven out of their vision, he pulled our car over so that we could hug and cry, from happiness and a bit of sorrow. Then, we drove down the mountain and into the unknown.

We did not know if we would ever see our dear friends again, but we knew we would carry them, and this day, in our hearts forever. As we drove down the mountain, we knew that our old life had ended, and we were beginning a new life.

Note from Sue,
I didn't see this one coming. I love the experience of writing these stories, as I am reading the story for the first time while I am writing it. Sometimes I get ideas of where the storyline is going, but it does not always flow in that direction when I write it. This process is much like our daily life when we live in the NOW and surrender to the Path that we find before us. We are all on a great adventure, which reveals itself to us when we pay attention to our inner life and listen to our SELF. 


  1. The storyline that has unfolded this far is indeed surprising. Thank you, Sue:)

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  5. the most interesting reaction i had when i read your notes if this was meant for me. wishful thinking? no, i had much resistance to the idea of ever getting married again .lol Ty Sue!!!!!!! I am reading your books still , and come here to get updates, and ALWAYS getting a personal message about my 3d life! wow, bow , Namaste! I`ll let you know if my reaction was correct lol