Monday, April 7, 2014

Truth To Be Found



A life so small, so incomplete
A time so short and not so sweet

The harshness of an unfair land
To be alone with no one’s hand

Why must it be that one should suffer?
Where is the help? What is the buffer?

Pull the spark back to the flame
Its no one’s fault - no one’s to blame

The cycle turns - the dead awaken
The living feel they are forsaken.

Where is the balance? What is the rule?
Is it best to know or to act the fool?

Show me now the pathway Home
For a speck of truth, the world I comb

The morning rises - a new beginning
Am I losing now - or am I winning?

And does it matter how it all turns out?
If we end in a whisper or end in a shout

How was the journey? What did we learn?
What did we covet? What did we earn?

We touch the stars and feel the earth
We release our death and know our birth

The choices were all made before
When we finish them, we ask for more

The flower drops down to the ground
the fruit of life soon to be found


  1. I went straight to the end of the poem and start reading from the bottom up line by line,
    what an amazing experience!

  2. om we are one
    italian translation ? write to