Friday, April 18, 2014




There is a huge tower reaching from just beneath the surface of the earth up into the exosphere.

All around and up and down this tower are windows.

You live inside this tower and interact with the outside world by looking out the windows.

Through each window you have a different vision, which you have been taught to BELIEVE is a different reality.

Since your beliefs direct your expectations and your expectations direct your perceptions 
when you look through each window you see a different reality.

Then, you believe that these realities are different because you have been taught to believe that what you perceive is the truth.

However, TRUTH lives only within your SELF.

Therefore, truth is not something to be believed.

The TRUTH It is something to be remembered.

The Truth you will remember is that only your SELF is real 
and everything else is a projection of your beliefs and expectations.

Hence, the only thing that can TRULY become "different" is your SELF.

If you were to look again through the SAME window with a DIFFERENT belief 
you would have a DIFFERENT expectation 
and perceive a DIFFERENT reality.

On the other hand, if you would look through DIFFERENT windows with the SAME belief 
you would have the expectation 
and perceive the SAME reality through DIFFERENT windows.

The only thing that changes is YOU!

When YOU change your beliefs, expectations and perceptions change as well.

You are different because your journey up and down the tower 
has helped you to remember the TRUTH inside your SELF. 

When you remember that TRUTH, 
you will know that wherever you look 
you see your reality 
according to YOUR beliefs and expectations! 


  1. I so appreciate the daily selection from your work and the messages therein for healing and transformation. -Elenore

  2. So true, thank you. I would sometimes say to people, "It's just a click in your mind." Something that you think is true about yourself is not necessarily your true Self. I'd like to say it didn't take long for me to figure that out, but it has taken years and now I'm able to, with a click of my mind, see from my heart, and that, as the expression goes, has made all the difference. Thanks again.

  3. The frequency of your consciousness determines what you experience and that includes everything that you focus your attention/intention on, such as ideas, actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings.

  4. om
    ital transl.

  5. Awesome! Thank you..