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Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #4 Q&A -- YouTube and Transcription


The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #4 Q&A

Conversations:  The Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance #4
Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone
April 22, 2014

Dear Arcturians, 
This is Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone and we are getting ready to do our question and answer session.  Well life is going so fast and there is so much going on even while we are standing totally still doing absolutely nothing. I, with Mary’s permission and agreement would ask you to help us get centered.

Arcturian Grounding Meditation

We are the Arcturians. We are very happy to help all of you get centered - all of you who have the whirlwind of planetary, galactic change going on within your multi-dimensional consciousness while you are simultaneously holding a body made of clay – a third dimensional form.

Now we would like all of you to take a breath - and within that breath allow yourselves to know – this is how Gaia feels, this is how the Planet feels.  Gaia is a living being and she feels just like you feel.  You are changing from the core of your being.  She is changing from the core of her being. The Galactic center is changing from the core of its being. 

For transmutation into a higher frequency of reality does not occur on the outside – the outside is that which is displayed upon the 3D holographic projection.

The winds of deep change occur within the core – within the core of your consciousness that is writing and re-writing that holographic matrix or your physical embodiment in a physical life.  You are visiting this physical life. 

You are not a physical being.  You, our dear wonderful volunteers have lowered your consciousness immensely to merge with this low-frequency physical body so that you can anchor the multi-dimensional energies of yourself, of the planet, of the galaxy, of the universe into your core and into the core of Gaia.

Therefore - learn to love this feeling of confusion.  Learn to embrace the whirlwind of change.  Learn to be this higher frequency that resonates very differently than your physical form.

Are you ready to ask the questions now Mary?

MP:     Yes - and thank you Arcturians for a beautiful grounding meditation.  It reminded me that we need to be grounded constantly and whatever kind of grounding or ritual that we do -- in these energies, we need to do it several times a day.  Thank you for that reminder.

SL:      Thank you Mary for that reminder about grounding several times a day.  I get so in the whirlwind that I forget to ground the energy and then I wonder why I am so exhausted at the end of the day.

MP:     I woke up the other day and heard:  anchor, anchor, anchor - and until I sat down to anchor and ground the push from my higher self would not let me go.  I spent about twenty minutes with a wonderful recording that I use and that resonates with me and helps me to ground and anchor.  Later in the day I repeated the process.  I will usually ground in the morning and the evening and it helps me to be stable.

In these current energies with the cardinal cross that is occurring – and by the way Sue, thank you for the explanation that you posted about the cardinal cross on your website.  It was really helpful.  Weather we are experts in astrology or not the information is a good overview of what we are working through with the cardinal cross.  Nevertheless with these energies, I find myself bumping into walls and somewhat dizzy.  A family member said that he was dizzy.

Well we were going off onto a tangent – but what we are really here to do today is to look at some of the wonderful questions and comments that have been posted about the three conversations that we’ve had on the Arcturian/Pleiadian Alliance.

So, are you ready?

SL:    I’m ready.

Comment:     The last time that Sue was on the Star Ship, which was quite recent within her timeline, there was a great meeting in a very large room.  It was an inter-galactic meeting and she said she was sitting back towards the top.  It was much like one of your stadiums where the room rises up so that everyone can have a full view of what’s occurring. 

Question:    “I was there too, but I was standing up from where I was and remember floating forwards like twenty or thirty centimeters above the floor.  I didn’t walk and I remember it was a strange feeling.  And, it was an absolutely huge meeting hall and I remember it being a long downward slope from the seats and I was probably three-quarters of the way back”.

I wonder what beings from where are known to float?  As far as I remember I had a human like form and I was pretty tall.  It made my day to have that dream.”

MP:     Sue, this was the experience that you talked about in our second conversation of visiting the star ship and being in the amphitheater.  So, the question is:  what beings float and where are they from?

Answer: - Sue:     Well, all fifth-dimensional beings float because within the fifth-dimension we do not have that step by step movement.  The closest thing that I have found, because I do love to swim is sometimes I will walk in the deep end of the swimming pool.  So I’m vertical and I move my feet and sometimes move my hands as I move through the water that way.  That is very similar to a kind of movement without that degree of resistance.

So the floating sensation is because on the physical plane, our physical feet match the physical ground, hit the resistance and you raise your foot away and up to take the next step which takes energy and work and then it hits the ground against the resistance again and again.

Now imagine that you are walking and see your beautiful aura all around you.  Imagine that the ground also has a beautiful aura.  So if your beautiful aura is touching the beautiful aura of the ground you do not move in that same kind of stepping resistance, raising – stepping resistance, raising.  Instead you kind of move along almost like those escalators in airports that are flat only without that sense of your physical feet touching the physical escalator.

MP:     So it has to do with the vibrational frequency on a higher dimension.

Sue:    Yes it has to do with the aura that surrounds us.  On the physical plane we still have that aura some of the time.  Some of the time our aura gets pulled in because we have so much fear.  But, when we have a great deal of love, our Aura bounces out.

For instance, I have these flowers in my garden that open up according to the sun, not according to the time of day.  If it’s twelve o’clock noon on a cloudy day the flowers don’t open.  If it’s early morning or late and the sun hits the flowers, then they open.  This is similar to our auras.  When we’re in love the aura expands and then when we are afraid we pull aura in.

Look what happens when we are afraid, the whole tuck and cover.  We pull in everything instinctively.

MP:     Many of us have had the experience of being very happy or excited and almost bouncing as we walk.  We see children doing this all of the time.  They’re jumping up and down and bouncing and floating because they are totally focused on that moment.  They are in the moment and they’re just floating.

Thank you to the reader for that wonderful question.

Question:   My question is in regards to Ascension and it is regarding our higher expression of self and our brothers and sisters.  Can we still ascend even if the dark rulers on this planet are calcifying our pineal gland?  Is there a way around their harmful plans so that we can Ascend without a problem?

SL:      I am bringing in the Arcturian’s for this answer.

Answer:   Arcturians

Suzelle has asked us to answer this Question and she can jump in as sometimes we will speak in terms of “I” because as all of you will know – that as you intermingle more and more with your higher expressions of self, you come to a place where sometimes you are not quite sure about who is who which is quite lovely for those concerned – for us and for our wonderful grounded ones.

The question was a fear based question and it was a question that came from “what will they do to us” and “what are they doing to us”?  The answer, first off, is – they only exist within the third-dimensional reality and therefore they can only cause harm to a third dimensional being.  Beyond that, we the galactics and the myriad awakened ones are having much more control over these ones.  They are increasingly falling out of your reality. 

For as those of you on this path of Ascension are expanding your consciousness, expanding your perceptions – more and more - those people will fall from your memory.  You won’t read what they have to say, you won’t watch them on the television, you will not give them any attention at all.  Where your attention is – that’s where your consciousness is.

So before we answer the question, we would like to say to all of you:  if at any point in time you feel that they are doing something to hurt or diminish your Light in any way ,then what you do, and we ask you to do it right now.

Turn around and see the cabal, the illuminati, the darkness – whatever you want to call them - and see them in front of you and say:  I Love You Unconditionally. 

Now say that with us: 

-       I Love You Unconditionally. 
-       I am not afraid of you. 
-       I know that you are a part of creating our polarized world. 
-       I am choosing now to ascend beyond all time and polarity. 
-       Therefore you have no power over me - for I have found my power within. 
-       I send you Unconditional Love.
-     I send you Unconditional Forgiveness and I unconditionally accept that this was your role     and you chose to represent the dark. 
-       Thank you.

So now, we say first that Suzelle was born in 1946 and she has been bombarded by everything that could have happened regarding the pineal gland and her pineal is fully, completely – one-hundred percent blazingly open, causing difficulty in her daily life – well not great – but definitely confusion.  The answer is simple:  meditate, meditate, and meditate.

I had somebody who sent me an email that said:  somebody that I know has said that our planet will be destroyed before we have a chance to Ascend.  My response was:  I refuse to participate in that reality.  Anytime that you are faced with experiences that you do not want then you say:  I refuse to participate in that reality. 

If that experience is part of the Divine plan that you wrote for yourself, then it is an initiation and you will call in your highest self and you will move through it.  Other than that - refuse to participate.

Question:  Does our Government know of the Arcturians?

Answer:   What I have heard recently is that the dark and secret ones know about everything but they have not been sharing any of that with the President since John F. Kennedy.   Kennedy was the last one to have the inside scoop.  Now I imagine that any President who was able to expand his consciousness to the level that ours is, would know through their own resources.

Question:      How did you contact the Arcturians Sue?

Answer:         They were always there.  They contacted me.

Question:      Will the Arcturians ever reveal themselves to the populace?

Answer:      They reveal themselves to the populace all of the time.  Look up Arcturian channels’.  There are many people that are channeling the Arcturians right now.  And as I think you have said Mary, it’s all about our perception.  If our perception is attuned to what might go wrong then we will see exactly what might go wrong. 

If our perception is attuned to that wonderful higher being that puts its arm around us and comforts us and give us love and guides us in our darkest hour – then that’s what we will perceive.  We have the choice.

MP:     Yes we have the choice and it’s based on our perception.  Earlier the Arcturians mentioned timelines and said choose your timeline.  I will often say when someone is discussing something that I feel is negative or fear based, I will often say:  that’s not my timeline.  I’m not in that timeline.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful of that person, but I realize that what they are saying does not resonate with me. 

Some might say, oh well – you’re in denial.  But, you can tell by the feeling in your gut whether you are afraid based upon what the other person is saying and whether or not you are in denial.  That is just not my reality.  That goes back to the first question that we answered today about the pineal gland.  Is that your reality?

SL:      Regarding the denial – denial is, and we can choose to deny the darkness access to our consciousness or we can choose to deny that we have higher expressions of ourselves and that we have guides that work with us every day, all of the time, and every minute of our life.  Just as we can choose what we want we can also choose what we deny.

Question:      Are there other Alien races on Earth?

Answer - SL: There are many alien races on Earth but they are not wearing their Alien bodies.  They are in fact to that place in evolution that they either move into a physical body at birth or they walk in at another time or they create the illusion that they are physical. 

But there are Sirius B – the whales and cetaceans, and there are many, many Pleiadians and there are many beings from Sirius A and there are other  beings as well from other civilizations. 

They are all here and the Arcturians call them the away team.  The away team either chooses to over light somebody, much as the Arcturians and Pleiadians over light me. But the reality is – when they are over lighting somebody, they are over lighting a member of their multi-dimensional self who has chosen to take a humanoid form.

Question:      Our final question is from a person who asks:  Is there a way or “how to” to explain how human beings travel to other dimensions?

Answer SL:    We travel to other dimensions with our Light body.  Our physical body is our Earth vessel.  It is the container that we wear when we live on the third dimension.  When we go to sleep at night we go into our astral body and we travel in our dream world.  When we go to the fifth dimension and beyond we travel in our body of Light. 

So just as someone might have a VW bug that they tour around town and a big SUV van that they pick up all of the kids, and a Jaguar that they use to go to important events, they have all of those different vehicles and use the different vehicles for different reasons.

MP:     So we have the ability to experience our inter-dimensional beingness through our dream state and in meditation as well.  Is that what we hear you saying?

Answer - SL:   Yes and as well as through our creative endeavors.  Because when pull this higher self into our creativity we make it real.  For many years, I cannot remember not having this Light being around me.  But it wasn’t real and I would never think of telling anyone.  It was just something that I made up but I didn’t care because it felt wonderful.

It held me and protected me and loved me and guided me and supported me more than any person ever could.  Then when I started actually channeling it and I channeled it through my pictures – it helps me to see reality from a different perspective and I channel it through my writing and through yoga or walking or doing gardening.  Those are the main places where I express creativity.

When we actually express it through our creative self we make it real in our life.  Even when I garden, I can go back and see – wow this is a real flower.  I planted this real flower.  I gave this flower love – and look, it’s growing now.

MP:     So we experience inter-dimensionality through what brings us Joy.  Those things that bring us Joy – inspire us and when we are inspired it’s like a flower opening – good analogy with the metaphor of the flower.  Our imagination opens up to ideate and thus create the inspiration that came from the Joy.

So we are probably not going to see a big sign that says:  Now you are on the fifth-dimension, you are now on the eighth dimension, you are now on the tenth dimension – it’s all happening simultaneously through following our bliss if you will and following our joy and paying attention to our imagination.

As children we had the most wonderful, beautiful, prolific imagination and as we got older and through the educational system and growing and taking on responsibilities – that imagination perhaps shrunk.  So now is the time with the upgrade in the energies and the vibration throughout the planet that are available to every single living being – at this moment – we can in fact, and we do, experience our multi-dimensional self.

SL:      Yes, thank you that was a very good summation.

MP:     We have one final question and it’s my favorite.  It’s a question that we’ve heard before but based upon what we’ve been talking about in these conversations – it’s the perfect question.

Question:  I want to ask - what is the meaning 11:11.  I keep seeing it frequently and would love to know the meaning.

Answer - SL:   You and I talked about this and I’ll give my definition and then you give yours because what is important is that we are all individuals.  We came into the embodiment of Earth because Earth is a very diverse planet and it’s a planet that’s decided to go to the edges of polarity.  And, in those edges of polarity there is a great deal of individuality.  

Now there is also a great deal of war and pollution and separation and not caring, but now that we are expanding our consciousness we are finding more and more ways every day to release that childhood behavior.  And like the Arcturians are assisting us in doing this because they have come to assist with any type of shift from a third dimension and back out of the third dimension. 

The Pleiadian and the Sirians are here to assist because they also lived on Earth long before recorded history and they also made the similar mistakes as we have.  They left and went to their own new places to grow up.  We are they’re ancestors and we are them.  We are not going to leave Gaia this time.  We are going to stay with the ship and we are not going to let it sink.

Now 11:11 – eleven is a master number so when you have 11:11, these are two master numbers together.  One is just one person so you could say one and one is two.  So you can look at eleven as a number two.  Number two represents the joining of the two polarities of humanity, the masculine and the feminine. 

When the masculine and feminine join, then we move into an androgynous state of higher consciousness which would be eleven.  And 11:11 reduces to the number four in numerology which is the number for New Foundations.  So 11:11 is gaining mastery to create the foundation for a new reality.

MP:     Wow, gaining mastery to create a foundation for a new reality.

Actually as I was listening I felt that my interpretation of 11:11 seems to be a perfect integration of the way you were just explaining it and what we’ve been talking about these past weeks.

When I look at 11:11, and we’ve seen this symbol on the clock numerous times in the past several years – the first thing that comes to mind is – Oneness - and the words – You Are All That Is.  So if I am All That Is, then you are All That Is and everyone Is.  That speaks to me of the Unity Consciousness, the fifth-dimensional Unity Consciousness and the number four that you just mentioned which equates to New Foundations, New Earth, and Nova Earth.

Unity Consciousness to me embraces that phenomenal diversity that we have on this planet that I would never pretend to understand but I love that everyone is All That Is but not the same as everyone else.  I don’t need everyone to be the same as I am or to agree with me because I want to learn from them and respect them and celebrate our differences because therein lies our strength and our ability to create the future.

So perhaps this is a good place to end this conversation.  I have loved this time together Sue.

SL:    Yes wonderful.  I wanted to add a little bit of what you said.  As you were talking about the diversity, I was visualizing this beautiful tapestry.  That’s one of the things that I like in my house and even in what I wear.  I like things that are different and that match and that’s what we’re doing.  It’s viva la difference.  It’s taking all of the parts of us that are different and putting them into beautiful tapestries – like a quilt.

A quilt came from the pioneer days where everything was always used all the time.  So maybe the only thing left of a dress was a few yards of worn material that they cut up into squares.  So they had all of these different little squares and remnants of clothes and whatever they had.  And, all of these women sat in a big circle and together they decide what pattern they want to make.  They take all these squares and together make a beautiful design.

I think that is the representation of how we move from diversity within unity.

MP:   Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Thank you everyone for being with us today.  Please watch the calendar on Dr. Suzanne Lie’s website – for our next series of conversations.

SL:  Thank you and I’m so happy that you are all here.  As you know, all of these conversations are on YouTube and on the blog along with the transcriptions.  So you can listen again and again and watch it and I’m ready to move into the next version so you’ll be hearing from us real soon.  Just check out the YouTube or the blog and it will be waiting for you.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi, Thank you Sue for all your writings. It is easier to stay in higher vibrations during the day when I read your blog...
    I would like to comment on the calcifying of the pineal gland. If our job is to integrate light into the planet, then our job is also to integrate light into our physical body, because we are ONE with our planet. When we purify our physical body we purify Earth at the same time. I think it is very important to take care of our physical body, also the pineal gland. Fear diminishes when the physical body is free from stuff that does not belong into it. Fluoride calcifies into the pineal gland. Taking large amounts of iodine removes fluoride from the pineal gland. There are also numerous other benefits of iodine, because every cell in our body need it and most of us have deficiency of it. I warmly recommend reading Dr. Brownstein's book "Iodine why you need it, why you can't live without it". Strengthening our physical body greatly diminishes fear. Thank you for the person who brought up the subject of the pineal gland. :) Love and light, Katariina

  2. om thanks.ITAL-translat. ask

  3. RIEKO ! i have Important message for you from Arcturians ,ask them because i CANT FIND a way to contact you,
    send me your skype or email,soon ..

    Stefania Gyan Salila

  5. I like Your Post ....


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