Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dear Arcturian,

I feel like there is something I am supposed to hear today.

Beloved Suzille,

In deed, there is a message for you, and we do wish you to post it on your Blog. You are correct in saying that the area of space that your world is now entering is the prophesized Photon Belt. It has begun! The lift, or shift as some have called it, it taking place right now. However, this change cannot be observed by your third dimensional perceptions. You will need to call primarily upon your High Heart to FEEL how the energies have changed. Then, you will need to believe in these feelings more than you believe in the illusions of your crumbling 3D Matrix.

This Matrix is not meant to enter this area/frequency of space, and it will not. Therefore, those who resonate to the old paradigm of “power over others” and “service to self,” will not enjoy the speed at which their own thoughts and emotions return to them. For our dear Lightworkers, we remind you to remember the mastering of your thoughts and emotions that you have learning during your long journey into the Light. We wish to tell you all that we are so proud of our dear grounded ones. We also want to remind you that your higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF are cheering your on as you approach the “finish line.”

Please do not be concerned with and amount of “time” that you may need to prepare for the shift. YOU are the creator of your life NOW. Within this frequency of space your fifth dimensional abilities of manifestation and expanded perceptions will increasingly come online in the Multidimensional Operating System of your biological computer—your brain. This Operating System will gradually and safely activate your unused DNA, which will gradually activate the use of the 90% of your brain that has been unused while your earth vessel resonated to such a low frequency.

We remind you that you don’t have to “do” anything. We ask only that you remember to maintain mastery over your thoughts and feelings, as you will experience them becoming manifest in an ever-accelerating manner. Know that you do have an inner breaking system. Therefore, if you begin to feel overwhelmed, please call to us or to whatever Guides you are working with and ask them to give you a rest. During this rest take as much time as you need to integrate what you have downloaded. The best way to facilitate your integration process is the remain calm, be in Nature, enjoy your loved ones (this opens your High Heart more), take naps, get enough sleep, eat carefully and according to your bodies needs and drink enough water.

All of our grounded ones are familiar with what they need to do in order to afford their physical form the “time” to fully integrate the expanding frequencies of light and octaves of unconditional love that is now being downloaded. Yes, unconditional love has octaves. With every increase in frequency, your High Heart can attune to higher and higher dimensions of reality, which allows you to feel more expanded version of unconditional love. Therefore, just as the multidimensional Light is activating higher octaves of your Multidimensional Operating System, your High Heart is being opened more and more.

With the further opening of your High Heart, your Three Fold Flame will burst forth the steady progression of awakening your Lightbody and your genetic memory of all your incarnations on Earth, as well as your myriad expressions of SELF throughout the Cosmos, will gradually begin to return.

Stay tuned to our energy, and we will continually send more information regarding your process of ascension.

The Arcturians


  1. Wow.. Love It !!...Much Love Keith

  2. Suzille, thanks for having you. Great message. THANKS!

  3. More confirmation of big events, hooray! May I ask for your take on http://www.sandrawalter.com/items/the-division-of-worlds