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I had a meditation in which I had a vision of an area (actually it is a frequency) of space that we are now entering. I heard that we are on the edge of entering this area/frequency of space right now, and we will fully enter it by 11-11-11. The word frequency and area are used interchangeably in this situation because we are experiencing multidimensional travel. When we travel multidimensionally we free our selves of the confines and limitations of the third dimension by releasing limitations of space/time and travel within the NOW.

When we travel within the NOW, which means we are traveling beyond the confines of third dimensional time, our inner and outer perceptions of realities are in alignment. Therefore, even though we know that our physical vessel is sitting on a chair, we trust that the experiences of our consciousness are the perceptions of a higher frequency of our Multidimensional SELF. Hence, we can accept that our earth vessel is merely anchor into Gaia so that we can retain our earth vessel until the time of Planetary Ascension.

We have been indoctrinated for many third dimensional lifetimes to believe that our inner vision was not real and that only our vision of the physical word was our reality. We are now breaking free of that lie and finding the truth of our great powers of inter-dimensional communication and travel. With our increasing freedom from third dimensional illusions we can experience our realities far beyond our former limitations by trusting that our inner perceptions are, in fact, more “real” than the illusions of the third dimension.

Our inner perceptions are actually the key to ascension, for we are within the core of our Multidimensional SELF looking at our multidimensional world rather than within our SELF looking through our temporary earth vessel at the movie of 3D Earth. Only by perceiving the higher frequencies via our inner perception that we can free ourselves of the illusions of the physical world. With that information, I continue with my journey.

The energy of this frequency of space through which our planet and we are now traveling greatly amplifies our human emotions. Therefore, we will need to move through fear without allowing it to cling to our consciousness or our physical bodies. Furthermore, if we can contain fear within the frequency of unconditional love, we will understand more clearly the powers of the area/frequency of space. With our unconditional love maintaining our connection to our Multidimensional SELF, we can continue our journey into the higher dimensions of reality. It is the allowing of fear, contained within the firewall of unconditional love, that we can learn how emotion is the primary power source for our inter-dimensional travel.

It is the expanding powers of the emotional bodies of Earth human that allows us to discern truth from illusion and inner information that is of the Light from that of a lower entity. Because we were brave enough to live in a reality with such density of fear and still awaken, we were able to rise to peaks of emotional power that few planetary societies have been able to obtain. It is vital that we remember the true power of our emotions so that we can choose love and a love-based perception of life over fear and fear-based perception. This discernment between love and fear is important for, in the fifth dimension and beyond, it is the frequency of our perception that dictates the frequency of reality in which we live. In order words, what we choose to perceive is what we have chosen to experience.

For this moment of the now, I am choosing to perceive the glorious colors of the surrounding inner/outer space. This frequency of our reality is beyond our third dimensional perceptions. We cannot experience this unless our consciousness, hence our perceptions, are resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, this frequency of reality is beyond the calibration of most telescopes. Only those of a higher consciousness can perceive it. Because we have allowed our consciousness to perceive the fear-based events on Earth and have blessed them with our unconditional love, we are now able to perceive this high frequency, which is at the love-based end of the spectrum.

Because of the Lightworkers mastery of their emotional powers, they have contributed enough to the healing of Earth that the Galactics have been able to assist us. Also, since we have called the higher dimensions for assistance, the Galactics can aid us with out breaking the laws of free well. Our reality of ascension is lifting off into the higher dimensions. For a while, lower frequencies of realities will still exist in tandem with the magnificent reality that is now unfolding to awaken those who still need conflict to awaken.

The month of July represented the challenge of falling into a huge possibility of the fear-based version of this reality. That is why it was such a difficult month for so many Lightworkers. It is important to remember that because we have learned to flow through fear without allow it to attach to us, our consciousness has risen enough to perceive this frequency of cosmic space. It is at this frequency that we can choose from the many possible realities of Planetary Ascension. Because we are fully awakening to our multidimensional powers, we are remembering how to reality surf into different expression of fifth dimensional New Earth.

As I travel into this this frequency of reality I feel the Kundalini rising in my body and my Lightbody wants to burst beyond the limitations of my physical skin. Finally, it feels safe to go into those frequencies again. I have not traveled like for many months because something stopped me. I think I needed to focus on better grounding. Hence, I now take a moment to send my energy into the body of Gaia and experience myself as a planetary Being. I am traveling through this area of space now in my Lightbody with the physical form of Gaia serving as a huge anchor.

I have been receiving so much information lately that, if my life allowed, I could do nothing else than take messages in this manner. However, to keep these messages for just myself is not in alignment with my Mission, which is basically to be a scribe for Beings of the higher frequencies. I know that I am off track now, but this discussion of no importance is allowing me to embrace and integrate the high frequency of these energies enough to be able to translate my experience into human language.

When I was keeping my experience beyond the resonance of words, I was flashing into Lightbody. Since I know that my Mission is not yet completed, I will continue to use words. I am receiving that I am to document the process of Ascension for those who will be unable to follow the first wave of ascension. They will first translate first into a fourth dimensional version of New Earth to give them more “time” to embrace the higher energies. Each of us will flash into Lightbody when it is our NOW to do so. I will take a moment to hold this message in the form of pure emotion. It is this power of pure emotion, that will allow our full transition into Lightbody. Human language lowers the frequency of experience because it forces us to use our third dimensional brain. Therefore, by translating our experience into words, we can travel into higher dimensions than we have ever experienced without permanently flashing into Lightbody.

I am hearing that all of us who are part of the Planetary Ascension Team will be having wonderful inter-dimensional journeys, but will be urged to wait to transmute into Lightbody until Gaia is ready to come with us. We are like the stone in a slingshot. The rubber band that holds the slingshot is pulling back further and further, and we are now feeling the immense tension of this potential acceleration that is building up within us. It is this tension towards inter-dimensional travels to determines how far into the higher dimensional realties we can go when the rubber band is let lose and the stone accelerated into it path of trajectory. To remain in complete control of this type of situation we need to, calibrate our release point into the highest expressions of Planetary Ascension and make sure we have aimed our intention into the signature frequency of New Earth that is alignment with our multidimensional mission.

As I travel through this area of outer/inner space (for there is no difference at this frequency) I am aware of myriad possible and existing realities. It is like I am shopping at my favorite store and everything that I could desire is laid out before me for free. However, it is not for free because I am dedicated to fulfilling that which I vowed to do before I took this incarnation. I now see that the reason why I experienced bad things in my life. Something fear-based was developing because my ego was in control, and I was moving in a direction that was out of alignment with my highest purpose. At that point, my Soul took control of the helm and drove me into a ditch to give me some time to think more deeply about how I wanted to run my life.

I am being instructed now to see all of these moments within the NOW of the ONE and give my deepest thanksgiving for them. Knowing that they were only places in my life in which I was getting out of alignment gives me a higher perspective for “bad experiences.” Instead, I can perceive these experiences much like driving on the freeway when I am so tired that I was falling asleep and gliding into another lane. If it were not for the bumpers between the lanes, I could have unconsciously gone into another lane. It was these difficult moments that actually signaled a possibility for crashing and, hence, a possibility for return back to the center of my Path.

As the visions begin to dim, I see how the Galactics who have been assisting Earth’s return back to Her center path. I experience these Galactics as many energy fields, some are encased in Starships and others are traveling as pure consciousness, as they are beyond the need for a flying vessel. As I commune with these higher dimensional Beings a great calms flows through me and pulls my energy deeply into my core.

I am reminded that this area/frequency of space is beyond the detection of third dimensional scientific technology. However, many scientists have higher frequency technology that has remained a secret, and they, too, are aware of our planets trajectory into this frequency of space. Those who have received this information, either through technology or as an experience of inter-dimensional travel, have a consciousness that resonates more than 51% of their time to the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, those who are aware of this area of space are actually those who have ascended within their consciousness, yet still hold a physical form to assist with Planetary Ascension. Therefore, they are Ascended Masters who are still maintaining their earth vessel.

My energy is now returning to my earth vessel and my eyes are opening. I can hear the traffic noises and feel the chair around me. I am back on ascending earth and fully contained within my earth vessel. I say the last sentence to make sure I don’t fly out of my vessel while walking down the street. I have to really concentrate when I move through the physical world now, as less than 51% of me naturally resonate to this earth vessel. However, I will focus, for I am committed to Planetary Ascension.

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