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I am feeling like my alternate reality as Kepier on the Starship Athena is slipping away from my consciousness, so I am going to start writing about it. Writing about my multidimensional experiences and sharing them with others helps me to remember my true SELF. 3D life can capture us and make us believe that it is real. I don't want that to happen, as I know that if I do, I will get really depressed. Therefore, I am staring a file about Life on the Starship. The first entry will be:


Sleep here on Athena is more like a multidimensional journey. Consciousness does not blink out as it does in third dimensional sleep. Instead, our consciousness is greatly expanded. We only need to sleep about once a week in earth time. However, time is very different here. Therefore, we would measure our need for “sleep,” not in time, but instead in a knowing within that tells us that we are needing to travel inter-dimensionally to visit higher expressions of our SELF for comfort and learning.

Since we are beyond time and space, we do not “leave.” Instead, we merely turn our focus away from the reality of the Starship and focus, instead, on the higher dimensional realities. Again, when functioning beyond time and space, it is difficult to describe that experience of inter-dimensional travel. I would say that the best example would be to say that for a moment of the NOW, which would be measured in the third dimension as a few seconds, we are not available to the duties of the crew because we are visiting and experiencing higher frequencies of reality. Just as you might wake up if something were to need your attention during your sleep, we could return our consciousness back to the Ship if necessary.

I realize that I am speaking as the one that I am in the fifth dimension. Before, it was someplace else or someone else to whom I would go. However, more and more, I am feeling that I really do have two realities at once. I know that I have many realities that resonate to the ONE of no time or space, but while I am still maintaining a physical body, having two realities at one time is more than enough.

In fact, since I have begun this process of integrating the essence of my fifth-dimensional stepping-stone SELF into my physical consciousness, I have been experiencing many changes in my physical body. Yesterday, I had extreme chills in which I was so cold that I was shaking. This never happens to me. I am always too hot. All that I could do was to go to bed and sleep. Sleeping is what I do a lot of in the third dimension. I feel that I need a great deal of sleep there because my earth vessel is changing more and more every day.

I actually feel as though my body is shedding off old levels of density. I have been losing weight, so perhaps that is making me run cold rather than hot. There is also a sensation of dizziness, which comes in quite often. It is not a dizziness where the world goes ‘round and ‘round. It is more of a dizziness that is a blurry sensation. It is like there is cotton in my head. It is more and more difficult to focus strictly on the third dimension. Mundane tasks of the physical world seem like trudging through mud.

I can feel my Core and the rise of the kundalini go up and down with practically no effort now. However, I do not create this experience of becoming Lightbody too often, as I know it would accelerate my transformative process. I'm not sure that my physical body could move any faster with its transformation than it is doing now. More and more I see my physical body as a form in which I live. I am not my physical body, but my physical body is mine, much like my house is mine. I can leave my house and it will still be there when I come back. However, I am not too sure that my physical body will there if I leave it too often. I feel like I have much more to learn about being in two worlds at once, so that I can maintain the health of my physical form.

There are many elements of my SELF that live within my physical body, and all these elements work together as a crew to guide my physical body through third-dimensional life. In the same manner, the crew members of our Starship all work as one being within the biological body of the Starship to move through daily life. As I am speaking about this, I am experiencing a great fuzziness in my head. I need to close my eyes and feel an emanation moving up and down my spine. Just as my physical body is on the edge of the very great transformation, I know that Gaia's body is on the edge of Her transformation.

It appears that third-dimensional life is beginning to unravel. The lies, deceptions, and many indiscretions are coming to the surface to be known by those who are willing to allow the third dimension to transform. Furthermore, as we are transforming we are realizing that we humans are having an effect on our environment. Just as we may feel that our body is changing beyond our conscious control, we also feel that our physical world is changing beyond our control. At the same time, we feel the responsibility of our influence over the shifts in our daily life. Once we can accept and take responsibility for the change within ourselves, we can more easily accept, and even celebrate, that the moment for which we have waited for myriad lifetimes is happening NOW.

As I sit here within this moment, I can feel the two realities in which I live. I know that living in these two realities is expanding my consciousness to the point that the activation of my Lightbody is being greatly accelerated. There are many ways in which we will create ascension. Planet Earth has always had myriad expressions of humanity living as one being on Her body. Just as we have had fights within ourselves, humanity has had fights with others.

Fortunately, we have discovered that if we try to fight, if we try to resist, our process of transformation gets much more unpleasant. Therefore, we are realizing that surrendering to our process and remembering that we are in the process of ascending is the best solution for the uncomfortable and exciting transformations that we are feeling within our form and within our daily lives.

I will close this message by taking a moment to revisit the Starship. Immediately, I sense an excitement and preparation for something that is soon to commence. I take a few moments to align my consciousness with the Ship and see the crew members scurrying around in a fast, yet organized, manner. One of my friends, grabs my arm and says, "Quickly! There is to be a meeting with the entire Federation. We can all observe it on the com-screen in the Lounge."

I rush along with her, wondering how she saw me when I thought I was pure consciousness. However, when I look at myself, I see that I am wearing my form as Kepier. I hear my human one wondering if she/me will be able to see, understand and translate the message that is being relayed to the Ship. I tell her to release her Ego, for that is the only portion of her consciousness that would doubt herself in such a manner.

Within that second, I am my human self once again. I can feel a sense of performance anxiety about whether or not I can receive the message. Also, since I sharing it, I feel a responsibility to "get the message right."

"Come on, hurry." I feel my friend tugging at my (Kepier's) arm. We are at the entrance to the Ship's Lounge, which has become much larger because there are so many people in here at once. Therefore, there is plenty of room for all of us as we settle in to hear the message.

"Members of the Starship Athena, we are joyous to be able to give you this message. I am Xyston, one of the Ambassadors to ascending Earth. As I speak, I am projecting many pictures of Earth, so that you can see how the frequency of the collective members of Her body are rising. We are so overjoyed about the sudden increase in the Light Quotient on the planet that we wanted to share this information with all of you who have worked so tirelessly to awakening your grounded expressions.

There are still many who slumber within their illusions, but more each Earth day are awakening to the awareness that there must be more. They do not know what that "more" is yet, but their curiosity is ignited, and their journey has begun. In fact, we invite you to look around the room to see how many of the crew members have been able to awaken their grounded ones enough for them to join this meeting. Will you all please congratulate these awakened ones?

In that moment, I feel a rush of love, acceptance and congratulations. I am both expressions of my SELF in this moment. I am fully aware that I am writing this event, but I am also aware of my presence on the Ship. That is, me the human one, MUST believe that this experience is true for is the the ME that I have always been deep, deep inside my Soul. I look at the other awakened humans and see the same mix of determination to believe and remnants of doubt. A few of us catch each others eye and we smile. Some of us are humanoid and some of us are not. Then, my attention is drawn again to the screen (actually it is a Holograhic Projection), as the Ambassador continues to speak.

"You are all aware of the complicated chain of events that must be coordinated before we can announce our next step. It is vital the this Ascension is a partnership between Earth's inhabitants, Gaia Herself and us, the members of the Federation. The Ascended Masters, Elohim and Angels are also important in this transition. The lost ones are becoming aware that the ever-increasing resonance of Earth is eroding away at their "power-over" others.

"We ask you all to send these ones your unconditional love. They have been feeling your gift lately, which has greatly confused them. They think only in terms of control and domination and cannot understand love being sent to them for "free." They find their changing environment very uncomfortable and find little comfort in the wealth that they have gathered at the expense of others. We ask that you remind them via your consciousness that money is NOT a component of the fifth dimension. Also, please tell your grounded ones that their financial worries are just one of the many third dimensional illusions.

"I will return you to your duties with knowing that you have made a wonderful contribution to the ascension. In closing, we ask that you remember to maintain an opened line into the aura and body of Gaia. In the same manner, the beings of Earth are sending their attention and intention into the consciousness of us, the many Galactic Beings who surround their planet.

Abundant congratulations to you, the crew member, as well as your grounded expressions."

The transmission ends, and I find myself before my computer typing this message. I know that the experience is real, but the glimmer of doubt still washes over me. I decide to accept that doubt. I will not fight it, but will, instead, send it my unconditional love.

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