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Even though I titled this entry, Life on the Starship, it is really about life on 3D Earth after visiting the Starship. I watched this series of youtubes from the July newsletter of David Wilcox this morning. They are about a mass connection between friendly ETs during the early 60’s. I am putting up the link as it seems to fit with what I have been writing.

The Friendship Case – Full Playlist

Quotes from David Wilcox Newsletter


I wrote up this comprehensive summary of the video you just read, as I found there were so many pieces of information in it that I had a hard time remembering everything and documenting the specifics so I could write about it later.

Now we've got it all summarized in one place, so it can be studied at a comfortable pace.

I realized right away, after seeing this video, that I needed to revisit the 1950s channeling materials and commit to new research in this area.

I had already acquired documents from L/L Research that were of very high quality -- and served as the direct written inspiration and 'tuning' that allowed the Law of One contact to begin.

The folder had been sitting in my files for years, and I'd hardly even looked at what was inside it since the year I lived in Milton, Kentucky, when I was first scanning the pages into digital files.

I was definitely not disappointed when I went through it all again. The story behind this material is truly impressive -- but I will save that part for the introduction to the PDF file I've put together so you can read them all yourself.


By clicking on this next link, you can access the collection of 1950s documents from “contactee” cases that appear to be highly accurate – describing our movement into a Golden Age and the spiritual principles we need to get there.

You will meet W. B. Smith, a Canadian government employee, who identified about twelve different people, in different geographical areas, who could all give the same answers to a 100-part questionnaire he devised, partially from classified information.

Since Don Elkins of L/L Research had direct contact with W.B. Smith, he was able to acquire actual documents that were 'vetted' by Smith's process -- as well as others that were of equally high value.

Above is the link for the pdf file Wilcox talks about. If you decide to download it please be patient because it talks a long time to download. In fact, it is still downloading for me now. Watching the video was very grounding for me, as well as validating. I wish I could say that I had had those experiences, but I did not. In fact, my experiences have primarily been via my consciousness. I have had two times when I actually saw a UFO. Both times I was with someone who was a complete critic, and even they said it was a UFO.

The download of the pdf file finally completed. I think it worth the wait.

Back to life on 3D Earth while my consciousness is still on the Starship, but I can’t say that I am always thinking about the Starship. It is just that it is always somewhere in my consciousness much like a dream that you forgot, but you still remember. I am remembering how to live in two worlds, but I can only intimately experience one reality at a time. Therefore, when my primary attention is on being in the Starship, I am only vaguely aware of the me that is writing it. However, because I am actively controlling the physical me to write on the computer, I am more aware of that reality than I am when I walk through daily life and think of life on the Starship.

Now I know you are all confused by that statement, so I will try to say it again in a clearer fashion. We are all learning to live our 3D life while in our multidimensional consciousness. Therefore, our minds can embrace several realities all at once, but our actions are limited to our physical world. However, when we go into meditation or sleep, we close out our physical world so that we can more clearly experience our multidimensional consciousness and the multiple realities that it can simultaneously perceive. Unfortunately, when we try to have those perceptions while our eyes are open and we are “doing” something in the 3D world, we can become very overwhelmed, dizzy, forgetful and confused.

The Arcturians talk a lot about the Multidimensional Operating System, which is stored in our ever-awakening computer/brain. I think that some of our dizziness etc. is actually because this new operating system is coming online in our biological computer (our brain). When we change the Operating System on a computer, we cannot use the computer for anything else at all. However, we as humans do not have the privilege of totally shutting down, as we have to continue with “business as usual.” Of course, the term “usual” is changing every day. Therefore, we are left with one option, it is one that I do not enjoy and have difficulty with. This option is – PATIENCE. Also, in order to have patience we must have trust and faith in our SELF and in our experiences. If we do not believe in our SELF, we will have such inner turmoil that our progression into the Light will be halted.

Talking to like-minded people is vital to maintain that belief, as what we are doing is so far beyond anything that has ever been done, actually, ever on Earth. In fact, Planetary Ascension beyond its physical expression is a momentous, which only happens one time in the lifetime of that planet. From our 3D vision, scientists have told us that that planet died. However, maybe it ascended???

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