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I am on the ship again. I closed my eyes to meditate, and I am instantly here. I say here instead of there, as I am beginning to morph into this reality much easier each time I come here. When if first started this site in the mid 1990’s I had to face my fear of judgment about the radical ideas I was receiving. In fact, I am just now beginning to release some of it, and there are some messages that still seems to “far out.” I guess I am talking myself into believing this experience. My body and primary awareness is in the third dimension typing on this physical computer, but my mind, at least a part of my mind, is on the Starship.

It does not surprise me that I would find myself on a Starship, as it has been an obsession all my life. In fact my return to Kepier began when I first “came out” publicly that I had been abducted by the Zeta as a child in December of 2010. It was then that I remembered that I had first merged with Kepier in the 1994, before I even began this site. Since then my inter-dimensional experiences have greatly accelerated. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to share my experiences on the Ship, but I must be true to what I believe is my Mission of documenting my process of ascension. Therefore, I will continue explaining my experiences on the Ship.

When I arrive at the ship (for I am typing as I am experiences) there is a flurry of activity and a sense of preparation. This time I experience myself as pure consciousness. However, the crewmembers are able to see me in this form and tell me where to find Kepier. I could have found her myself, but I needed to know that they could see me. I also see others like me, who are here as pure consciousness and still hold forms on third dimensional Earth. Since these people are pure consciousness like me, there is no form to see. Nonetheless, I smile as I see that I have been communicating with some of these people via the Internet, which is also communication via pure consciousness. I like not having a visual of their face to distract me from my experience of the FEEL of the person.

I hear inside now that traveling as pure consciousness and merging with the pure consciousness of other inter-dimensional travelers is a component of preparation for ascension. We are all moving our consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond to prepare the place in which our entire being will eventually go. I am now reminded that many of us will go to several places, but since my anchor of physicality is still on Earth, I can only deeply experience one place at a time.

I know now that I chose this Starship to be that place because I often came here as a child. But, of course, I forgot those experiences. I remembered the times I was in the frightening ship of the Zetas, as fear resonates easily to third dimensional Earth especially when I was young just after WWII. Now Earth is resonating more to love, and it is easier to remember these Starship visits. I encourage any of you who read this information to tell people about the fifth dimensional signature frequency/place (place is not really a 5D word) into which you are increasingly visiting. In this way, inter-dimensional travel becomes more “normal.”

I return again to the Starship and find that I am on the Bridge. I see the holographic screen of our surrounding area and see the myriad other Starships that surround ours in the higher dimensions of Gaia’s aura. Our very existence here is extremely helpful to Her planetary ascension because we fill Her aura with peace, calm and unconditional love. Then, Gaia is able to pass that feeling on to Her many inhabitants. The cetaceans are joyful to commune with the Starships. In fact, I feel their beautiful essence and mourn for all the damage that humans have done to them.

In fact, as I perceive Gaia from this perspective, I mourn the many things that we humans have done to them while in our physical vessels. I find that everyone on the Bridge is feeling similar emotions and we join into ONE consciousness to send our loving compassion for Gaia, who has been such a brave Being during Her millions of years of physical expression. Just like her many inhabitants, Gaia no longer feels like she can confine Herself in a physical expression to the third dimension and longs to return to the higher frequencies. In fact, the longing of our grounded ones is directly linked to Gaia’s need for return Home.

I am experiencing the multidimensional nature of the crewmembers. However, they can share my revere while they continue with their duties. As a visitor of pure consciousness, I am free to observe without any responsibilities. In return, they can all read my Soul. Hence, they know who I am and that I am one of their grounded ones practicing my Return. Nonetheless, I realize that I am to leave the Bridge now. I respect this feeling and instantly find myself in the Lounge again.

I need to inform the reader that my visitations are limited by the information that my human brain can translate into English. I can feel inside of me that there are many things going on that I cannot translate into language. In fact, the attempt to do so lowers my frequency to the extent that I can no longer experience the Ship. Therefore, I need to be satisfied with comes through my consciousness and into the computer. Nevertheless, I feel a need to stop typing for a minute and experience the Ship without the need to translate the experience into language. I will return…


I am back, at least the grounded me is back. However, since everything in this journey happened in a multidimensional way this experience may be difficult to translate into 3D language. What I mean by that is that I was having several experiences simultaneously within the same NOW. I was being taught, actually I am being taught, to experience multidimensionally then “save” that experience into a 3D file to be pulled up when I return to the computer and computer brain. I will try to do so now, know that I may be too much of a novice to pull it all up.

It is as if some of the information I received is “saved” on a frequency that I cannot access with my human computer-brain. I understand that the full potential of my multidimensional brain would likely overload the Third Dimensional Operating System of my 3D version brain. Therefore, until my I learn how to us my Multidimensional Operating System, there needs to be a system of saving a “file” on a certain frequency. Then when my consciousness extends to that frequency, I can easily read it. Also, the stored file can slowly download bits of information to be processed when I am ready.

Now I will try to relay my multidimensional experience. The easiest information to remember is what happened at first. After a while, my thinking was too multidimensional for me at this time and the information was saved to a higher frequency file. What I first experienced is that I was in two realties at once, the reality of New Earth and the reality of the Starship. I could simultaneously hold those two experiences at once, but when I tried to hold my physical reality along with those two, or even with one of them, I felt the density of my earth vessel pulling on my consciousness. Then, I could only hold onto one of the fifth dimensional realities along with my physical reality.

Fortunately, I could save some of the experience of being in two fifth dimensional realities at once in my human brain. What I received was that, since there is no time and no space in the fifth dimension, there is no separation. Hence, my 3D observer self could embrace two fifth dimensional reality if I completely release any thoughts of my physical self. While in connection with my physical self I could embrace my grounded self and one or the other of the two fifth dimensional realities.

While my consciousness is connected with my third dimensional thoughts, I could only experience of one of my fifth dimensional reality. On the other hand, when I released any thoughts of my physical reality, I could easily experience both fifth dimensional realities at the same time. I was shown how, initially, we will phase out our one reality for a seconds so that we can visit another. Then, with practice, we will remember how to have two realities running in our consciousness at one time. I think that I, as well as many others, am being trained to remember our multidimensional thinking.

The part of inter-dimensional travel, which I have not mastered, is to hold enough of our awareness in my earth vessel when I return to the third dimension. I have had trouble focusing on the third dimension sometimes, especially if it a mundane, boring action. The problem is that I space out, loose my balance, fall down or forget things. I think that my documentation of my experiences is good for me as it is a way of grounding my Multidimensional SELF into my earth vessel. Therefore, I recommend sharing your experiences with others if you are traveling inter-dimensionally.

The rest that I received is saved into a brain file with a higher frequency and no name. Therefore, I can’t recover it right now. However, I hope that I will be able to read those files when my consciousness again resonates to that frequency. I am getting the metaphor of a huge file cabinet. The information is filed in drawers that are so height that I need a ladder to reach them. I would have to open the drawer, find the correct folder, take out the file and read it. But, since I am balanced on a ladder, I will need to take that file down to my desk where I can sit down, relax and read the information.

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  1. This is very hard to understand, and I am doing my best.
    What is the name of your Higher Self? Kepier? Are we to know the name of the Highest Self, the One who enlivens all of our lives? How do we find out? Do we need to know?
    thank you so much for your response. I am at a crossroads.