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Part ONE of Gaia's astrological reading for 2014


Ronald Cole Astrology Forecast for 2014
Setting the energies for 2014

SL:      Ronald, thank you so much for coming.

RC:     Thank you Sue for the kind introduction.  It’s a pleasure to be here.

SL:      So if you will start and then I’ll ask questions?

RC:     Well, you know, in the olden days Sue – that means hundreds of years ago there was an old Astrological axiom that the first aspects on the first day of the new year was setting the trend or energy for the whole year to come.

I can’t say one-hundred percent that that is true, but that was very much fixed in belief systems for a while, and if that is the case, the first day of 2014 – New Year’s Day, there was a new moon in Capricorn – sun and moon sitting together and there were five planets in Capricorn on the first day of the year.

SL:      That sounds like a good thing – Capricorn ruling.  Can you explain what it means for Capricorn to rule?

RC:     It’s a highly industrious sign – big business, commerce, and industry.  It’s connected to politics, positions of advanced empowerment, and by that I mean position that one rose to acquire that position over time – not necessarily just instantly acquired, but acquired over the year, or over a long time.  I always think of it as a mountain goat walking and jumping to the highest peak of the mountain range, as there’s an upward mobility associated with this sign.

But it is very much associated with big commerce and finance.  It is a very industrious sign of the Zodiac.  Time is its ally, because it’s a sign that says: everything comes to those who wait.  It doesn’t rush things.  You know the old Aesop’s Fable about the tortoise and the hair – where it ended up that the tortoise won the race.  Well that’s Capricorn, the tortoise who, slowly but surely, wins the race.

On this New Year’s Day, the sun and moon were conjunct Pluto.  They were coming together 10 degrees 57 minutes Capricorn and Pluto was 11 degrees Capricorn.  So this is very interesting.  This is going to be a pretty powerful and maybe intense year.  Because there is going to be a lot of Pluto overtones along with this Capricorn energy.

SL:  What exactly are Pluto overtones for people who don’t really know anything about Astrology?

RC:     The hidden comes up to the surface.  That which has been kept away becomes revealed.  Pluto is nicknamed the Great Revealer and in Astrology charts, it’s very prominent in people who are grand investigators, great forensic working people, and kind of the Sherlock Holmes type. Pluto is assigned that energy of bringing something up that was hidden, then goes right on to the core issues of things.

So in a way, this has been indicated that there will be an intense year.  The word intense is probably the most underlying word to use. 

SL:  Well I think that it’s time to have some things revealed.  I think this is a wonderful time.  I know that I have been feeling that 2014 is going to be a very big year, and I was thinking that a lot of the secrets are going to come forward.  So that’s really great to get that validation from your astrological reading.

RC:     Exactly.  I do not mean to give the impression that this is a bad thing.  This energy has already started with people like Edward Snowden revealing things going on with the people of a country and other people.  It is just going to snowball as this year goes on and more revealing’s will be coming out.

Capricorn deals with people in power.  Capricorn deals with business leaders, congressional leaders and even as high as Presidential leaders or Parliamentary leaders all over the world.

The US is going to have some pretty interesting transits this year and January is a year of a blue moon.  We actually have two new moons in January.  The first one was January 1st – the New Year’s Day and the second one is January 30th.  A blue moon is when you have two new moons in the same month.  Sometimes it’s applied to two full moons in the same month, but as long as you have two of either new or full it’s called a blue moon. 

January 30th is also the Chinese New Year.  Every year the Chinese start their New Year when the sun and moon come together in the sign of Aquarius. That will be the second new moon or the blue moon on 30th of January.  It will be 10 degrees 55 minutes in Aquarius.  This will be the, and I don’t want to digress with the aspects of the US chart, this will be the year of the horse, but in Chinese astrology, this is not a positive year because it’s the year of the fire horse. 

Every time we get an animal, it can be a fire, earth, air, water or metal.  They have five elements, and when the fire horse happens, it’s actually feared by some people.  In China they do not want to have children during the year of the fire horse.  In the past, Chinese women did everything they could to not get pregnant during that year.

Now, I’m not saying that that is an indication of being a difficult year, but according to the Chinese legend it is the toughest of any of the combinations of all of the animals of the oriental Zodiac.

So, with all of that said, what do we mean by tough?  Does it mean that it has to be a horrendous year?  Does it mean that it has to be a year of things coming to the surface?  Right? 

SL:       Yes.

RC:   This is an important aspect on the United States birth chart of July 4, 1776.  Something’s occurring in that chart that has never happened in all 237 years of our country, and that is that Pluto has been approaching an opposition to the Sun in our birth chart. Pluto will actually make the opposition the Sun this year.

On March 13, 2014 and then repeated again on May 18, 2014Pluto will be exactly opposite the birth sun in the US chart which was at 13 degrees Cancer and 19 minutes and it is going to come 13 degrees Capricorn and 19 minutes. 

I posted this on my Facebook site a few days ago.  I just said:  what do you folks think it will indicate and I got comment after comment from people saying that it was going to be a great revealer and pull things out that have been deliberately been kept hidden and pull power away for those that have misused it.  It’s going to take a make people face up to their full truths.

SL:  That sounds like the most wonderful thing possible.

RC:     I agree.  I think this is great.

SL:      I think it’s wonderful to have things revealed and it’s time for the truth.

RC:     We get three transits next year in 2015.  Pluto will make the same opposition on January 5, 2015, August 18th and the last one to be, will be on November 1, 2015.  So we have five times in which the energy of Pluto will be exactly opposite the US Sun. 

If you think about it, Pluto represents not only transformation, it represents a metamorphosis.  It’s the energy that can take a creature like a caterpillar and through metamorphosis turn it into a butterfly.  It keeps its same cells and its same molecular pattern, but it doesn’t make new molecules. Instead, it rearranges the molecules and out comes a totally different creature then the caterpillar that created the cocoon.

So, not only will this be a great revealer, but it will be a great transformer too.  For people who want the same status quo and don’t want to give into change, people that want to stay fixed in an “it’s fine with me” attitude – this will be a difficult year for them, because they are going to remain rooted when everything else is in the energy of transformation.

SL:      So as the world is changing around them, they are going to have to go into a state of denial to not notice how much the world is changing?

RC:     Exactly – the state of denial would be the only way they could pull back into their own shell or own world.  That’s not healthy because when you get transits like this, they exist for a reason.  Interestingly enough, as far back as 237, and now almost 238 years ago, when our country was started – July 4, 1776 there was already the time aspect built into that chart – that in the year 2014 and 2015 we would have Pluto opposite our Sun.

Now Pluto was not even discovered, or known back in 1776.  So this energy is something that will likely feel new. New Year starting with the Sun and Moon in Pluto is the energy of the shadowing the Pluto timing for all of 2014.  The New Year is for the whole Planet not just for the US.

SL:      Yes, exactly.  Let me ask you a few questions about that US. 
1)   You used the analogy of the caterpillar moving through the transmutation into a butterfly. How would you translate that analogy to the country of the US? 
2)   I’m wondering if that means that the US might be somehow  ignite a form of catalyst to kick in the transformation that will be planetary wide?

RC:     That’s a very good way of looking at it because although the new moon on January 1st is for the whole planet, the Sun opposition Pluto is just for the United States. It is the United States that is getting this very powerful and intense transit of Pluto opposition Sun in its personal chart.  So the US might to be some type of harbinger or catalyst for change and activation. 

SL:      How would a planet turn into a butterfly, so to speak?

RC:     Something has to be killed off for something new to be formed and the word killed off scares people because it immediately sounds like violence or some kind of natural connection with what we think of as physical death.  But if you think about the metamorphosis, the form and being of the caterpillar is killed off but is not dead.  It re-emerges like a phoenix bird in another form – a butterfly.  So the old ways, the old corruption, the old way of doing things, the old hiddenness, the old doing it below the surface has to be killed off for new revealing of information to come forward.

SL:      I always think of Capricorn as a winter sign as it comes in the winter to be about letting go of that which is dead, so that the new growth can come in the spring.  That’s when everyone prunes back their roses and prune back their trees. They’re letting all that has completed its purpose to be released so that when the spring comes, brand new things can arise in a new and healthy fashion.

RC:     That’s a wonderful way to look at it, and that’s very interesting because it is necessary do exactly the steps that you were saying to lead to the new Spring life, the new Spring Growth and the new Spring energy of the coming year.  In fact did you know that the original beginning of the New Year was not January 1st.. It was March 21st when the Sun entered Aries, and we began a whole new cycle with Spring?

Interestingly enough people around the world who are savvy about Astrology to this day mark March 21st as the International Day of Astrology because it indicates the first degree of the Zodiac – the first degrees of Aries.  The last of the final sign Pisces has just finished off and the first of the first sign, Aries, starts.

SL:      Yes, and we’re leaving the Piscean age too, so that’s good.  All that suffering, we can release.  No more martyrdom, no more victim, no more persecution.  Let’s move into Aries where we have lots of initiative and new Power.

RC:     If you think of March as month number one.  September, sept, means seven and if you go from March as our first month, September would be the seventh.  October – eight – that’s the eighth month from March.  November, Nova in Italian means nine and December Decs in French would be ten.  These names were based on starting from March to the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth month.  So we would be in the eleventh month now.

SL:      Did that occur at the same time as the Gregorian calendar came in and messed up time?   It wasn’t based on what time really was.

RC:     Yes, there was a switch from the Julien to the Gregorian and there was an entire switch in rearranging around when the New Year would start.  As a result of that, it started in January instead of in March - the name for Mars and Aries the sign of the Zodiac as the first month.  Interesting how things get shifted.  Even our standard way of calling months still reflect the old system.

SL:      The old system was based on nature.  It’s the natural cycle that everyone goes to sleep in the winter, all the plants and a lot of the animals hibernate and they come out in the spring.  So maybe that is one of the big shifts that will happen is that we get back with the land.

Now the United States just over 200 years ago was the most pristine, beautiful Nirvana and look what we have done to this country in such a short time because we got disassociated from nature.

RC:     Exactly.  It is interesting that you bring that up.  I was thinking of that just today of how many areas we’ve polluted how many places we have contaminated, how many areas we have just damaged and destroyed – the woodlands in just a short period of time.

SL:      Yes, it’s a very short period of time.  If you look in terms of planetary time instead of human time – it’s a second;  it’s less than a second for all that destruction.  Last night when I was meditating, I got overwhelmed with this massive sorrow and I heard inside that it was the sorrow of Gaia and that she was calling upon her people to help heal her sorrow because she was so sad at all of the awful things that we have done to her planet.

RC:     Interesting and that can be a major focus for people who are listening in their meditations to do world healing, to do spot healings in areas where there have been wars and scaring of the land to do spot healings where we know there is severe pollution and damage. Also, to heal the whole world as well.  Focus in on energy, and the more we concentrate on that the more mind power and humanity united together the more it will be a catalyst for transformation.

SL:      Absolutely, and there is Pluto to assist in our transmutation!


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  3. Sorry, that is weird, all the Australian Chinese were telling us it's the Year of The Wood Horse, I paid attention, as I am a Horse....What does Ronald say to that? Or is it different in each part of the globe you are in/on?
    Thanks very interesting...Love you
    Sylvia xx

  4. Sorry, that is weird, all the Australian Chinese were telling us it's the Year of The Wood Horse, I paid attention, as I am a Horse....What does Ronald say to that? Or is it different in each part of the globe you are in/on?
    Thanks very interesting...Love you
    Sylvia xx

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