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Messages from our SELF - Unconscious Part 1

Messages from our SELF

With the beginning of the end, we go back to the beginning.

I started this journey in 1993 and founded in 1996. To review my amazing experience of documenting my inner guidance, I will begin to post the poems in the order that they appear on the site. Hence, I begin at the beginning.

I am posting the poems, and short stories, because it is vital that we learn multidimensional language. The communications that we receive from our inner Multidimensional SELF, who is ALL the higher expression that WE are, come in the NOW of a flash of light.

This light is best translated in pictures, physical/emotional feelings, unbidden thoughts, images and metaphors. Since poetry evokes all of these reactions, it is one of best ways to receive and understand Messages from our SELF.

It is easy for us to think that nothing has changed, but when we go back to 1993, 
WHO were you, 
WHAT were you doing, 
WHERE were we, 
WHEN did we begin to awaken and 
WHY did we begin to remember?


There are still many of us who cannot remember who we are.
We have worn our earthen bodies for so many eons that we believe we are only physical and that we are limited to these clay forms until we “die”.

According to the law of free will, as long as we choose to believe in the illusion of limitation and separation of the third dimension, that is our only “conscious” experience.

When the reality of our higher dimensional self became “unconscious,” we forgot that Earth was a schoolroom.

We forgot that we came here to learn how to be conscious creators through the process of third dimensional experiences.

However, even though we lost the memory of our true selves and our reason for coming to this planet, we kept our higher dimensional powers of manifestation, at least for a while.

All manifestations start a circular path that eventually returns to the sender.
Therefore, it was dangerous to use our higher dimensional power from only a third dimensional consciousness, as we did not retain the higher wisdom and love to balance our power.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, once we misused our power, we began to lose it.
Then we really WERE “only physical!”

As the collective consciousness of Earth continued to drop, we plummeted deeper and deeper into forgetfulness.

Before we knew it, we were enmeshed in the illusions of planet Earth.

Until the collective consciousness of Earth had again risen to a level where it would be possible to recognize messages from the higher dimensions, it would be difficult for us to return to the awareness of our true, Multidimensional SELF.

Earth had so fallen into fear and superstition that most communications between higher dimensional beings and those on Earth were greatly misunderstood or distorted.

And so we waited!

Sometimes we hated the wait, and sometimes we loved it.

We learned that if we forgot about our higher dimensional Home and the part of us that resided there, we weren’t so lonely.

Therefore, most of us forgot.


We would least expect it, as if in a dream, we would remember something:

A feeling,
A brief picture,
A certain color
Or a sound

Then we would become very, very lonely. We would want to go Home.
But we couldn’t remember where Home was. We only knew that is wasn’t here.

We only knew that we didn’t fit and
We didn’t want to!


I gazed on the glorious being floating just before me. Its light filled the entire room with a warm radiation.

"Who are you?" I asked within my heart.

"I am you, Beloved," was the unexpected reply.

I did not understand what the beautiful being had said. I was not glorious. I could not float in the air as the being before me did, and I definitely did not have enough light to fill the entire room.

I was just a regular person with a regular life. Some days I felt good, even peaceful, but some days, I felt bad, even tormented. I did my job as well as I could and tried to pay my bills on time.

I was a good citizen. I had a family that I loved and friends that cared for me.  However, sometimes, I was frightened, annoyed, or sad. No, I was not special. I was just regular.

"Oh, but my one," the being interrupted my thoughts, "just regular IS special."

"What?" I responded in a somewhat angry and disrespectful voice.  Quickly, I covered my mouth and muttered an apology.

"You needn't apologize to me my dear. I am you!"

"No, I'm sorry," I replied, almost to myself. "I can't believe that. I cannot accept that. If I were you, then why would I ever want to be me?"

"I am very proud to be you. I am very proud of how you have maintained your life under difficult circumstances. Life upon the physical plane can be, and usually is, challenging. And you/I have maintained a heart that loves."

"A heart that loves?"

"Yes, and a mind that thinks. You, that is you and I together, have kept our
bond, our promise, to remain our SELF in the face of many temptations that could pull us out of 'being special'."

"Well yes," I replied as I scratched my chin. "I must say that there are a million temptations, from choosing to walk to the recycling bin to remembering to think before I speak. I guess I do try, most of the time, to be the best person that I can be."

"Yes, and all of the time, you are special. You are special not just because you try to do your best, but because you have chosen to leave the form that you see before you, our SELF, and enter into the experience of physical life."

Now I was confused. I did not remember making such a choice. In fact, if I
could choose, I would instantly become the glorious being before me.

"Are you sure?" responded the being, reading my thoughts. "What about your family, your friends, your work, your planet? Would you not miss them?"

"Well, yes, I would. I would miss them all very much. But, if I am also a being like you, then they must also have a part of them that is like you. Don't they?"

"Most certainly," replied the being with a smile so bright that the radiance
extended beyond the walls of the room until there were no walls and no floor, and here was only light

At first, I was a bit frightened. Standing in the middle of blazing light was not a "regular" occurrence. 

The being gently laughed, "Be not concerned, the room around you, in fact
your entire physical world, still exists. However, your attention is the NOW of my
world, which is of a higher vibration.

"Follow me," said the being. "There is something I would like you to see."

The being led me to a door that seemed to appear from nowhere. It opened wide as we approached it.

The being stepped through the door and beckoned me to follow. It took a
moment for my sight to clear. Then I saw it.

Before me was a vision of my house, my family, and my friends joining
together in friendly communion, except that everything and everyone was
emanating radiant light. They all turned towards me and smiled. Their smiles lit the room even brighter.

"You have brought your physical awareness," they said as one voice. "We
are trying to bring our physical consciousness here as well. Wouldn't it be
beautiful if we all could meet here, physical with spiritual, and then return to

“Think of it! Can you imagine the impact it would make if we could link our physical and spiritual essences to create a continuous flow from Spirit into Matter?"

"I must be dreaming," I thought out loud. I reached to pinch my arm, but it
looked different. It was not hard. I was more like a cloud, a golden cloud. My hands were as radiant as the glorious being's. I looked around to ask the being what had happened and found that it had gone. 

"No" replied the being's voice from inside my heart and mind. "I am not gone.  I am inside of you. Now, please take me into your physical world and don't forget that I am YOU-inside.”

I sat up in my bed with a start. My body was drenched with sweat and my
mate was sleeping beside me. 

"It was just a dream after all," I thought. 

"Oh, but what a glorious dream!" came the now familiar inner voice. 
Fortunately, it was still responding to my every thought.


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  2. Absolutely amazing!

  3. "Fortunately, it was still responding to my every thought." How true, Sue, how wonderfully accurate. Thank you. Yes, I remember 'who' I 'thought' I was in 1993. Twenty-plus years later, well..... what can I say, except that when I remembered my beginning, my ending became quite acceptable! Love, B.

  4. Translation in Italian:
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