Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gaia Greetings 4 (+playlist)


  1. dearest sri sri suzan caroll
    i am surprised and amazed and wondering:why do i perceive so much inside your messages ,writings,etc?
    why i do resonate to your affirmations and offered data
    so really very much more intensely than
    with the thousands cosmic-messages now on line upon Gaia
    in so many different formats?
    i am very indipendent so i live and depend on my RealMultiD Self and Infinite Spirit Energy

    and that's my basic perceptive format along dimensions /timelines etc.

    and i prefer to give than to receive ,to guide than to follow,to help instead of being helped,
    one of the miracles with you is that i am helped and i can help more while........remaining indipendent,responsible,dependable,self managed, self esteemed,SELFcentered.
    .i hope i can co-operate

  2. Dear spanish readers, Sue´s spanish blog is going to be updated soon, please be patient!!!!

    With Love, <3