Thursday, September 22, 2011


Part Five

I wanted tell you a bit more about our experiences in the Corridor. As I said before, the Corridor got brighter and brighter as we moved deeper into it. I want to add that, as the light got brighter it began to take on different colors. At first the light was a soft pink, which made us all feel very safe, protected and, well, loved. None of us that it was possible for a light to give us love, so we thought that it was the Arcturians’s love that we were feeling. However, as usual, the Arcturians read our minds and said, “Although we love you unconditionally, it is the light that is sending you the love. You see, this light is alive.”

Alive light was yet another totally unique concept that we had to understand. Fortunately, we were learning that if we just stopped asking questions and surrendered to the experience that, eventually, our questions would be answered from within. Because we were able to surrender into this pink light, we could feel how it was alive. It seemed to collect around whatever semblance of form we still possessed to create a sense of knowing that was superimposed over all of our questions.

Then, gradually, the pink light morphed into a cozy orange light that felt like an inner lantern that was lighting our way into a new way of being, a re-birth. Just as we became comfortable with that concept, the light turned into a warm yellow glow that empowered us beyond our wildest dreams. We felt wise beyond our years and totally confidence that, whatever it was that we were doing, was right.

Since there was no sense of time within the Corridor, we had no way of knowing how long we were in each hue of light. It seemed that some of us needed more exposure to certain colors and less exposure to other colors. But, I must say that, “color” is not the correct term. It was more that we were in different, and progressive, frequencies of energy, and the color was the language for that frequency. We even learned that we could send different colors of light to each other, which actually became different kinds of messages. We were beginning to release the habit of talking in words and were learning to talk in colors and frequencies of light.

It seemed that all of us took a break outside of the Corridor before we moved into the green light. It seemed that this light was far more alive than the other ones, and we instinctively knew that we would have to prepare our consciousness to be able to accept it into our consciousness. We were becoming so lovingly united that we all had the same impression at the same time. This gave us great comfort. We decided to stay outside of the Corridor for what was 7 days in that Earth time to prepare for this next frequency of light.

At the end of one week, we all returned, how could we abandon each other or this wonderful process? We huddled closely together and awaited the green glow that we saw emerging from the depths of the Corridor. This light was more alive than all the other ones put together. This light was, yes, we realized all within the same moment, this glorious light was Gaia!  She came upon us as softly as a falling leaf and surrounded us like a green dawn. We were warmed by her light, chilled by Her depth, caressed by Her love and enlivened by Her strength.

As the green light flowed into our being, we were almost overwhelmed by the verities of green that one Being could simultaneously emote. We were the vast fields of early wheat blowing in the wind, the deep green of huge forests, the bright green of infinite meadows, the flowing green of fern lined streams. All of the shades, all of these variations of manifestation of life flowed into us like the first breath of a new born babe. We gasped trying to inhale this powerful life-form and sobbed like a baby as we exhaled that great life-form into myriad shades of green light.

Then, we were totally silent, each of us together, yet alone, struggling to surrender without becoming lost. As one person we thought, “If this is lost, then we are found,” and we fell into the green. It was then that I had my first truly multidimensional experience, for as I traveled through out all that Gaia had ever grown, I was US! I clearly experienced my every sensation simultaneously with every sensation of every one in our group.
We were ONE with earth other and ONE with Gaia!

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  1. I was flooded with that pink light 5 years ago,I was going through the dark night of the soul,I curled up into a foetal position in my bed and said I am so tired the light filled my being and I fell asleep,I awoke refreshed about a year later I started being guided by visions and communication:) Thank you Sue xxx