Saturday, September 10, 2011


9-10-11  The Countdown Begins

I am really feeling the pull of New Earth. I have an overwhelming desire to garden, make my own food, grow herbs and to learn how to use each one of them. Money feels like something from another reality, yet the lack of it is like a gnat bussing around my face. However, I know inside that money, possession, competition and judgment are floating out of our lives. We are moving into a frequency of reality that is not adhesive to such low frequency patterns.

The higher dimensions of the fifth dimension and beyond create clear, circular and infinite energy patterns that expand and transmute. On the other hand, the lower frequencies of the fourth dimension and below create energy patterns that have more and more interruptions as they travel down the frequency range. These interruptions occur because the thought forms of separation are creating space between manifestations of light and the time that it takes to travel that space.

However, there is actually no space or time, but it appears that way because of the interrupted patterns of energy. These interruptions actually represent portals through which the lower dimensions can explore and/or return to the higher dimensions. These portals are the reason why you can go inside for just a few eye-blinks and travel inter-dimensionally for what appears to be a lifetime.

Once we are aware that we are having this experience of inter-dimensional realities, we reach a threshold in our ascension process. This threshold represents our dedication to the process of ascension, for we will have to continue the process of opening these inner portals while in the midst of your daily life. In other words, we must learn (which is actually remember) how to live in two (or more) realities at once. We have talked about these multidimensional realities many times, but now we can remember how to consciously experience them.

The experience of multiple lifetimes starts out with the “main life,” being on 3D Earth. Then, gradually, we become confused as to which life we are in verses which life we are visiting. Of course, if we don’t know which life we are in then we are in our 3D life. When we are in our higher dimensional lives and we ask, which life am I in? The answer is, ‘ALL OF THEM.”

Once we can imagine that we are actually IN all of the inter-dimensional realities that we are visiting, the concept of our “main life” begins to fade from our awareness because our main life is within our true form of multidimensional consciousness. The reality that we create is merely an encasement for that consciousness. We are the consciousness that creates the vessel in which we can experience our reality, and we are the consciousness, which creates how we interact with that reality.

The third and fourth dimensions are especially difficult to visit, for we can forget that we are pure consciousness and believe that we are the form that our consciousness created in order to visit that reality. However, with the higher frequencies of multidimensional light through which planet Earth is now traveling the 97% of our human DNA is being activated, we are regaining access to the 95% of our brain power which was formerly unavailable.

Furthermore, the unconditional love that naturally resonates to the frequencies of this higher light is entering our High Heart and allowing us to feel safe enough, strong enough to “wake up” even though many around us are still sleeping. Once we awaken, it is our responsibility to go to everyone we know and find a way to wake them up too. They make wake up suddenly, or they may wake up slowly. However, if we are tenacious, they WILL wake up.

So go out into the world that you have created and find a way to say to everyone in your world, “Wake up, Wake up. The dream is OVER. You can take of you “nightgown” of  your 3D form and awaken to your true SELF.”

We are in the process of transmutation into Lightbody right NOW.


  1. Yes, reminds me of the last part of the movie "Inception", where Leonardo is saying to this old man, his friend that he came in with - "Wake Up". And then the haunting ending, where you see that he is still in a version of a dream, unrealized (or remembered) by him at this point.

    At times I think we've all gotten a little confused as well. No matter, the lights are going on, and there will soon be no dreamscape unlit by a deeper truth.
    Thank you very much for your communications. Very nice to feel the connection and remembrances.

  2. Thank you... o... sooo very much...heartwarming and be able to connect in this way...and understand....
    In Hearts embrace,Saffier

  3. Thanks for sharing Dear Heart and helping us on our Journey Back Home.Much Love and Blessings.ANIL