Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arcturian Lessons Chapter 7 continued

Jefferson: You referred to how humans think of the terms Galactics and Celestials beings where you mentioned Galactics are thought to be humanoid and Celestials spirit beings but the way I see it, is that Galactics are extraterrestrials currently inheriting a body that has some sort of physicality to it whereas Celestials are beings which level of spiritual evolution make them much more ethereal in the order of pure beings such as angels and the likes. Is my definition of both terms close to yours? What is YOUR people's definition of those two terms in case my idea was still somewhat or totally off?

Arcturians: We hold no differentiation between Galactics and Celestials. That is why we said, "to the human perception."  However, we see no differentiation in any person, place or thing, as we resonate to the reality of total unity. So to answer your question, many humans believe that Spirits are higher dimensional than Galactics, but to us within the ONE, every person, place or thing has a Spirit. This Spirit may, or may not choose the surround the earth vessel.

Jefferson: It seems that we arrived at the conclusion that thought transference and telepathy are two different things. I am not sure I understood their differences. What I understood though is that for thought transference to happen from non-physical to physical a sort of pre-agreement must exist, is that so? Could you please expand on the idea of the difference of these two terms and then speak a little more on these pre-agreements?

Arcturians: There is no such thing as a "pre-arrangement", as we resonate beyond time. Also, to our frequency of reality, within the ONE, there is no difference to anything. Hence, there is no difference in telepathy and thought transference. One of the greatest challenges for humanity in embracing the Unity of the ONE is to learn to think beyond time, separation and limitation. This is why we enjoy these conversations, as we have the opportunity to guide our grounded ones in a new form of thought. Furthermore, there is multidimensional thought, in which we of the higher frequencies, can hold an infinite-that is beyond limit-thoughts in our consciousness and have infinite experience, all within the NOW.

Jefferson: So are the terms Galactics and Celestials, thought transfer and telepathy are products of our 3D concepts and ideas that serve us to exchange information? Their definition will vary from place to place and the higher up one goes, more unified everything becomes and their previously apparent differences tend to fade away like the night does to make room for the morning light. Is that how it is?

Arcturians: Yes, that is how it is!

Jefferson: It is hard sometimes to think exactly how you do. I am sure you were not always so evolved as you need experiences and choices to learn from life and evolve. Do you remember the time you had your 3D experiences? Was it everything so linear in your planet as we have made it to be in ours?

Arcturians: We can access those archives, much as you would access the archives of your deep subconscious. No, we were never as polarized or as linear as Earth has become. In fact, it was never intended that Earth become this polarized. However, after the fall of Atlantis, your planet went into a bit of a tailspin. Too many of the Lightbeings ascended at that time and left Earth very unprotected from the darkness that was left. Also, the Atlanteans who survived moved into realities in which the "other" occupants if that part of Earth were at a much lower level of evolution.

Therefore, the separation of ruler and ruled became very pronounced. Because of this the rulers eventual fell into the temptation of total control and became ruled by the separation principle of fear. On our planets, there was not as much variety of beings as on Earth. Earth is like a schoolroom where beings come from all over the Galaxy to experience the extreme polarity. Just like a long, steep hike in the mountains, might appear to fun at first, when the climb gets too steep and the weather too harsh, the fun is over and lower emotions such as fear and anger take over. That is part of what happened on Earth.

Jefferson: You said that there is no such a thing as pre-arranged agreements. I ask that because if experience dictates what is real and what is not real, then FOR US, (here in the third dimension), it is natural to exist the idea of pre-arrangement, correct? For instance, my guide is with me this lifetime yeah and there has been some work done prior to this incarnation to get the whole life theme going. Would we say then that in this context there exists pre-arrangement and the terms are again more related to where each of us happen to exist?

Arcturians: Yes, on Earth you experience pre-arrangements for Earth is ruled by time.

Jefferson: I was confirming with you the idea that a perception is the fruit of each individual’s ability to interpret vibration with his or her particular level of consciousness making every definition open to discussion.

Arcturians: Yes, we agree very much with that sentence.

Jefferson: I wish to once again thank you dear Arcturians for your visitation with us and look forward to be in your ship again and to remember this time I have been there.

Arcturians: We also look within, as we do not need to look forward. We enjoy your visits to our Ship, as well. Blessings to you dear Jefrees.

Jefferson: Oh thank you. Look forward to our next conversation in this or any other way, good day and goodbye for now.

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