Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I would like to talk a bit about my physical sensations on Sunday when I received the below message. When I received the download the day before, I felt only incredible fatigue. Then, I had clients. Therefore, my attention was focused on someone else, and I had to “file” my experience somewhere in my memory. I pretty much forgot about the experience until the next day, Sunday, when I emailed a friend to ask if he knew if anything had happed somewhere in higher levels the day before. However, before I could finish typing the question, I was overwhelmed with the answer to my question.

When answers come from the ONE, they are not in English, or any third dimensional, sequential language. The answers come in a burst of light that is often quite uncomfortable. In fact, the higher the frequency of the message, the more uncomfortable to message is to the dense, physical form. On the other hand, the euphoria of that frequency of light and unconditional love is what is the most difficult part of the experience. Just as you would not serve a full meal to someone who is starving, it is difficult for our bodies to digest such huge downloads of higher frequency. In fact, during the download on Sunday, I felt like I had just put my finger in the light socket.

Then, I left my body and began to go Home. A wave of sadness, or is it nostalgia, overtakes me as I write this sentence. The feeling I was having was beyond words, and I kept typing my friend to keep anchored to the 3D. However, after a bit I couldn’t type because my fingers were too far away from ME. Then I realized that I had to go back. I was not my time to leave, and I am dedicated to ascending WITH Gaia. I am not sure how that will work, but I KNOW that it will.

I have decided to write about this because so many people told me about their experiences. I think it is important that we share our experiences of the ascension process with others. We have “hid our light under a bushel” for so many lifetimes that it has become a habit. Furthermore, it has been unsafe in this lifetime to show our SELF to most people. Because of this, we must have discretion about who we share our experiences with and courage so that we can trust our instincts and share with those we FEEL will accept and benefit from our sharing.

Monday, the day after my major download was very calm. I went to buy flowers and planted them in my yard. This is the best way for me to ground myself, so I felt pretty good. However, last night I had an unpleasant discussion with someone I am close to, which made me very tired. In fact, I am still tired today and it is almost 2:00 pm. It is like we can no longer tolerate upheaval and unpleasantness in our lives now. Once we have had the experience of our true reality, it become increasingly uncomfortable to live within the polarity of the third dimension.

In one way we are much stronger because we can move into a much higher frequency than we could before. On the other hand, we are weaker because we can no longer tolerate that which lowers our resonance. This “weakness” will transmute into strength, I think, once transmutation of energy field becomes as natural as breathing. Wow, just writing that sentence lifted a heavy cloud from my head that has been there all day. I need to go out into the world for a while. I will try that constant transmutation and see how it works.
Well, I hardly got out the door and I forgot about the transmutation, but I did go down to the ocean. Then I remembered the transmutation and did it on the way back. What I discovered is that my neighborhood is pretty clear, and I was mostly transmuting my self. Does it never end? Is there forever something within us that needs to be transmuted? I just heard, does a car run out of fuel? And, humans, unlike cars, can run on empty. I think the running on empty is part of what creates that which needs to be transmuted.

The walk helped, as I feel more grounded now. Grounded is good. Remember when we used to have to try to raise our consciousness. Now we have to try to stay grounded. Fortunately, I have time now to lie down and take a nap. Maybe I can visit Home again????

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