Monday, September 28, 2020

Preparing for First Contact Though Suzanne Lie


Preparing for FIRST CONTACT

                                             Above is one of my books about the Galactics

The Title of the book includes 

"Landing in a frequency near you"

A Message from the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

You, the readers, may wonder what "a frequency near you" might mean.  Therefore, we the Arcturians, who are the ones speaking through Suzille, wish to tell you more about your Galactic Family Members who are now wearing  third dimensional earth bodies, so that more and more of you will begin to realize and/or remember 


You, the third dimensional version of your Multidimensional SELF, are beginning to awaken from your "third dimensional sleep" and are beginning to remember that YOU, yes YOU, are also a Galactic Being. 

Yes, we the Arcturians can see that you are wearing a human form, but this is because you, Yes YOU, have volunteered to take a third dimensional Earth Body. You volunteered to take this third dimensional form in order to be able to understand the workings of the third dimension, and the realities of wearing a third dimensional form.

This does not mean that you are NOT a human, but it does mean that you are a human who is slowly, or quickly, beginning to remember that there is more to you than "just being a human." 

We see that many of our brave Galactics who chose to take a third dimensional form in order to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, are beginning to remember that there is something that they need to remember.

Very often it can be difficult to remember your Galactic Self because that would make you feel even more different. However, we wish to remind you that we, "the Galactics" have sworn to assist our dear sister planet Gaia (also known as "Earth" by the humans) are beginning to awaken from their long mission of being "just a human."

This awakening will happen slowly for some humans, very quickly for other humans, and gradually for other humans. Except, as we have said, the awakening ones are actually members of our Galactic Family who have volunteered to take a third dimensional earth vessel in order to assist Gaia with Her transmutations from a third dimensional planet and into a fifth dimensional planet.

Therefore, we the Galactics will slowly, or for some quickly, assist humans who are ready to awaken to their true fifth dimensional Galactic SELF! "How will this awakening occur?" we hear you ask. Gaia is a planet who has chosen to allow many different types of beings to reside on Her Planetary Form.  

Therefore, there will be many different ways in which this awakening will occur. However, there is not right way or wrong way to awaken, except that the awakening will only occur deeply when one can maintain a energy that is filled with Unconditional Love.

We say, "Unconditional Love," because we have seen that the humans who can NOT give and/or receive "Unconditional Love," cannot  resonate to the higher frequents of Light that will be needed for a Planetary Transmutation. 

This planetary transmutation will begin with the first dimensional frequencies of Gaia to transmute into second dimensional transmutation, then into a third dimensional transmutation. We, your Galactic Family are happy to see that there are more and more humans who have been able to transmute their energy fields into the third and fourth dimensions. 

However, the transmutation into the fifth dimension will be difficult for many humans. Fortunately, there are, slowly but surely, more and more humans who are becoming aware of  their own "state of consciousness." 

What we mean by "awareness of their state of consciousness" is that they are able to recognize when they are conscious, and in control of the frequencies of reality that are allowing and directing to FLOW through their consciousness, their physical form and whether or not they are transmuting the lower frequencies of their reality into higher frequencies of Light and Unconditional Love 

We will return soon to speak more about your innate ability to transmute the lower frequencies of reality into the higher frequencies of Light and Unconditional Love. 

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