Friday, June 5, 2015

Becoming ONE~ People and Planet---Gaia and YOU


Becoming ONE
Introduction Part 2

As we continue our adventure of exploring our inherent connection to the planet, we review the full chakra system as it resides in the human body and the planetary body, for we are all connected in Oneness. 

Each chakra serves as a portal of experience and communication with different dimensions to align with our Multidimensional SELF. The chakras each portray a specific color in the spectrum and are aligned from the bottom starting at the first chakra and moving up to the seventh chakra at the top.

The chakra colors follow:

-       First Chakra: Red
-       Second Chakra: Orange
-       Third Chakra: Yellow
-       Fourth Chakra: Green
-       Fifth Chakra: Blue
-       Sixth Chakra: Indigo
-       Seventh Chakra: Violet

Starting from the bottom, the first or root chakra is our grounding point to our finite planet, whereas the top seventh or crown chakra is our grounding point to our infinite SELF.

Our fourth or heart chakra serves as the meeting ground of these two polarities of infinite and finite.

The second (navel) chakra is the lower octave of the fifth (throat) chakra, just as the third (solar plexus) chakra is the lower octave of the sixth (brow) chakra.

Chakras, which rule certain areas of our body, can also be divided into three levels of consciousness. Chakras of our unconsciousness rule the lower body and area of our life to which we are normally unconscious, such as grounding with the planet, digestion, and elimination.

The first chakra rules the skeleton, legs, knees, and feet.
The second chakra rules the genitals, abdomen, and lower back.
The third chakra rules the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

Chakras of our consciousness rule the middle part of our body and areas of our life of which we are generally conscious, such as relationships, health, and communication.
The fourth chakra rules the heart, lungs, immune system, arms, and hands.
The fifth chakra rules the throat, mouth, speech, and hearing.

Chakras of our superconscious rule the upper part of our body and areas of our life that are larger in the realm of the superconscious, such as higher ideals and expanded consciousness.
The sixth chakra rules the vision, face, head, sleep, and dreams.
The seventh chakra rules the brain and nervous system.

The chakras represent not only a particular part of our body, but also a part of our consciousness.  Consciousness is the experience of “be-ing,” which represents everything that is possible for us to experience. These senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories that are associated with each of the seven chakras.

• Etheric/Physical Body
-       The first chakra is survival, vitality, and grounding to physical life.
Emotional Body
-       The second chakra is emotions, nurturing, and shelter.
Mental Body
-       The third chakra is thoughts and power systems.

Divine Child/Guardian Angel
-       The fourth chakra is love, health, and relationships.
Causal Body
-       The fifth chakra is communication and higher creativity.
I AM Presence
-       The sixth chakra is inspiration, imagination, and spiritual power.
Multidimensional SELF
-       The seventh chakra is unity with multidimensional consciousness.

Tensions that are felt in our consciousness are also felt in our body via the chakra system. Conversely, tensions that are felt in our body are felt in our consciousness.

A first-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties with our daily survival, vital energy, or dedication to physical life
-       body as problems with our skeleton, legs, knees, or feet

A second-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties with our emotions, ability to give or receive nurturing, or our home
-       body as problems with our reproductive organs, intestines, or lower back

A third-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties with thinking and power struggles with others or within our self
-       body as problems with our liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, or pancreas

A fourth-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties giving or expressing love in our relationships and our over-all health
-       body as problems with our heart, lungs, immune system, arms, or hands

A fifth-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties with communication and creativity
-       body as problems with our throat, mouth, speech, or hearing

A sixth-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties with inspiration, imagination, and spiritual power
-       body as nightmares or problems with our vision, face, head, or sleep

A seventh-chakra problem would express through our:
-       consciousness as difficulties with mind expansion
-       body as problems with our brain or nervous system

Gaia Speaks
My Dear Portal Openers

I am very pleased that you are joining us to connect your personal chakras (which are portals) with my planetary chakras/portals. As we join together Person and Planet, we will do so chakra-by-chakra and dimension-by-dimension.

I am honored to be here with you on your journey. I am joyous that you have answered my call to assist me with my transmutation into fifth dimension. After you have visited your personal chakras, I will happily take you on a voyage into my Planetary Chakras.
Just imagine, people and planets.

            Together, beloved my Keepers of the Land, Keepers of the Air, Keepers of the Water and Keepers of that Fire, are:

Becoming ONE


Merging with GAIA

Summer Solstice Chakra Serenade

Grab your multidimensional passport and join us for a playful trip (starting NOW) as we explore and merge our personal and planetary chakra systems! Let’s celebrate the summer solstice with a two-week exploratory and sensory journey collectively merging with the planet and ultimately flowing along the River of Unity.

Two Fun Weeks of Personal and Planetary Chakra Exploration

Join Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., and Shawnna Donop, M.B.A. for a fun two-week personal and planetary exploration in this three-webinar series to learn about the seven chakra system of ourselves, as well as the planet. We will explore the importance of the chakras as they determine our frequency, resonance, state of physical, mental, and spiritual health, and ultimately, our reality.

Our experience culminates around the summer solstice as we collectively flow in the River of Unity around the world to merge with the seven planetary chakras.
Webinar 1 (Chakra Intro & Chakras Part I)
Saturday, June 13, 2015, at 11 AM Pacific (Local Time)
Webinar 2 (Chakras Part II)
Wednesday, June 17, 2015, at 3 PM Pacific (Local Time)
Webinar 3 (*Summer Solstice Serenade Finale)
Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 11 AM Pacific (Local Time)
Planetary Pledge
Full Webinar Series: $49
*Summer Solstice Finale Webinar Only: $15

Webinar Options

All three webinars are included in the full series, and *additional participants are welcome to join the final solstice celebration webinar on its own.  If you are unable to attend live, you are still welcome to register, and the recordings will be shared with registrants.  
(Current Multidimensional Leadership Academy Students attend for free!)



  1. alex alfa ashton 1June 6, 2015 at 7:08 AM

    dearest Arcturians and HigherSelves/Source
    thank you ,we are getting better and better.
    waiting for new assignements.
    Ital. transl. upon request
    cosmic cooperation always

  2. Hello Readers,
    I am writing in the comment section because there is so much in this blog. This is the beginning of a process of Becoming ONE with our Personal SELF--Chakra by Chakra, and Becoming ONE with our Planetary SELF--Dear Gaia.

    I am offering this process in the hopes that we, humanity, can begin to fully bond with and have unconditional love for the beloved planet that humanity, greatly harmed. Of course, no one who would read this exercise would ever harm Gaia because WE are the Keepers.

    The Keepers of the Land, Air, Water and Fire elements and elementals that give Gaia, and all of us, the ability to experience life on a third dimensional world. Yes, we have all complained, including my self, but IT IS THE NOW for us to appreciate and BECOME ONE with our Beloved Gaia to Heal our World so we we can assist in transmuting it into the fifth dimension
    Your comments are greatly appreciated

  3. Soon in spanish at Sue´s spanish site:


  4. Thank you so much for bringing this connection to our awareness and for leading us in this chakra and portal exploration. It feels wonderful to read the message from Gaia as we contribute by honoring her and graciously stepping in to offer support in whatever ways we can. I truly enjoy learning about our innate connections and chakras/portals that make us "ONE". How fun it will be to explore the geographical areas of the planetary chakras.

    ~ Namaste,