Monday, June 29, 2015

Entering Lower Astral Mystery School


Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School 


It takes great courage to look at our own fears, past trauma, failures and lost dreams. However, if we can find the courage to look into the lowest frequency of our consciousness and of our aura, we will find many teachers.

We will also realize how very much we have grown and changed from our “past” expressions of our SELF.

There is still “time” on the Astral Plane, but it is much faster. I just a teenager when I discovered that time was different in different places. I did not have a word for “states of consciousness” then.

I know it was that age when I made that discovery because I remember that bedroom like it was yesterday. I was just entering puberty, and my body changes where creating huge and unwanted emotional shifts.

At the same time I was realizing that all that I had “imagined” was likely real. Hence, I needed to gain some control over what I imagined. In fact, my dreams were greatly disturbing, so disturbing that I knew I had to gain some control of them.

Now I know it was my Higher Self that was guiding me, but then I only knew that if I did not gain some control over my dreams I would go crazy. 

Therefore, I started learning to put up a black velvet screen in my mind and use my will power to see an image.

The first image I used was a red Rose. It was very difficult to create a picture of a rose in my imagination, but I continued my practice until I could.

Eventually, I could even spell words, which was very difficult to not see the words in mirror vision. Finally, I had gained some control of the images that allowed to enter into my mind before I fell asleep.

Somehow, I had figured out that if I allowed negative thoughts before I went to sleep that I would have bad dreams. I figured this out because I had gone to a horror picture where “The Blob” came from outer space (teaching the young people to hate and fear “aliens”) and melted people.

I was so terrified by those images of being melted, that I saw them whenever I closed my eyes to fall asleep. After much practice, which was done on my own, as there was not one person in my life that I could share my problem with, I was able to create pleasant images in my mind. 

When I took the time to create this loving, happy images I was free of nightmares. However, if I forgot, then the nightmares returned.

Gradually, sleep was not as terrifying, and I could just relax into it. I also decided to make my alarm clock have music rather that the shocking, buzzing noise. Then, one morning I had a dream that was very long and involved.

The main thing I could remember about the dream was the song that was playing through out the entire dream. It was a nice dream, a pleasant dream, and I woke up slowly. 

Then, to my surprise, the song that was playing through the very long dream continued for quite a while after I had awakened.

That was when I discovered that time was different when we were asleep from how it was when we were awake. I noted that discovery then forgot about it. It was one of my first adventures into states of consciousness.

Since I was a young adult in the 70’s I learned about the new term called “ altered consciousness.” Before then, consciousness meant that we were awake as opposed to asleep.

As I look back now I can see that my state of consciousness was very low for many years, as I was very depressed.

I was depressed because I missed my SELF, and was upset that I could not BE myself with any one or I would be judged. Therefore, I have chosen to retrieve my depressed ones.

I say “ones” as depression followed my through many stages of my life. I see all my depressed ones now happily studying in the beautiful Mystery School. 

I have done a version of this exercise many times, but it never gets old, and each time I feel even better.

I hope that you can retrieve your lost portions of your SELF and take them to this beautiful Mystery School. 

They will learn a lot, and so will you.


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  1. Not being able to share the experience with anyone else is indeed a rather painful journey. Definitely can see what you mean by that. Not a very pleasant experience, with all the loneliness, and sometimes have to endure the misunderstanding from the immediate family. Hmm.....

    1. Thanks, Yes, it was lonely on a people level, but i aways had a few close people, marriage, kids and work. I was human, but inside I knew there was a
      "something/someone more inside of me."

  2. I remember very well the feelings of my first experience of duality, not so much the physical action as in being spanked or shouted at, but the feeling itself. I didn't understand 'how' duality worked and it was incredibly frustrating. This inability to understand 'good versus bad' when 'good' seemed somehow only an aspect of acting out of a desire for personal freedom, followed me during my teenage years up until mid-life, when I began my real Self-inspection! Then it was that I realized firstly that I had to respond, not react, to the experiences I found challenging, to love myself first by choosing to leave rather than endure, and slowly, slowly my Arcturian connection was revealed - crop circles were the first contact for me. With the help of websites such as yours, Sue, and a very few others, I realized that the Consciousness of All-That-Is, or Source, or God/Goddess, etc., is nothing but Unconditional Love and that once recognized, it is perfectly fine to watch it unfold without having to panic about it either personally or collectively. I think the Arcturians understand when I say that more than anything I am an unbiased journalist on foreign assignment, and thus I allow the Arcturians to experience what I experience with the five senses without judgment. I have learned that without the Dark there would be no Light, and the trick, at least for me, is to stay balanced on the tightrope that traverses between the two. At this stage I am waiting in the Now, having gathered all of my bits and pieces, tucked them into my Higher Self/Soul and am working on doing the same for Gaia, which, by the way, your Blog-A-Thon about Gaia's chakras helped so much.... but yes, I do have expectations because like you with your screen and changing the pictures upon it to reward you with comfort in return for your effort, I too have a screen and the sky is no longer a limit! Thank you from my heart for the huge job you have undertaken to teach. I see the Arcturians in a standing ovation!. Love, A.

  3. Such a nice and interesting story you have shared here with us about astral mystery . Good to know about your experience. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  5. Translation into Roumanian at:

  6. my experiences are making me aware there is a connection with other individuals on this plane. I am meeting the same individuals and these others are explaining things to me which are making me question reality in a way I never thought possible. I would like to try and explain this away as nothing more then my subconscious trying to make a collective understanding of my own consciousness yet I cant. They even told me the name of this web page so this is why I am here. I am receiving information in symbols and direct knowledge. Something else is happening unless I project I am constantly receiving information about a technology it is unusual signs of future events I would love to go into more detail and I will if you have a reasonable explanation for what is happening thanks Mark.

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