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Fifth Chakra - Gaia Speaks--Free Download of Webinar 1

                         Welcome to our Becoming ONE-People and Planet "Blog-a-thon!"

Today, we will present the information about our Fifth Chakra

and tomorrow we will hear from Gaia and Her Fifth Chakra

The Fifth Chakra

LOCATION: The location of the fifth chakra is in our throat.

PETALS: This chakra rules creativity and is the first chakra where we can become in touch with higher beings. The Throat Chakra has sixteen petals. In numerology, a number 16 reduces to a 7. Seven is the number of analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness and meditating. 

The number 7 directs an inner focus that is vital for creativity to germinate and to communicate our deepest, honest self with others and with higher beings. The challenge of the number 7 lies in the difficulties brought on by discomfort with our inner feelings which cannot be expressed. The number 7 urges us to go inside and join our thoughts and emotions to find a creative expression.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The note for the fifth chakra is G# and the mantra is “ham” or “u” as in blue.

COLOR: The color for this chakra is pale blue or a greenish blue.

RULES: The Throat Chakra rules speech, hearing, communication, self-expression, grace and listening to the Higher Self. This chakra urges us to find our “self”, communicate it through our creativity, and use the creative force of our higher emotions to move our consciousness into the higher dimensions.

SENSE: The fifth chakra rules the sense of hearing. Just as we must learn to hear our inner self, we must also learn to “hear” others.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Gemini, and its ruler Mercury, focuses on communication. Many people with their Sun in Gemini enjoy performing and other means of creative communication. Geminis are also very analytical. Their dual nature makes them very gregarious and, at the same time, quite reclusive.

ELEMENT: The ether is the element of this chakra. The fifth chakra is the first chakra that is ruled by our higher senses, which calls for the force of this chakra to focus on the members of the Angelic Realm.

CONSCIOUSNESS: The fifth chakra directs our attention towards the higher third and fourth dimensions. It is still ruled largely by our conscious mind, but has access to the collective consciousness. When this chakra is balanced, our individual consciousness has progressed beyond personal and group consciousness to “national consciousness”.

PERSONAL TIMELINE: This chakra represents the stage of life of adulthood. At this stage, a sense of self is established enough so that we are fully responsible and can build long-term relationships. If we can use the power of this chakra, we can learn to go inside of ourselves to determine the source of our emotions. Then we can effectively communicate our personal experience to another. It is the ability to go inside to connect with our inner guidance before we communicate with another that creates true intimacy because it is based on our deepest inner truth.

SOCIAL TIMELINE: The time era best represented by the Throat Chakra is the New Age—our present time. In this era it is our challenge to shift from national focus to planetary focus. This collective consciousness urges the individuals in “national consciousness” to expand their consciousness.

In order to face the challenges that lay ahead of us, like pollution and the ability to end life as we know it with a nuclear war, it is time we realize that all of us are in this world together. We are presently faced with many challenges that we could never even conceive of in the past. We must all go inside and call upon our highest guidance so that we can honestly, effectively and creatively express our solutions.

Worship through this chakra has expanded beyond the one male God with human characteristics of anger and revenge, who safely lives far away in heaven to a concept of God that encompass both the masculine and feminine polarities as well as all of creation: God/Goddess/All That Is.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine gland for this chakra is the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland, which wraps around the front part of the windpipe just below the Adam’s apple. It produces hormones which influence essentially every organ, every tissue and every cell in the body. 

Thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism and organ function, affecting heart rate, cholesterol level, body weight, energy level, muscle strength, skin condition, menstrual regularity, memory and many other conditions. In other words, our thyroid communicates with our entire body and has much to do with regulating our overall health and well-being.

NERVE PLEXUS: The nerve plexus for this chakra is the laryngeal plexus. This plexus controls our throat, shoulders, arms and voice.

CLEAR: When this chakra is clear we have good communication, expression, creativity, inspiration, and positive interactions with others. Our metabolism is healthy, our cholesterol levels are good, we have vital energy and we feel strong physically and psychologically. We are inspired to express our higher self and have a life enriched by creative expression and entertainment. Our relationships are based on truthful communication and true intimacy.

UNCLEAR: When our fifth chakra is unclear we often have hearing problems, throat and/or voice problems, coughing, stuttering, poor metabolism, thyroid gland problems and the flu. We feel unfulfilled creatively and may be bored and boring. We may have problems speaking too loud or fear of speaking out. Our relationships may suffer from poor communication and a lack of intimacy. We feel uninspired and disconnected from our spiritual guidance.

EARTH CHAKRA: Mother Earth’s fifth chakra is in Mt. Shasta, California. Mt. Shasta has long been known as a spiritual vortex and many retreats and seminars have been held there. Metaphysically, the ancient Lemurians are said to have been living in the fourth dimension of the area underneath Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is the highest mountain in the United States and is a pinnacle of inspiration.

DIMENSIONS: The Throat Chakra rules the higher third and fourth dimension. Our tortured emotions can pull us into the nightmare of the Lower Astral Plane. Therefore, before any of us can begin our inner travels through the inner planes of reality; we must clear a “tunnel” through our own dark side that lies in the Netherworld of the Lower Astral. Once we have accomplished that, we have opened our consciousness to a wondrous inner world that is as real, in fact more real, than the world of illusions that is our physical reality.

SUMMARY: The Throat Chakra is the first step towards acknowledging that we are all Gods and Goddesses in training. Like a small seed dropping from a flower, we come to the third dimension to learn to grow into our own flower. We find many hardships, as often the soil is dry and unfertile. However, it is through facing our inner and outer conflicts that we grow into our higher creative self.

Our personal creativity is not limited to what is socially identified as an art form. Every area of our life demands communication of our creative force. How difficult is it to find a way to lovingly guide a small child or deal with a dogmatic employer? Many people may say, “I am not creative.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Our Throat Chakra holds the force of creative expression that is our birthright. Everyone is creative. If we have lost our connection to our creative SELF, it is one of the greatest losses we can suffer.

But of course, how can we lose our inner self? We cannot! The door to our inner self is ALWAYS accessible. It is only our own unhealed pain and fear that shuts and locks the door. If we cannot open that door, then our first action must be to find someone who can help us to communicate with the SELF that waits within each and every one of us.




I am Gaia, returned to be your guide as we blend our chakras, personal and planetary, into ONE. I welcome you to my Fifth Chakra, and I invite you to enter into my planetary body, just as you have been allowing me to enter into your human body.

My Fifth Chakra, Mt. Shasta, California, USA, is an outflow/male energy chakra, with its highest peak acting as a lightning rod to collect the Higher Dimensional Light and download it into my core. Just as my Fifth Chakra serves to accept the communication of Higher Light through its vortex of power, it also serves as the means through which I can intimately communicate with all the beings on my planet, including my people.

It is no wonder that the Lemurians, the first beings to hold form on my planet, would choose Mt. Shasta as their fourth dimensional home. It is here that they have calmly waited for the “time” when they could freely dispense the message of TRUTH that they have protected for all these ages.

As Earth spends more and more of its “time” in the “space” of the Photon Belt, the consciousness of my people is expanding and the Lemurians’ Mission is commencing. More of you are listening to the Lemurians as they whisper into your consciousness that the Truth is “OUT there,” but most importantly, the Truth is “IN you!”


Merging your personal Throat Chakra with my planetary Throat Chakra is an important step towards your acknowledgment that you are all Gods and Goddesses of Planet Earth. Long, long ago, like a small seed falling from a flower, you allowed a tiny fragment of your total SELF to drop into our third dimensional experiment. You entered the 3D Game because you wanted to know if a fragment of your full multidimensional SELF would better learn and grow in an environment based on separation and limitation.

In your many lifetimes on this planet, you have survived myriad hardships. However, through facing your inner and outer conflicts, you have completed your “experiment” and are restless to return to the totality of your Multidimensional SELF. Because you have integrated your Soul/SELF into you physical earth vessel, you are able to communicate with me, Gaia, and consciously enter into our creative partnership of creating our fifth dimensional, New Earth.

With the blending of personal and planetary Fifth Chakras, which rule higher communications and expanded creativity, the fulfillment of our unified Mission shall be expedited. Like the ancient Lemurians, your SELF has long waited this time of fulfillment and unity and is impatient to express your escalating creativity. By joining your Essence with mine, your “antenna” will be amplified so that you can better communicate with the higher worlds, as well as the first through fourth dimensions of Earth.

You are also in the process of your greatest creation, becoming Lightbody, and your thyroid gland, within this chakra, is changing your metabolism in preparation for your transformation. I, too, am increasingly eager for the creation of my Lightbody Earth, as can be seen by my many changes in form and weather patterns. Remember, my people, in order to create the NEW, we must be willing to go through the chaos of releasing the OLD.

Let us now merge our Fifth Chakras, so that together we can peacefully, and steadily, experience the adventure of returning to our true, multidimensional form. Through this return, time and space is revealed as illusion, and unity and illumination becomes FACT. As ONE Being, person and planet, we return to SELF.


My dear Priests and Priestesses who have been dedicated to the Mission of remembrance across the span of many lifetimes, I ask you once again to journey into the core of my planet. Imagine that you are entering a dark cave. As you begin your traverse down into my core, allow yourself to absorb the heightened frequency of the Higher Light that I am downloading into the area of my body known as Mt. Shasta.

As you absorb the Light, a pathway is shown into my core that leads you to the electromagnetic vortex, which is the doorway into the Lemurians’ fourth dimensional world. Yes, the pathway is in front of you now. As you follow the pathway, it leads you to a Golden Door that is huge, as the Lemurians were much taller than present-day humanity. The Door opens before you, and you see their primordial land.

Take the Chalice of Remembrance that you see in the center of the pathway and drink deeply from it. As you walk your Path, feel the presence of these early humanoid beings of Gaia, the Lemurians:

·               Sense their majestic bodies of Light and their great patience and commitment to Purpose.
·               They encircle you and draw you into their consciousness.
·           They have waited millennia for your return, and telepathically welcome you to the world in which         they have kept the Truths of LIFE.
·                 With open hearts, they share their minds.
·                 Open your heart and mind so that you can better understand them.

As your Essence communes with theirs, remember what you volunteered to contribute to our planetary transformation…

Slowly, through your integrated Soul/SELF, you receive the messages that the Lemurians have chosen to communicate with you…

Listen closely as the Lemurians remind you of the creations that are your Soul’s Desire to manifest…

As the ancient Lemurians whisper in your heart, repeat with them:

“The Circle is complete.
Gaia is becoming a Star.
I AM becoming a Planet.
TOGETHER, we create our New World.”

As you travel the inner passageways to the peak of the mountain, your Path becomes increasingly clear. Finally, you emerge into the Light, to BE the CREATOR that you have ALWAYS been. Victoriously, you stand upon the peak of Mt Shasta. You reach up into the vast sky and pull down the Higher Dimensional Light of your Multidimensional SELF.

Proudly, you place this LIGHT into OUR Personal/Planetary Body.

Welcome to your SELF, my dear people.
Welcome to OUR Planet.

I AM Gaia. We are ONE.


{Thank you for a fantastic chakra journey! We hope you enjoyed our exciting adventure through the first three chakras as we ventured within our own chakras and traveled to bless the planetary chakras of Mt. Sinai, the Amazon, and Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was truly a beautiful connection with the live participants, with our surprise guest, and with those who will join in the viewing of the recording! If you feel called to join the remaining two webinar sessions, you are welcome to register below.}


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    yes ,truly powerful,lovely,enlightening ,amazing workshop on line with GAIA too...................:https://youtu.be/FmCPglFUUE8.
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    perfect in this Now .
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  2. I think that it needs to be made clear that a vibrant healthy sex life is not mandatory. I am vibrantly asexual! Sex with men or women or even self has never been a driving force in my life. Curiosity led me to experience with these and then move on. Society, especially westwern society places too much emphasis on sex. That is where the change in attitudes needs to occur. Sex is no longer sacred. It is used as a selling tool. Heteronormative behavior or lifestyles are heavily enforced. Its a paradigm that leaves many of us living out on the edge because one size does not fit all.

  3. Such a useful and interesting blog posted here with us about planet and people. Planets effect differently to all people. Good to know about this.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Nice blog explaining the fifth chakra. I have a question for you. I actually have problem that causes me more suffering than anything else, though it is not a physical ailment. I am a woman and in the early teenage my voice changed to masculine. It is attributed by doctors to the hormonal pills I had to use due to other health problems. But till now it has neither reversed the effect itself not doctors are able to find a solution. The blood tests and all other reports are normal. But it causes me much psychological suffering and embarrassment. Can you give me a clue why I could have landed in this problem? is this related to chakras, or karma, or anything of that sort. can i ever get this resolved?

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  6. i hope to help you ,we in the past have had success with some similar issues .,
    start by using chakra cleaning techniques
    i can help you in this.
    start singing .anything
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  7. The throat chakra seems to be at the forefront of our ability to express our unique individuality, creativity, and TRUTH. When actively united with the powerful and joyful energy of the heart chakra, higher streams of consciousness can enter and inspire us to new heights! I like how it is described in the "Becoming ONE: People and Planet" books that the 5th chakra also..."Serves as a relay station between realities and is where communications from all planes are received and translated into an understandable language." Pretty powerful! Thank you, Sue.