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Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Books One and Two NOW Ebooks!

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 Back on the Mothership Part 3

A Glimmer of Understanding

When we began to follow Mytre and Mytria out of the Transmission Room, we felt the Arcturian saying, “Mytrian, we are aware that you could benefit from further communication with us.

“Yes,” we said. “That would help us greatly. We seemed to be doing fine with our composite nature until we came into contact with the other versions of our SELF. Then we began to experience doubt and confusion. Therefore, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to gain some insight.”

In a flash we found our self in front of the holodeck that our inner memory recalled was the one in which Mytre learned his first lessons from the Arcturians.

“Please enter,” we heard the Arcturian telepathically saying.

We were quite proud of our self because we remembered Mytre’s nature program and were expecting to find that scene as we entered. However, instead we found the scene of the ascension of the Pleiadian settlement.

We saw the Violet Temple in its pure splendor, as well as the Pleiadians and Draconians flashing into Lightbody. The feeling of bliss filled our heart, but our mind seemed to float above the scene to observe from a higher perspective.

“Allow your open heart to follow the perspective of your mind,” instructed the Arcturian.

We did not understand what that meant but we relaxed into the Arcturians words. As we did so, our heart and mind became inter-linked, and we felt every emotion of ever person as if we were inside of them.

The experience was so overwhelming that our minds began to shut down while all our perceptions seemed to come through the emotions of our heart. The entire experience was beyond logic, but it was as comfortable as being hugged by a loved one.

The loved one was “the ONE” of “the NOW.” We had no concept of time, space, individuality or polarity. We began to float above the scene while we shared every thought and feeling of everyone in the encampment. In fact, we also felt the Draconians who were having different experiences of the same event at other locations.

More than that, we WERE the Violet Temple, the air, the ground and every plant and animal. If our heart had not merged into our mind, we would have surely been totally confused by this experience. However, our heart was beyond confusion as it “felt” the inner knowing in that NOW. As we emotionally experienced the scene around and within us, we shared the wondrous sensation of transmutation of all form.

We could feel within us how every person, plant, animal and thing was altering at a molecular level. We felt no sense that persons were superior to plants, animals or even things, as the unity with All That Is was complete. We could feel and observe how photons of light flowed equally around and through every atom of that which was once held in form.

We were Mytre and Mytria as they merged into the deep unity of Divine Complements. Also, within that same NOW we were Mytrian. We were the Arcturian, and felt our merging with the Pleiadian Elohim Alcyone and with her land. The spirit essence of the Arcturian fused Its great spirit into the matter of Mother Alycone’s planet, which made the entire landscape glow with violet and golden light.

We remained within that scene for infinity. In fact, we have never left it, for how could we leave infinity? Even as our vision slowly faded we could feel infinity within us. We could feel our Arcturian expression over-lighting and simultaneously supporting us.

Simultaneously, within our being we felt Mytre and Mytria as Divine Complements and Jason and Sandy as our 2013/14 earthly incarnated expressions. Within that moment, we could BE the three realities of the Arcturian, Mytre/Mytria and Jason/Sandy inside the fourth reality of Mytrian.

There was only ONE of us with four primary experiences of awareness. As we relaxed into this knowing, we felt a calm knowing of Unity with our Multidimensional SELF.

“Do you understand more about the complexity of your multidimensional nature?” asked the Arcturian.

“Yes,” we all said in one voice. “But our consciousness is slowly diminishing its range of perception, and we are beginning to forget the feeling of absolute unity.”

Then the Arcturian stepped towards us and expanded Its aura to fully encompass us. Gradually, our former experience returned. This time, perhaps because we were within the Arcturian’s aura, the ascension scene appeared normal. As an Arcturian we had over lit infinite ascensions. We even forgot how to perceive ascension as unique.

Simultaneously, we had a familiar experience of being encompassed by several realities at once. Our expanded perceptions remained in the ascended Pleiadian settlement while everyone fell into a deep inner-meditative state much like sleep.

Within that same NOW we joined the Arcturian and Mother Alycone in the core of the Pleiadian planet where they made the appropriate changed to the light codes of the planetary matrix. We observed, and also directly experienced, as the Arcturian and Mother Alycone stepped into the Mother Crystal within the planetary core to expand the planetary matrix into the fifth dimension.

This crystal matrix was quite fascinating in that is was alive. It was not human, animal, plant or mineral. It was all in all. Hence, it had the thoughts and emotions of the humanoid inhabitants, the interaction with light being fed through the plants and into their roots, as well as the unity of animals into herds, flocks, schools and hives.

Within our vague semblance of form we also felt the molecular reactions as the elements of earth, air, fire and water transmuted into their fifth dimensional frequency of “elementals.” These elementals maintained their power of transmutation while the third-dimensional planetary matrix stabilized into a multidimensional matrix.

We intimately experienced the 5D fire elementals expanding all electrical synapses, while the 5D water elementals cooled and regulated that transition, as the 5D air elementals directed an even flow of transmutation, so that the 5D earth elemental’s could transmute all matter into fifth-dimensional form.

We felt and observed as all human, animal, plant and mineral forms became open portals of photonic light. Through these open portals of form an increased flow of higher frequency light was embedded in all versions of matter.

Then, suddenly, the ascension scene disappeared. All that remained was the holographic matrix of our holosuite. The entire experience left us with a feeling of calm unity. Yet, we were also somewhat confused.

“Allow yourself to feel the inflow of these imagistic truths as they enter through your crown and flow into the kundalini force of your multidimensional SELF, instructed the Arcturian in response to our thoughts. Feel how your light is bursting to express itself through each of the expressions of your collective consciousness.

“Your Arcturian expression of SELF is over-lighting and guiding you from the eighth through tenth dimensions.

“Your Mytre/Mytrian expression remembers the experience of personal ascension into their fifth/sixth dimensional SELF.

Sandy and Jason, your third/fourth dimensional expressions, are your representatives on ascending Earth.

“And you, Mytrian are the seventh dimensional Oversoul who represents the family of your/our Multidimensional SELF.  

“All humanoids hold many expressions of their Multidimensional SELF within every form that they take on in every reality to which they have attached their multidimensional consciousness. However, this fact is usually forgotten during their time in the physical world. Mytrian, you are having difficulty because you are assisting a third/fourth dimensional human on a physical planet in great transition.  

“You, also have the challenge of knowing the release point that will initiate your great, multidimensional power. The release point is the time and place in which you will totally release ALL attachment to your physical form so that you can transmute into your true Multidimensional SELF.

“This release point exists in both your personal and planetary bodies. However, since this point exists within the NOW, you will not know the time or the place of that release until the NOW of your personal and planetary ascension.

“To make your process even more challenging, there are myriad release points, and the one which perfectly harmonizes with you also remains unknown until the NOW in which your ascension occurs.

“Do you understand now why we brought you into the FEEL of the Pleiadian ascension?”

“Yes,” we replied. “You wanted us to remember the feeling of release.”

Did you feel the point of release of the Pleiadians’ ascension?”

Since there were no thoughts to remember, we had to allow our consciousness to flow back into the experience of feeling the Pleiadian ascension. When we released all thinking and flowed back into our experience, we found ourselves experiencing the moment of the NOW in which ALL fear was released.

“Is the release point the NOW in which all fear is released from our personal and planetary bodies?”

The Arcturian sent us a feeling of such total unconditional love and acceptance that we knew our answer was correct.

“Thank you, thank you,” we replied verbally to the Arcturian’s energetic answer. “We understand much more now, but we still have many questions. We understand the concept of the moment of the NOW. Somehow, we even understand our multidimensional nature. However, the doubt and confusion of our earthbound expressions seem to dominate over our all-knowing.

“In fact, due to our human expressions forgetfulness we need to ask you a rather embarrassing question. What is an Oversoul?”











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