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Checking In Part 2 11-17-13

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Time to check in again to determine how we are transmuted and how we are the same. Of course, one does not need to do that, but since much of our reality is shifting into a higher frequency along with us, we may feel like nothing is different. Therefore, a comparison offers validation of our shift. Also, as we come to the close of yet another year, it is a natural time to reflect on how our life has changed.

Consequently, we take a moment to look at our reality ten years ago in 2003. To begin with, the year of 2003 was only two years after 9-11. The underground cities were still there and fully operational and the forces of darkness were well on their way TO creating WWIII. However, we dodged that bullet, largely because the Galactics came to our rescue. There is a rule about non-intervention regarding our "free will" planet, but nuclear testing changed that.

According to Wikipedia's timeline for nuclear testing, a nuclear chain reaction patent was filed in England in 1933 and the last nuclear bomb was created in Korea in 2006. The damage done to Earth by nuclear bombs was so extensive that it caused damage in the fourth dimension. Hence, there was an amendment to the planetary "free will clause" that intervention regarding possible nuclear explosion was allowed.

Hence, the Galactics were allowed to clear out the nuclear underground cities, which were meant to be the retreat for the dark ones after they started WWIII to cull the herd of humanity to 50,000,000 people. However, without their underground safety net, they too would need to stay above ground to suffer horrific destruction of a nuclear war. 

Many people do not know just how dangerous their world was because they were busily engaged in surviving the challenges of daily life. Therefore, they may think that there has not been much progress, which is not the case. Now, it has been determined that the total destruction of our third/fourth world will NOT be allowed.

Hence, the Galactics have the go-ahead to halt the detonation of any nuclear bombs. The knowing that we are free of the great shadow of a nuclear war is very important, as it keeps us on the timeline of a gentle and peaceful transition into the fifth dimension and beyond. If you are reading this and agree, then you are on this timeline as well.

During this time of great change there are many parallel and alternate realities running within this NOW. Much as you would shuffle the cards between card games because you want to start a NEW game, there are many possible realities filling the fourth dimension of Gaia's, and our, auras. These myriad possible realities can be quite confusing.

Hence, it is important that we become the Master of our thoughts and emotions in order to stay on track with the timeline of peaceful and gradual transition. However, many of us are aware that this transition is no longer very gradual.  For this reason it is important that we remain conscious that our present personal and planetary changes are components of the transition. In this manner, we can remain more calm and centered.

We are not creating the fifth dimension, nor are we creating New Earth, as fifth dimensional earth resonates beyond time. Thus, it is infinite. However, we are the creators of our own ascension process. While creating our ascension it is important to remember that our process is REAL. In other words, the changes that are occurring in our body are REAL. The changes in our perceptions are REAL.

We are NOT going crazy or having a nervous breakdown or sick. Since we are creating our own perceptual pathway into our fifth dimensional expression of SELF, we must remember that everything that occurs on this path is a component of our ascension.

In this manner, we take full credit for being the creator of our reality. If we are holding any victim status in which they did that to us, we are no long the Master of our Life. As masters of our life every "problem" is a "lesson," and every lesson is an opportunity to make fifth dimensional choices in our behaviors and decisions.

I am not saying that the fifth dimensional choice is an easy option. In fact, these choices are a very difficult challenge. We have been victims to the dark ones, victims to our fear, victims to our debts and even victims to our bodies for countless lifetimes. Therefore, to realize first of all that we are NOT our body and we are wearing our body is a huge shift of our consciousness.

This shift continues as we realize that we are not limited to just our human form and are actually wearing that form. Then, just as we do not cease to exist if our house is destroyed, we do not cease to exist if our body dies. In fact, once we realize that we are the consciousness that is wearing our earth vessel, we have a great deal to say about the health and welfare of our body.

Our multidimensional consciousness that lives in and over lights our body can warn us if we are in a dangerous situation. It also tells us which foods are not good for us and how much food our body needs. Just like a good "pet owner" makes sure that their animal friend has a good diet with the correct amount of food, our consciousness informs us of our true dietary needs.

I say "true dietary needs" as we can eat for reasons other than hunger and take foods or liquids into our body that are excessive or too little, dangerous and/or addictive. Once these addictive patterns take place in our ego-self, change can become quite difficult. However, if we can realize that our ego is just a very small component of our child/human, we can allow our higher consciousness to take over the care and maintenance of our earth vessel. 

In fact, since our earth vessels are transmuting more and more each day, our ego cannot begin to keep up with that process. However, if our expanding consciousness is at the helm of our earth vessel, we have the higher perspective of our process of transmutation. It is very helpful that our multidimensional consciousness is free of time and resonates to the NOW, as there is no timeline of "when each transition will occur."

Also, since our multidimensional consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, it is not concerned with questions of WHEN and HOW, as it already IS. Our physical brain cannot grasp these timeless concepts, so it constantly queries these questions. As long as our consciousness is limited to this thinking we remain in our ego state and are, indeed, limited to the perception and experience of the physical world.

Perception and experience are linked in that we can only consciously experience that which we can consciously perceive. Therefore, our primary act of ascension is not the shift of our physical bodies, but the shift of our perceptions. Our next challenge is to BELIEVE that our higher dimensional perceptions are REAL. In fact, we have to remember that our daily belief patterns greatly determine what is REAL in our lives.

We have lived most of our myriad physical incarnations believing that power was outside of us. Parenting was based on the belief that children were possessions of their parents, leaving children unprotected from abusive or negligent parents. The governments were determined by wars or by family lines, and had total control over the people. Even God was far away in Heaven. Thus, as humans we were victims to our environment.

The concept that our true SELF is within us and is constantly available for moment-to-moment consultation is largely unique to this incarnation. Thus, not only do we need to release all the 3D indoctrination of this lifetime, we must also release the indoctrinations of many of our earthly incarnations. Fortunately, as our consciousness is expanding many of us are remembering our other realities.

Often, these memories begin with our alternate, parallel or "past lives," then advances into the remembrance of our Galactic and Celestial lives. It is easy for us to believe that our past lives are expressions of our self. However, our myriad ego-bound lives often make it difficult for us to believe that we could actually BE a multidimensional galactic and/or celestial being.

Consequently, we often call them our "guides." Then, we must go through the process of expanding our consciousness and self-esteem enough to acknowledge that our Multidimensional SELF includes myriad higher dimensional beings. However, when we BELIEVE that we are our "Higher SELF," we can include our higher dimensional perceptions in our "human" expressions.

But what about being "conceited," "full of our self," "too big for our britches?" It is the expansion of our self-esteem, actually our SELF-esteem that is among our greatest challenge. Those of us who can consciously own that we are ascending are usually spiritual, loving and modest people. We have been trained to not act "better than" others and to be humble. Hence, the leap of self-esteem from being a "good person" to being a tenth dimensional galactic being or member of the Angelic Kingdom is a huge transition.

Thus, if we dare believe the WE are our SELF, we feel as though we must keep that information to our selves. Or, we may believe that this SELF is above us in some higher plane. Then, maybe if we are really good we will get to become that person. However, we will not become that person because we already are that being right NOW.

"Oh, but that is in the NOW, and I am still in time-bound Earth," the ego of your good person says.

"Yes, we do have an earth-bound expression of our SELF who is wearing an earth vessel," answers your Higher SELF. "In fact, we have quite a few earth vessels in that NOW. We also have Lightbodies inhabiting fifth dimensional New Earth, as well and more other expressions of SELF than your ego-body could imagine. ALL of these expressions are YOU."

Now we are really confused.

"If I am all these people, why am I down here on 3D Earth struggling to pay my bills and have a good life," we try not to yell back at our SELF.

"You are only limited to that version of your self because your got lost in the 3D matrix. We are here to show you the energetic pathway out of that hologram. But, if you believe in the 3D illusions more than you believe in us, we cannot lead you.

“You see, your beliefs set your state of consciousness, and your state of consciousness determine your perceptions. The truth is that we have been contacting you for many of your years, but your attention was outwards into the illusion rather than inwards toward our Truth."

Now we are more confused.

"This all sounds really cool, but how am I going to find time in my daily life to meditate for hours and hours in order to get to a higher state of consciousness?” we say with a bit too much anger.

"Just BELIEVE that we are inside of you. Therefore, we are you. Can you do that?"

"Won't that make me conceited," we wonder out loud.

"No, our dear human expression. That will make you whole!"


  1. Genius!!!!!
    I so get why you needed to be a multi-dimensional psychotherapist -- if you were a plumber telling us to just flush our 3D-voices, I wouldn't get the message as clearly as this! THANK YOU! with love, Ana

  2. alexalfa1 bi-locating venus,alycone,arcturus,sirius ,galactic center,omniversal flow..omNovember 18, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    clear evolutionary curative true loving cosmic message
    priceless honest balanced healthy

    the nuclear problem, is the worst in dense-3D and we have to clean the slag (rubidium has 4.5 billions years to diminish half unnatural radioactivity and so on..............................) i am active also in this field(due to cosmic consciousness-higherSelves) since some decades and i/we ask you all to ask all scientists :friends ,relatives,goodwill ones etc... in favor of forming a CLEANING CREW of awaken-free-scientists' who clean everything ... and i absolutely can tell you for sure
    we can clean Gaia...and more ...
    I have already 'started with a friend who teaches at the University'and i notice they are afraid to loose name ,job,privacy but
    LIFE'sLOVE never fails...........
    this idea comes from faraway in unconditional truth-love the name is important: SCIENTIST CLEANING CREW
    or has anyone better ideas?

  3. Translation in Japanese

    Registered for the FREE MEDITATION DOWNLOAD too !
    Thank you. Can't wait to receive them.

    With love,