Monday, November 4, 2013

Checking IN

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November 4, 2013


Hello dear readers,
Many other expressions of my SELF have been speaking through my Sue Lie self. However, recently I have been feeling a need to speak through the very human I just wrote about releasing. I will call these messages “Checking In” because the best way for me to check in with my SELF is to write and share. Also, I feel a need to share my experience because I know that many of you are having similar experiences and may want to share them in the comments section.

It is important that we “come out” as our true SELF, at least with the people who can take it. I have found that my inner SELF lets me know if someone is a person who can handle that information. I am so happy that I took the Arcturian’s advice long ago to start a website.  Because of that I can hear from people all over the world, as I am not hearing from people in my area.

You may think that “beach town California” would be a place where we can fully “come out.” However most people have learned to keep it to themselves or be judged. Hence, I offer this safe place for others, and myself, to talk about how the higher light is messing with, and improving, our lives.

I will start by saying that this October has been, well it has been—WOW! So much was happening SO fast that I could not even stop to process it until now on November 4. Personally, I have too many up close and personal meetings with far too many expressions of my, what should I call them? Should I say my wounded ego, my dark side or my lower consciousness?

I think that the best and least self-judgmental way to name it is “my 3D coping mechanisms.” These coping mechanisms of impatience, overworking, worry, and the need to hide out came mostly from learning that if I wanted anything I would have to work hard and long to get it.

For one thing, it was a truth for much of my life, especially since I am a woman born in 1946. Women were the power behind—husband, boss, family, men etc. Therefore, we had to work harder and do more. However, now, with the energies being this intense and this fast, working harder is much like running in deep mud. Before, our success was based on what we did more than who we were. Also, we had to force our reality into existence by our will-power and long striving.

NOW our reality can no longer be forced in any manner. For one thing, the process of our transmutation is so very exhausting that we can no longer force our self to do or feel anything. If and when we try to do so, we are overwhelmed by intense exhaustion, dizziness, loss of short-term memory, blinking out of time, and feeling the demands of our transmuting body.

No longer can we skip sleep, eat poorly or have NO time to exercise, stretch, meditate or be creative. In fact, time has constantly being revealed as an illusion. If we are doing a 3D endeavor that we don’t want to do, we become totally exhausted, confused, impatient and even angry.

I can actually FEEL my left-brain hurting from the effort of thinking in a totally third dimensional manner. On the other hand, when I am doing something I enjoy, writing, art, listening to music, yoga I can feel movement in my core. This movement feels good, like fresh air inside of me. However, when I don’t have “time” to do these things, I feel nervous, anxious, angry or depressed.

Time is now totally relative. While my multidimensional mind is being stimulated, time is like a bird flying across a panorama of myriad possible realities. I can hold many thoughts at once, and they all intertwine with each other. However, while doing mundane 3D responsibilities, time is like a ball and chain that drags behind me making everything seem more difficult.

Also, writing about Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason, the Arcturian and now Mytrian, I am having more experiences of my various versions of self. There is a team that lives inside of me, and each member of that team represents a different frequency of my SELF. However, the moment I get lost in ego, 3D thinking and my myriad coping mechanisms for physical life, Sue Lie is the only survivor.

And BOY, can she “work hard.” And what a wonderful martyr she can be that she works sooooo hard. Then the victim kicks in and she/I feel sorry for myself. Of course, fatigue, sorrow, confusion and depression kick in then. They did a lot of kicking in this month, but were countered with some REALLY amazing meditations, creative ideas, wonderful moments etc. etc.

Yes, ascension is a ride on a roller coaster. You go up into the Sun, get your wings too hot, then fall down to earth and crash. We ARE the Phoenix Bird individually and collectively. In case the term is new to you, there is a Phoenix Bird for every era. This grand expression of our SELF flies high and oversees our life from a higher perspective.

Then, as the era comes to an end, that Phoenix Bird must surrender itself to the Great Mother so that another may be the overseer of life. It is at this point that the Phoenix nosedives down into the Earth and crashes into Gaia in a blaze of light. For a while, there is only ashes of that which is over.

Then, slowly and carefully, our small beak peaks up through the ashes to begin the long, challenging process of re-birth. This is where we are now. The fire is over. Many of the ashes have been blown away by the winds of change, and we are peaking out through the remaining ashes of what is now ending to find that which is beginning.

However, this cycle is very special for what is ending is time and what is beginning is the NOW. We are emerging into a world in which everything that we have known as real is being exposed as an illusion. Also, everything that we have known as impossible is being revealed as the Truth. We are no longer where or who we have been for myriad incarnation, but we are not yet where or who we are becoming.

If that is not enough, with the closing of time we are discovering that we have always been who we are becoming. So why are we having such difficulty with our transition? If we deny our difficulty we are denying our own inner truth. However, can we accept our inner conflict without judging our self? Can we accept our transition without judging others?

One of the main concerns about being a Phoenix Bird is that we must first and foremost respond to our inner call. Since we perceive reality from a higher perspective we can see how the matrix is unraveling while most of the population is still deeply entrenched in third-dimensional illusion. Hence, we must “go where no ONE has gone before,” with only our inner SELF and a few trusted comrades to assist us.

The Arcturians have been telling me that we, the awakened humans, are the Portal Openers. We open our portals by using our physical bodies as step-down transformers. Hence, we are NOW accepting the higher frequencies of light in through our pineal gland pull it down through our chakras. In each chakra we transmute our bodies via each nerve plexus, endocrine gland and primary organ to share a grounded version of this light with Gaia.

Hence, as we “crash” into the Mother, we surrender our shell to be transmuted by the some/total of the energies that Gaia has been collecting in Her core from all the other open portals. Once we realize that we are NOT having a problem and that we ARE portals into the NOW, we can better relax into our process. Then we can relax into the ever increasing knowing within our core.

Now that I have shared the challenges, I would like to also share that there is a new me, a higher resonance, an inner sweetness that comes when I relax enough to surrender into the NOW. It is easy for us to complain about that which is completing, but it takes a special courage to share that which is developing.

Blessings to us all,


  1. Dearest Sue,

    Thank you for your courage and your honesty. We are definitely portals into the NOW and though it seems we are still having to ride the roller coaster, the NOW is becoming ever more evident as we drop all attachments to 3D/4D and direct our thinking with that 90 percent of the brain that is for that purpose (quantum), as opposed to the 10 percent of our brain that is for the 3D purpose, towards what we expect to see and hear in that 5D NOW. It is almost impossible for humans to step out of the box when they do not yet have another box created in their minds to step into. That, to me, is the challenge. Trust the portals, they will take us there. And yes, I agree, it is difficult to come out of the closet, let alone enter the portal. Again, thank you for all that you do. This website has indeed become a home away from home and I long for the Bootes Galaxy. Love, Althea

  2. Hi Sue,

    What a great idea to be hearing from your Sue Lie self via this new 'checking in' blog post. I LOVE the postings from Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason, the Arcturians and now Mytrian, but it's great to hear how YOU are experiencing it all from a 3D perspective.

    Whilst I have many lovely friends, I don't really share my '3D transmuting into 5D' thoughts and experiences with any of them and therefore sometimes feel alone in what I'm going through. I do however get support from individuals such as yourself, but it's all just reading or watching videos online.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm very much a communicator and I long to be able to sit down and chat about what I'm going through with others who are experiencing similar day-to-day things, both negative and positive. So hearing what your physical 3D self is going through, feels closer to the conversations I'd love to be having.

    Thanks again for being a way-shower / guiding light during these exciting (but sometimes frustrating and difficult) times.

    Much love and light from London,

    1. Those who have chosen to be wayshowers are often, even in big cities, in positions where they don’t have others around them who are like-minded. Not only is this OK, but it makes our choice to be a wayshower even more of an accomplishment of having found our way without support.

      Another way to put this is that an already lit place isn’t in need of the light, but somewhere bereft of light benefits enormously from it. Keep up the glow! KNOW many others all around the world are feeling the same things.

    2. True, and many wayshowers and starseeds are isolated from others for a purpose, we chose (or our chosen) to be in particular places on Gaia to act as portals and gridworkers. We are often introverts but that doesn't mean we aren't doing a vital service, and if we feel moved to do so, we can connect on-line via blogs like this one and many others, where you can meet your soul family often just through a connection in the vibration of their words. Being alone creates opportunities for ascension work, healing and inner connection that those who are busy dealing with others around them may not be able to make, so it takes all kinds to make this happen for all kinds. If you feel moved to move, do so. If not, you are probably right where you are supposed to be.

  3. Sue thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. I am transitioning also and have had some amazing experiences and synchronicities recently, including finding your blog this morning. I'm glad to have found you all and am excited about where this process is heading.

    Eric in Indiana

    1. Eric, it’s great that you just found Sue’s blog. Read back through it from the start as you have time & check out her other site,

    2. Thank you. I just realized Sue wrote the Arcturian Corridor material, which I came across when my pineal first opened. I love you all. Eric

  4. Dear Sue,

    I am delighted to get to know you... all of your aspects and your wonderful sharing. From my heart to yours, I thank you. Your courage is beautiful and I am so grateful. I love reading your posts and exploring your website. I know the process is happening with many of us. I was very touched by your reference to people hiding to stay free from judgment. I see that too, fortunately I have a wonderful partner in this life who also enjoys following your posts - I have started forwarding them to him and a few friends and they are forwarding them on and look forward to them. Your message is so important in this NOW as we all awaken and hold space and ascend. It is a beautiful thing. Thank you so much for being here NOW.

    In Love and Light,
    Deb in northern Minnesota

  5. Yes. Thank you. Angela

  6. :-) thank you... It has just recently become very evident to me that acension has a lot to do with perspective... that it is about realizing the truth.

  7. Mariann MarthinussenNovember 5, 2013 at 1:44 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing Sue. I can totally relate to much of what you are writing. There have also been times where I think I am really loosing it when all the aspects come flying in from "nowhere" in a fast and furious work in Psychosynthesis with subpersonalities help me a lot in this, acceptance, gratitude and dealing with the different emotions it causes .......thanks again for sharing your experiences and material. It is of great assistance and inspiration for me ..

  8. Hey Sue, I am not far from you, down in San Diego. We should have a SoCal MeetUp for like-minded people. :)
    Are you all noticing though that lately people are seeming to open up more? In my yoga class today, the instructor read a quote about "dismantling the illusions and bringing heaven to Earth." I was soooo happy to hear that, I made sure to give her a big smile of encouragement.
    And today my 14 year old son made a comment that he sees how people are being fooled by people in charge like the Government and they lie to get them to do what THEY want them to do by making them believe it is the best thing for them when it really isn't. I was sooo proud of him. Teaching him to be a rebel I guess is how some would label it. Or as I would say - an awake and aware, conscious individual.


    1. ‘Are you all noticing though that lately people are seeming to open up more? In my yoga class today, the instructor read a quote about "dismantling the illusions and bringing heaven to Earth." I was soooo happy to hear that, I made sure to give her a big smile of encouragement.’

      YES!!! In sooooo many ways. Isn't it nice?

  9. Namaste Sue ~ Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us and for the guidance and information that you also bring forth. I find that for me (and I'm sure there are many who feel the same) the stepping into our Divine Self is not so much the problem. My challenge lies in having to deal with the people who are firmly stuck in 3D (for now), as I live with my family who have no interest in the Awakening. One solution is to move away and live on my own, but unless I become a hermit, I will need to interact with the old every now and then, while we are manifesting our new.

    Many blessings,

    1. Have patience w/ your family & others who aren’t yet at the same point you are right now. They are you only a very short time ago. TRUST that they will find their way, just as you are now doing. We aren’t meant to process our ascension experiences in lock step. It isn’t necessary for you to share your awakening experiences w/ those who aren’t yet ready to be in the same place.

  10. Wow Sue. I just found you through Lucas' blog post. We are joyfully similar in our ways of accessing and expressing. I love your articulation of it all. You are a master in something that I feel many cannot fully grok as yet, but they will. I call it my "connecting time", and I share what comes on a blog as well, and have been given the same resonant information about portals and anchoring. I can't help but feel that if we had a conversation, there would be happy little cosmic explosions inside and out... and as I have been given... "when portals meet portals, instantaneous healing, transformation, and evolutionary leaps in consciousness occur..." This means Gaia's portals as well as human portals. Oh sister, we have so much to tawk about! LOL

  11. I totally agree with all my heart and Soul and EVERYTHING. Oh my God so many beautiful People.... many many Blessings and love and light Marie

  12. grazie Suzi....è sempre un grande piacere....questa condivisione è importante ma per me è stato molto costruttivo leggere di Mytrie/Mytria ...Mytrian....mi ha portato a capire bene come si integrano i Se Superiori....lavoro che sto facendo da molti anni....ora mi è più facile comprendere il mio ...essere molti nell'Uno....grazie cara....ti stringo forte anche se dall'altra parte del mondo....siamo vicine (torino-italy)

  13. I can appreciate your journey regarding women’s roles. I was born in 1953 in the deep south (USA) where women’s roles were VERY traditional. Looking back on my life I can see soooooo many ways I rejected this even as a fairly young child, with each step becoming closer to my real self. All of these experiences are, of course, a part of who I am.

    In some new age circles the human manifestation that we are is disregarded as inferior, disrespected, & even contemptuously treated in a hostile manner as the enemy. It is actually a wonderful expression of our SELF that is to be honored & appreciated as a chosen learning process. You seem to get this while understanding the often difficult steps of the journey.

    Thanks for writing about your experiences as these are commonalities that many others share & one of the uniting links that joins us together.

  14. Have patience w/ your family & others who aren’t yet at the same point you are right now. They are you only a very short time ago. TRUST that they will find their way, just as you are now doing. We aren’t meant to process our ascension experiences in lock step. It isn’t necessary for you to share your awakening experiences w/ those who aren’t yet ready to be in the same place.

    ENJOY your journey.

    1. This reply was to:
      RainNovember 5, 2013 at 9:00 PM, not AnonymousNovember 6, 2013 at 10:58 PM.

  15. Hi Sue
    lovely to hear you from a different angle . oh patience...... !!!!!!! I know this one. Feeling grareful for finding your website and fb page and appreciating your love and openess within all your aspects....
    With much love & gratitude beverley

  16. Sue, I'm going through in 3D now exactly what you're describing. I really needed to hear it from another person going through the experience. Thank you for your honest sharing from the heart, as always. I so resonate with all your memories. It's helping me to remember also. Love and gratitude, Hui Sun

  17. Translation in Japanese

    with love,