Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mytria/Mytria #2 OF PART 4



Once I settled into living in the NOW, my consciousness began to completely alter. I was aware that I had not attempted to enter the Portal on the Sacred Rock, but I had no concerns about that. I knew that when it was the NOW to open the portal, I would do so without forethought. I was aware that I was in the process of expanding my resonance. When I entered the Portal before, it was opened for me, and I literally fell through it. I knew instinctively that to open the Portal myself would be a different matter.

As my consciousness expanded, I became increasingly aware of the Land and of my own Spirit. As I became more aware of my own Spirit, I became aware of the Spirit of the Land. Then, before I knew it, I was in Unity Consciousness with every rock, plant, tree, animal, bird, the sky and the weather. When I awoke I knew exactly what to wear and exactly which tasks would best suit the weather.

Our weather had become quite erratic in the last ten years since we knew it was time for us to ascend. Now that I was becoming ONE with the land and sky, I could understand why. As I became more and more connected with my environment, I could see how my every thought and emotion influenced it. For example, one day I awoke to see a clear sky. For some unknown reason I thought, “Oh how lovely. I hope it doesn’t rain today.”

Instantly, the sky began to cloud up. To make sure that I did not create the clouds I said, in a very love way, “Thank you for your beautiful clear sky.” Instantly, the clouds disappeared and the entire day was sunny and clear. I was only one person, but I had expanded my consciousness to hold the power of many. Then, I understood why the weather around the Village had become so erratic.

Many of the people there were happy and excited about the possibility of their ascension. However, at the same time they were frightened that they would not be able to ascend. This collective uncertainty about their fate gave the Weather Deva and her myriad Elementals many confusing messages. I had learned in the Temple that there are fourth dimensional sentient beings that serve to bring the thoughts and emotions of Planetary Keepers into reality.

In our case, the Planetary Keepers were humanoid, but in other worlds the Planetary Keepers were of other species. However, it was the thoughts and emotions, the energy field, of the Keepers that directed the Elementals, and their Higher Expressions of Devas, to bring into manifestation the energy field of the Keepers. 

I had learned from my time on the Land that in order to ascend into the fourth and/or fifth dimensions, we would need to learn mastery of our energy field. Our people had lived in strife and battle for so long that it was difficult for them to release the sense of victimization and the lack of power that came with that state of mind. I know that I had struggled greatly with my feelings of being a victim to the loss of my beloved Mytre.

Fortunately, now that I had returned to the Mother, I was beginning to understand exactly why our separation needed to occur. We had to be apart in order to be fully focused on the transmutation of our consciousness. But, I had to wait until Alycia was old enough to be cared for by our friends in the Temple before I, too, could go off on my own.

I realized that there were many women in the Village who could not leave their children and go off into the wilderness as I had. However, each of us had different destinies, and some of these men and women had the destiny of guiding and protecting the children. Furthermore, the children who had been born since our Ascension Process had begun were often much more evolved than their parents. This was the case with Alycia.

With only my self to think of and care for, I was able to greatly escalate the expansion of my consciousness. It was when I realized how my energy field affected the weather that I knew I was ready to open the Portal. However, I would patiently wait, I was finally learning patience, until the NOW in which I found myself standing before the Sacred Rock.

In the meantime, I went about my daily life, monitoring my every thought and emotion in order to remain in the NOW of the ONE and Unity with All Life. During each passing day, I came to more fully understand why everything that had happened to me was a component of the fulfillment of my Mission.

I remembered the connection that I had with the Mother before I had become a Mother myself and understood how I could more deeply merge with the Great Mother because of that experience. I could also see how being a Father had assisted Mytre in the same manner. I was beginning to realize that ALL is Perfect within the ONE. It is only the fearful reactions of our lower nature that denied us the perception of perfection.

The Sacred Rock was beginning to call me. My expanded consciousness had taught me that patience was the key to balancing my energy field. Whenever I fell into a desire, I was pulled out of the NOW and into a “time” in which I was lacking and needed more. While in the NOW, there was no lack, for I was in the Flow of Divine Manifestation of my every need. In fact, many of these manifestations occurred even before my brain was aware they were necessary.

With this realization, I became aware of my Spirit Essence that was an expression of my self in a higher frequency of reality. A “higher frequency of reality” was a new concept to me. In the Temple we learned about Spirit Guides and Angels, but no one had considered that these Beings could be higher expressions of our humanoid form.

At first, it was quite difficult for me to break away from the traditions in which I had been raised and had learned in my spiritual teachings. However, while in the NOW, all doubt was impossible. By that I meant that at the second that I allowed doubt to enter my consciousness, I fell out of the NOW and into my mundane consciousness. This experience was like falling from a high, warm cliff into a cold, muggy pond.

After the first few “fallouts,” actually it took many, for me realize that doubt was the reason for my immediate decline into an old way of life. When I had the fallouts, I usually felt angry, depressed and anxious for days or even weeks. Then, gradually, I learned to forgive my self for my distrust of Spirit, which was actually the higher expression of my SELF.

Eventually, I released that most of my habit of doubting was because I was afraid that my happiness was “too good to be true.” That habit came from the remnants of my being a victim. After all, a victim is a martyr who can never be healed. I had already spent too many years of my life suffering in that manner and was ready to change my mind in order to change my habits.

As I remembered to forgive myself for falling out of my expanded consciousness, I could remain in that state of mind much longer. Now it was fatigue that caused me to fall out of my higher consciousness. Therefore, I learned to keep track of the needs of my physical body. Did I need to feed it? Did it need to rest? I discovered that if I were hungry or tired that it was far more difficult to be the Master of my energy.

Finally, the day came when I knew it was the NOW to open the Portal.

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