Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Reflections on the NOW

Something very interesting, and a bit disturbing, is happening to me. We left home just four days ago, but I had to just ask when we left and where we stayed the first night. In fact, it took some effort to remember where we were the last two nights. I have been sensing this memory loss on and off since we left town. I have a job in which I have to carry a great deal of information within my memory and work on an hourly basis. Therefore, my memory is quite acute.

However, since I have begun this “quest” I seem to have been loosing what just happened, as well as what we had planned would happen in the future. I know that I decided that I was going to let go during this trip. What that meant to me was that I would allow whatever happened to happen, and I would not try to control the situation.

Of course, I still have my own stubborn opinions, but since I have let go of control, there is a lot more that is being released, or is it just forgotten. I am beginning to deeply understanding now how difficult it is to release time, as it so attached to memory. In fact, time seems to be primarily experienced as memories. We don’t know what will happen in the future, and we are so busy experiencing the NOW that usually we are not thinking about it.

Actually, when we are thinking about the present, we are not living it, we are thinking about living it. To release our addiction to third dimensional time, do we need to stop thinking? There could be some truth that that theory. Since we left the house, I have not thought at all about what I should do, where to go or when I should go there.

I have to admit, that I have looked at the time, wondered when will we be in a certain place, but I have not had to do anything. Therefore, time and doing are not connected.  Because of this fact, time seems different, and I have not been thinking about doing anything. Fortunately, I am not driving, which gives me the freedom to let go while we are transitioning from place to place.

It is very clear to me that we will need to release our attachment to what we need to do at any given time to release our addiction to the third dimension. The rules of this reality are very familiar. Therefore, even though they appear to be limiting and sometimes fearful, they are known. On the other hand, the rules for our fifth dimensional reality are largely unknown.

Furthermore, in our daily life, we are accustomed to thinking whatever we want. As long as we don’t think out loud, it is all right. Correct? But do we really want ALL our thoughts to become manifest, as they will in the fifth dimension. Can we reign in our energy to fully fill our present NOW and choose our words, thoughts and emotions in every moment?

I have talked about manifesting with our thoughts and choosing our reality for decades. However, it is one thing to talk about this type of Mastery and quite another thing to actually attain it. When I try to truly live in the NOW, I get concerned I have Alzheimer because I loose all connection to the past. Then, when I try to really BE, not just talk about, but BE the Master of my every thought and emotion, I last about 3 minutes.

I can see that this ascension thing will not be easy. We are used to being anxious, afraid, angry and tired. We are used to enduring, suffering, putting up with and working hard. In fact, these states of mind have been something of which we are proud. We are good people if we try really hard and suffer through life. But, being a good person carries little weight in a world without polarities.

In fact, how do we know we are being “good” if cannot bounce that concept off of its polarity of “bad?” We could say that good is the same as being a light being. However, light is very relative. We have spend so many lifetimes being “in the dark” about the truth of what was happening in our reality. Therefore, if we just know a small amount, we can feel like we are totally awake.

However, how can we gauge how much we know when we have no idea how many secrets have been kept from us for myriad lifetimes? In other words, if are not fully connected to our higher expression of SELF and in constant connection with that higher frequencies of reality, we will be just like we have always been—living in illusion.

Is it possible to be in constant connection with our SELF, and how will even know if we are or not. Constant means all the time. However, if time is ending, and it definitely appears to be doing so, how can we do anything “all the time?” I know that what I am saying may appear to be quite confusing. However, from the perspective of the Ascended Being that we are endeavoring to become, isn’t it necessary that we stretch our thinking beyond our former limitations?

As I was falling off to sleep on one of the nights this week, can’t remember which one it was, I heard a voice saying, “How does your physical reality appear from the perspective of your Ascended SELF and how does your Ascended SELF appear through the eyes of your physical self?

I fell asleep before I could answer that question, but even though I keep forgetting it, I also keep remembering it. How does our physical reality appear to our fifth dimensional SELF, and how does our fifth dimensional SELF appear to our physical self? Also, if we are simultaneously both of these representations of our SELF, can we even see each other?

I think we have to be willing to think outside of the (3D) box. A while back, who knows what time, I wrote a few pages in multidimensional language. There was no time, separation, gender, limitation, fear or hierarchy. It was very difficult to do and sounded quite silly. We are going to make a lot of mistakes As we release the boundaries that have held us tightly reigned into the 3D Box we are going to make a lot of mistakes.

It will take some courage to laugh with others as we attempt to return to our true SELF. For example, we all know that we have had myriad incarnation, and with each new incarnation we have to remember how to control our new earth vessel by learning to walk, toilet training, talking, reading, writing, etc., etc.

Just as we made a lot of mistakes when we were remembering—again—how to walk, talk, read etc, we will make a lot of mistakes as we remember to live in the NOW, be Master of our Thoughts, only allow love-based emotions to take residence in our consciousness, perceive with our Third Eye and activate our higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and telepathy.

All of these attributes are common and normal to our fifth dimensional SELF. However, the transition from being physical to being multidimensional, without dying first, is a brand new skill. How much time will it take for us to remember how to BE our SELF? In fact, how much longer will we even have time?

Will a flash of light instantly transmute us on 12-21-12, or will we have to let go of who we were so we can embrace the SELF we are becoming? In other words, do we have to DO something or should we just TRUST and Let Go? I don’t have the answers. In fact, I don’t think I even have all the questions.

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  1. A lot of the same thinking going on here too. Its time to stop working and start living. Looking at the polarities that have been created its clear anything we are doing now we have to do the opposite of to restore the balance again. Only then can we bend them and make the whole again. Oneness. This type of ascension is a little different. We are to remain on earth. No leave it, unless we choose so. We do need to look at ourselves, soul and human. They are to bend also and be One again too. We are beings of the earth and the cosmos. This is what Im feeling.
    Thank you Sue.
    Blessing to you.
    Sarah :0)