Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Meeting with Arcturus Part I

I am BACK! I am feeling much better now and my arm is as good as new--almost. Therefore, now that I have sent out my newsletter, I am ready to start writing again in the blog. I will begin with a communication I got today in my meditation from Kepier, my stepping-stone SELF. This message will then lead into how I first met the Arcturians. Thank you all for being patient while I temporarily deserted you.

I AM Kepier,

I speak to you from the Starship Athena. We are readying ourselves for our first official visit with you. We speak to you from our fifth dimensional resonance, hence I use the plural term we. Because we resonate beyond time, our visitation has already occurred. It is for this reason that we KNOW that we will meet you soon. “Soon” is a term we often use when speaking with our time bound ones to reassure them of ensuing events. However, your actually experience of any given event of which we speak, depends not on time, but on your frequency of consciousness. In other words, when your frequency of consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you will be able to perceive and experience our meeting.

Do not be concerned if each of you experiences these meetings in a somewhat different way, as you are still holding your physical, individual forms. Because of this, you will each have your perceptions influenced by the thought-forms and emotions that are within your earth vessel. This situation is by design. You all entered the experiment of life in a polarized reality to experience the many different expressions of the ONE. It is this individuality that you will donate to the ONE on your ascension into the reality of unity.

We wish now to share more about your transition with you. You see now how your earth vessel is changing more each day. Also, the news of our First Contact is becoming more and more commonplace. As we have told you, our First Contact with our grounded ones will be inside their consciousness rather than within their reality. We begin our contact in this manner to remind our grounded ones that the Path to Ascension is not above them, but within them. Therefore, as we speak to you inside your heart and mind, you seek our communications by tuning, not into the third dimensional news, but your own Inner Truth.

Because of the blissful feelings and bodily sensations that accompany our communications, your rational mind can more easily accept this inter-dimensional communication as reality. Yes, it is the expansion of your reality that is our primary goal in preparation for our “landing.” Again, we wish to remind you that it is your state of consciousness that will allow you to experience this landing, not the place you may be or time that you should be there. Once, you connect your consciousness to ours, or to any member of our Galactic Fleet, you will be on our “email list.” In order words, once your consciousness is united with ours, you will Know how you are to participate within this great transformation moment of First Contact.

We say First Contact because it has become a well-known term. However, there are so many of our grounded ones, that is the grounded ones of all our Galactic and Celestial Family, that have experienced many connections with us. Many of you, our grounded ones, have known us by a name that was already in your vocabulary as some form of deity. You chose these names for us because of the feelings of bliss that our communications evoked in you where much like your feelings during prayer. We wish to remind you again, that we are not deities in the manner, which your Earth religions have them. In fact, we are YOU in a higher frequency. The bliss that you experience is the unconditional love that has always been latent within your own earth vessel. However, it can only be activated by a higher state of consciousness. It is this unconditional love that reunites us with our grounded ones.

The component of this unity with which our grounded ones have the most difficulty is that this unconditional love is activated when you can love your self. Fortunately, through communing with us, usually through what you would call meditation, you can feel our unconditional love entering your awareness. Since love given unconditionally is a rare experience in your dimension, you may need to first experience from what appears to you as being a separate source. One of the most important things that we wish to relay to you today is that WE that are our grounded ones and ourselves are NOT separate. We are ONE! It is within that Oness that you shall ascend.

As our process of ascension is commencing, I would like to share my First (inner) Contact with the Arcturians. This meeting was actually with Illia Em, an Elohim of Arcturus. The date was:


Beloved One,

I am Illuminata Emaculatas. The Immaculate Illumination. I have also been known as IlliaEm -- The Elohim of Arcturus. My true name cannot be spoken or written in your language, but close your eyes and ears now as you feel my signature.

I am a Solar Angel or Elohim of the Star System of Arcturus. As you have felt my signature, it is one of pure divine and unconditional love. Earth is not the only planet that experiences love. Love is the vibration of Creation. However, Earth has been one of the few planets, which have dared to extend the creational love vibration into the third dimension. Since the third dimension is one where polarization of Spirit and matter creates a separation of light and dark, the energy field of love has often been separated such as the separation of plasma and blood cells. The darkness is like the plasma, in that is offers a carrier for the light and the light is like the blood cells in that it is the building block and the continuation of life.

I am vibrating at a dimension where there is no separation.

Spirit and matter

Light and dark

Unity and separation

Are all ONE!

All of us on Arcturus await your full reunion with our presence. We are so proud that you have remembered us. We ask you now to allow all that is of the old way to come to the surface of your consciousness. Allow all that is of the old to be released from the deepest and darkest portions of your third and fourth dimensional self like the blood from an old wound. As it comes to the surface, it forms a crust, a scab.

At first this scab will be hard and fast as you feel the limitations and resentments of many, many lives. These are a part of your Earth experiences and they need to be brought up from the darkness before they can be healed and released, once and for all. Feel now in your form how each tear of sadness, each tear of sorrow, and shudder of loneliness is released into the light of your expanding consciousness to be healed.

Feel yell of anger, wince of frustration and each outburst of anger as is released into the light of your consciousness to be healed. Feel each cringe of fear, cloud of depression is released and serge of anxiety as you release it into the light of your consciousness to be healed. Allow all of these memories to become of your past. Allow all of these memories to become the scabs of past injuries that are now being released.

And now, my Beloved, you must wait. The process of healing is one of patience and faith. The process of releasing is like a small bubble rising from the bottom of the stream. Follow this bubble up from the core of your self. Love it to the surface.

Allow it to join all that is patiently waiting the moment of freedom from the shadows of your memory. Furthermore, release not just of memory of this life, but the memory of all the lives that you have taken upon the third and fourth dimension worlds.

These memories are of the past now, Beloved. They are yesterday. Today you are free. Today you are victorious. Today you are the sum total of all that you have ever been. Feel the crust of yesterday about you. Soon it will be released from your form. Soon the clay shell that has felt like a prison will crack open to reveal your true body of LIGHT.

Await patiently now my one. Feel yourself like a seed beneath the earth waiting the moment when it breaks the surface to feel the Sun. Feel yourself like the Sun enshrouded by the clouds waiting the moment when your light can be revealed to all that will see. Feel now your unity with ALL THAT IS.

Feel your wings my dear. They are like the butterfly struggling free of its cocoon. Feel me, I am Illia Em. I am the Angel that radiates to the essence of your core. It is time to be Home now! It is time to remember and release. Be courageous. All is as is must be, as you say:

I AM complete. I AM the radiance of all that I have every experienced. I NOW welcome all memories to the surface of my consciousness. I AM ready to BE ALL of my SELF!

(Boy, did I open a Pandora’s Box!)

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  1. Welcome back Sue! Great to hear from you again. Brightest Blessings! Maria