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Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I continued


I had totally forgotten that I had had such early experiences on board the Starship. I think I forgot these visits, as they had no place in my mind to stay. It was about this time that I started my website, www.multidimensions.com. In this site I started with the healing of the unconscious and went through the entire process of healing the past, waking up and learning to commune with, and eventually integrate, my Multidimensional SELF, etc. etc. Finally, when my consciousness expanded to embrace my SELF, I could return to my visits on the Starship.

Dear Arcturians,

Last night I asked to be brought aboard your Starship, but I can’t remember it.


Indeed, you did come aboard our ship last night. Allow us to remind you of your visit. Take a moment now to surround yourself with the Violet Light of transmutation. Remember through out the day to reinforce this light and to keep it ever surrounding your entire being. The Violet Light will assist you to raise your vibration. You are learning to resonate to higher and higher frequency. Feel yourself now in our Chamber of Light. You were uncomfortable there because you are not ready to hold that much light.

You still had to release more pain and fear. For you to raise your vibration before you are ready will bring too much of it to the surface and you can become overloaded from the sudden surge of the awareness of your own darkness. It is best to work on releasing darkness and integrating it into your own third dimensional light. The act of integrating light and dark automatically raises your vibration and prepares you to eventually enter our Light Chambers.

Feel yourself again in our Light Chamber. (This was the same as the Restoration Chamber mentioned in the Kepier writings.) Do you feel the heat of your body raising? It is now time for you to release your menopause medication because it masks your own natural process. Rather than avoiding your heat and vibration raising process, it is important that you are conscious of it so that you can monitor it. You must also alter your eating, as you know. When you are altering your eating for ascension purposes rather than to appease your ego’s insecurity, you will not activate your addictive eating habits. (Menopause is now long gone, but I only started altering my eating in the past five or so years. I guess some addictions are more important than following advise from the Arcturians.)

The Violet Fire of the Chamber is now entering every cell and atom of your physical form. Is there any addiction that is more important than your ascension? (It took a while for my ego to get that message.)


Dear Arcturians,

Please help me to understand who it is with whom I am communicating.

Dearest Suzille,

In this file you are communicating with the collective consciousness of the Arcturians. We are, as you know, a group consciousness as we vibrate above the sixth dimension in our natural state. Many of us have volunteered, as you did long ago, to lower our vibration so that we may be more accessible to those of the third dimension. Since we are “kin,” you are especially receptive to our vibration and therefore are able to tap into our vibration in a collective way.

This exercise of communicating with our unity consciousness will assist you in remembering how it feels to live in unity and to share your consciousness with many others. We know that you are curious about which member of our group you are communicating, but the answer is that there is no one member. We are ONE with all because at this vibration there is no separation or sense of individuality, as you know it.

Can you remember how it felt when you were on Arcturus? Remember how each member of you pod would automatically communicate for all the members of the pod? You can remember the pod and the individuality that you have become and the roots from which you have sprung, but you cannot yet remember how it feels to BE the root. Remember now how it feels to be, not a component of the One, but instead-- the ONE.

Meditate now and remember how it feels to – BE THE ONE.


Dear Arcturians,

Do you know of me? (I guess I had forgotten how it felt to BE THE ONE. I present these communications just as I received them to remind my readers that it is fine to get lost in the 3D reality. We have to be very determined to remember to return to our true, Multidimensional SELF even though we have so many physical responsibilities.)

Dear Suzille,

Yes, Suzille, you were with us. We are in the starship Athena, and have been calling to you for your entire incarnation. Are you not happy to finally hear our call? Kepier—you--are our ship’s counselor and communicator. From this rank you are able to council those who enter our Light Chamber. Do not believe that you are making this up because you have enjoyed your Star Trek series? In reality, you have enjoyed that series because it made you remember the higher component of yourself.

Look now to your true Arcturian form. See your long Arcturian arms with the three digits at the end. See these hands as they overlap your human hands. Now, open your inner eyes so that you can see what is happening at higher vibrations as well as what is happening on the lower vibrations. Do not doubt yourself? Remember who you are.

Feel the lightness of the Arcturian arms and hands in comparison with your human hands. See how they hover over the keyboard and dictate the words to your human fingers…

Release control of your human hands to your Arcturian hands…

Feel how there is an energy field just above your human hands, which dictates their every movement…

Yes! Now turn over your hands and feel your Arcturian hands as they caress the palms of your human hands…

Bring your Arcturian hands up to your inner eyes so that you can see them…

Now, feel how the three digits work together to grasp and hold what is necessary…

Feel how your Arcturian hands do not need to be utilized at all except to receive and send energy vibrations…

Feel those energy vibrations as they enter into the tops of your hands so that the five digits can be the recipients of the four digits instructions…

Now feel your Arcturian arms as they rise up to your heart…

See the energy of Liquid Light as it emanates from your fingers up your arms, both your Arcturian arms and your human arms…

See your Arcturian arms now…

They are thinner than your human arms and they are as long even though your human form is actually taller. Our arms are so long so that we can merge better with our beloveds and with our human counterparts…

It is true that each of the members upon our starship has a human counterpart upon the face of the planet Earth. We work as a unit to awaken our human counterparts and are willing to make the sacrifice to experience a brief moment of “almost separation” to facilitate our human counterparts merging with us—as Kepier has done with you. This moment of separation is a great sacrifice for us as we live in unity consciousness at all times. However, this consciousness is so foreign to our human counterparts that they have a difficult time communing with us while we are in their third dimensional forms. We are happy that you are able to communicate with our group consciousness at the same tine that you are able to communize with your Arcturian counterpart, Kepier.

Feel now how Kepier is a portion of our Unity Consciousness.

Feel how you are a part of Kepier.

The itching you are feeling in your arms is the integration of the Arcturian vibration with your human vibration.

We would like now to address an unspoken question of yours. Do not judge yourself because you have not received information in the way that others have. Each one of our human counterparts has a piece of the puzzle that is theirs to unravel. Your piece is in finding your Divine roots in your Arcturian self and in receiving how we are all establishing communications with our earthly counterparts.

Love the truth that there are others of our vibration that are able to give you information that you can receive. While you inhabit your human form you must follow the rules of the third dimensions. You must allow your form to rest and recreate itself. Your personnel transformation takes a great deal of your human energy. Once you are fully transformed you will no longer require rest, sleep or food as you do at this time. Please remember that whenever we speak the word time it is meant as a symbol of Earth reality and not as the entity that your human self knows it as.

Now we wish to continue with the interfacing of your Arcturian upon your human form.

See the Light of your Arcturian hands see how it enters into your human heart. Now see your Arcturian heart overlaid upon your human heart. Yes, you can see the color your Arcturian heart is beyond your human vision. You can see now how it appears green. But, actually is not green but rather a color in the center of the light spectrum, which is several octaves above the light spectrum of your human vision. We may appear green to you because we vibrate in the center of our light spectrum. This centeredness is what allows us to live in Unity Consciousness. The violet indicates the highest vibration of the light spectrum.

See now how our violet is different than the violet of your Earth. It is a violet of many higher octaves than on Earth. With every beat of your heart, feel the many beats of your Arcturian heart. To your sensation, the Arcturian heart is beating much faster because it is of a higher vibration. However, within our vibration our hearts actually beat slower in relation to our resonant form than in your human condition. Again when we say the word “we,” we mean to include you because for NOW and for Forever you are one of us.

As you go about your day and communicate with others, take a moment to SEE your Arcturian arms and hands. Feel how their vibration is one with your Arcturian heart as well as your human heart. Feel your Arcturian hands and arms as they interface with you human hands and arms. Re-awaken your inner vision. See your fifth dimensional self at the same moment that you see your third dimensional self.

The Arcturians

(When I received this information I was so filled with self-doubt, mistrust in my process and fear of judgment that I missed the deep meanings, forgot the messages. I was a spiritual child, but with the innocence of childhood that allowed me to be totally receptive.)

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