Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Communications with the Arcturians Part I

Arcturus File

That last message from Illia Em on 4-10-96 was actually preceded by this message from the Arcturians. I think this was the first time that I actually contacted the eighth dimensional Group Mind of the Arcturians. Although, at the time, I wasn’t sure it was a real contact or just my imagination. However, I had been communicating with unseen beings all my life, so I went with it. Also, the feelings that accompanied these communications felt so loving that I was drawn to continue. However, It told no one about these communications and even forgot these early communiqu├ęs myself.

Fortunately, I created a file for them so that I could more easily find them now that I KNOW that they were real communications. After 15 years, I am finally sharing them. You will see that they jumped right in with some pretty deep information. I was not sure what they meant, but I wrote down what was given to me. However, I had to edit it quite a bit and put in some terms that I now use so that the readers could make sense of it. At the time that I received this, is didn’t understand enough of what they were saying to write it down in a clear fashion. On the other hand, I kept many of the terms I used then.

Our Dear One,

We speak to you from the eighth vibration. We are of Arcturus. Upon our level of density, there is no need for names. We are merely our planet (I could not conceive of them as Being a Star, so planet was what I heard). Some have called us a Planetary Logos. The seventh vibration is the Oversoul, the eighth is the Planetary Logos, and the ninth is the Solar Elohim and the eleventh/twelfth vibration is the Stellar Elohim.

The Oversoul is like the Soul’s Soul. The Oversoul is responsible for all the portions of itself that reside in the lower vibrations of the sixth through third vibrations. These incarnations of Oversoul inhabit many dimensions, worlds, realities and planets. If a grounded one, such as yourself, is able to remember your higher expressions of SELF while in a body of flesh, you can unite your consciousness with these higher portions of your self during your lifetime, as well as in-between your next physical incarnation.

This unity is not set up like a reward system of being "good" and going to Heaven. Instead, it is simply that once you, the grounded one, remember your Higher Selves you can have a conscious experience of those Selves during your incarnation, as well as directly after earthly death and in-between incarnations. If you do not remember your higher expressions of SELF while in physical form, your belief of heaven will dictate what your experience is after your death.

Once you discover that you are indeed shed of your physical form, you can open your mind up to possibilities that were inconceivable while on Earth. Hence, during your life review of that incarnation you may begin to remember your higher expressions of SELF. It is at this point that you can choose whether you wish that the life you just left is to be a permanent alternate reality of their Oversoul or if you wish to release that life from your group of simultaneous lives.

What we mean by that statement is that “death” as you know it is an illusion. All of the lives that you have ever experienced are still running simultaneously, but are only perceivable through the perception of the Oversoul. Yet, there are lives that can be deleted from this continuous experience because you decide to view them as a “rough draft.” It is then that have an opportunity to re-do the circumstances of that incarnation.

If that life was so difficult that you could not remember any of your higher dimensional connections, you will likely experience only whatever version of Heaven that you believed in during that incarnation. After your experience in

Heaven, you will return to a life very similar to the one that had just left. You will do this because you have not yet completed your lessons of awakening that you had set for your self to learn during that lifetime. Therefore, the life you just left and the one that you are beginning become a different version of the same reality. This process is much like awakening from a dream and then returning to it when you fall back asleep.

On the other hand, if within an incarnation you are able to communicate with your higher realities, you can unite with whatever portion of your greater SELF with whom you have communicated. In other words, since you, Suzille, have learned to communicate with us, you have begun the process of returning to us. We know that you have been reading about the Unconditional Ascension in which everyone would be raised into the fourth and fifth dimension. Once these souls have been raised to these dimensions, they themselves will determine whether or not they feel that they can maintain that high of a frequency a consciousness.

If anyone feel that they have not completed all their third dimensional or fourth dimensional experiences, they will go to a planet where they can have those experiences again. However, once they make that decision, they will have to stay within the evolution of that planet until they have completed their lessons. There will be no blame and no judgment, except by some of those who are still attached to a third or fourth dimensional consciousness.

Those that feel they have not earned the shift into higher consciousness and have decided to return to a lower dimensional form will be of great value for the society of that incarnation, as they will have experienced the momentous event of group ascension. Once they are able to remember their previous experience of unconditional ascension, they will be able to tell the others about that process and be of great assistance in the evolution for that reality.

We on Arcturus await your return to us. Yes, we unconditionally love you. We love all of you, and there is not one single grounded one that we have forgotten. We sent you all into your earth lives with deep, abiding dedication and love. We have kept your flames alive for you though all this entire millennium. We wish to offer our service in assisting you in remembering us forever. Please continue to contact us, and we will happily respond.

The Arcturians

(I have internet at this hotel, so i could send this message. Enjoy)

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  1. Dear Suzille...:) wow...I love this...I still have not had any awakenings, but I sure would like to :). I had not heard before some of the information that you gave here tonight. I thank you and the Arcturians for this. Many blessings to you today. ...Lillie :)