Sunday, May 7, 2017

Forgotten Promises to our SELF by Sue Lie


Forgotten Promises to our SELF


I was looking through my appointment book and the below message fell out. I don’t remember when I put it there, but I do know that it was quite a long time ago. The fact that it just “happened to fall out of my book I this NOW”

I know that this message is actually a “decree,” probably one that I had told my self I would say every day. Well, I guess my SELF wanted to remind me of my “Forgotten Promise to My SELF.”

See Below for the “forgotten promise:”

This morning I woke up with an inner message. With eyes half opened, I reached for the pen and journal by my bed and wrote what I heard in my “dream.”

With this decree I declare that

I AM ready to release the protection of fear

And walk the path of Loving Surrender.

I AM ready to Transmute ALL fear into Unconditional Love as

I choose to walk the Path of the NOW and Live within the ONE.

(My 3D self did NOT know I was ready for this choice,
So my Higher Dimensional SELF had to remind me)

I share this “Forgotten Promise” with all of you in hopes that it may assist you to “jar your memory” for any “Forgotten Promises” you have made.

If you choose to share these promises in the comments section, it will assist you to ground and remember what YOU have promised your SELF. You can add your first name or you can remain anonymous.

Either way, thank you so for participating in this sharing. If you wish, you could also share how your remembered your promise to your self, and whether or not, or how you fulfilled your promise.

I will be the first one to share in the comments section.

Sue Lie


  1. Sue's entry, I am going inside to look for my "forgotten promises" and the first one up is to exercise more. I have made and broken that promise more times than I could count.

  2. I choose to accept the teachings of light at all times now.

  3. alex alfa ashtonMay 7, 2017 at 4:16 PM

    ital.transl./share-help in english,trips on venus
    i remembered by being more present and conscious, also looking what have i done in this life for me for this planet for Life ,i then can see clearly my missions and my intimate relationship/fusion with my realSelf..gate/channell to ALLTHAT IS ..

    .many promises i have forgotten ,and chose dissonant ways..
    but love for truth and the reality of everchanging-One has been ,is always with me/us
    ..higherselves have said to share our gifts of light with all beings connected to this what we call local now ..and give always thanks ..

    and merge this planet in a golden sphere .
    .i also remember and act resonating to intent clear because of the help of all of you ,even the boring ,unbalanced,disconnected ..ones who imagine to be leader and forget that a leader is the first to be ready and glad to learn if needed ..and has no more selfcentered formats of manifestation ,thank you and blessings of light!!
    ital.transl./share-help in english,trips on venus

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  5. I choose to embrace my creativity and have stepped away from fear's shadow.

  6. I remember that i promise to create the best reality possible for all, and remind everyone to be the best version of themselves.

  7. Be the inviter of the infinite assembly of non-physical divine beings of light and love. Begin truly to work in partnership with these beings of light.  We can only support and assist when invited by someone who is in physical form in this free will environment.  


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